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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Star Citizen - why do you care?

Posted by Teala Wednesday October 7 2015 at 3:39PM
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Have you been following the Internet gaming drama created by Derek Smart regarding the game Star Citizen?  Well if not, many of us gamers have, and well - there are many things people want to know.   I was reading a thread(Discussion / Star Citizen Employees Speak Out on Project Woes!) on this website when I came across an inquiry by a fellow forum reader who left a question regarding this topic to those of us that have contributed to the funding of this game. 

I am a backer and have donated to the creation of this game.   So I have some degree of monetary investment and would like to see this game come out - and be as good as Chris has promised it would be.

With that said, anyone that knows me here on from my blogs and comments here on the forums knows I am probably one of the most critical observers of games and am willing to say what needs to be said - both good and bad.   If I think a game development company is making a mistake with the direction they are taking a game - I'll tell them my opinion.   I have come down pretty hard on developers and publishers many times.   Some people accused me of being unreasonable and or to harsh in my criticism of a game numerous times - even saying I had an agenda to make the game fail.   I always said, "I have no agenda, I just want to see them make a better game."  I keep saying that to this day.

I've stated that I think the current state of SC(Star Citizen) is becoming a victim of feature creep.   I also think the game is going to be a game that will require a monster of a computer to run once it is released.   Both these things are - in my opinion - critical things that will hurt the game in the end.   I do not think we'll get the game we were promised at the time of release.  I believe GIG(Cloud Imperium Games) will release bits and pieces(as they have been doing) at a time - but we'll never see a full blown game for another couple of years - released all at one time that a person can buy off steam.  The game is a work in progress - and I've accepted that.   So I'm in for the long haul and willing to have patience and wait. 

What I don't get is why some of you, who have not backed the game nor donated a cent, are so worried about?  Why the hell should you care if the game is made - or not?  If you were truly interested in the game you'd have donated or backed it long ago.   You come on these forums and behave like rabid children, ranting and raving as if Chris Roberts personally killed your dog, your cat, spat on your mom, and then stole your hamster - while pissing in your Cherrios. 

What’s really weird, I have donated and I am not the least bit worried if the game comes out or not.  I’m not raising a big stink about the game not being out yet, in fact most backers are like me(I read the forums over at the RSI website) and they all pretty much say that same thing - the game will come out when it comes out.  Numerous polls over on the forums are pretty unanimous regarding this topic as well.   So a vast, huge majority of backers are not the least bit concerned about the game and it's overall development.  

By the way, I think those of us the donated to the crowd funding of this game knew and or know of the risk we're taking when we participate in funding these projects.   We were willing participants.  There was no contract, no guarantee that this game would ever see the light of day.   We understood this.  We accept this(well a vast majority of us do).

There are some that don't - which brings me to Derek Smart (and the others - but mostly Derek Smart) and they shouldn't be donating if they failed to understand this.  If you don't have patience - don't donate.   Games of this magnitude are not built over night.   MMO gamers should know this better than any others.  And how many times have we seen people bitching and moaning on forums about games that are released before they are done? damn many times.  So if this game takes a few years to be the game Chris Roberts promised us - I can wait.  

As for Derek Smart, he is the last person that should be raising a stink about this game when he can't even be bothered to fix his own POS game that is on Steam now - "Line of Defense".   On top of that CIG gave him back his money he donated.   CIG didn't need to do that.  They did anyway.  Not many crowd funded projects will do that - at all - ever.   Ask the backers of Oculus Rift how much they got back when asking for a refund.   Derek Smart does have an agenda and it is to see this game fail.  He stated that numerous times on Twitter, "I'll burn it down."  That is all he wants.   He has gone out of his way to try to bring down CR and CIG and for what?  Because the game isn't done yet? 

News flash - "Line of Defense", Derek Smarts own game is not done.   He's been working on it for 5 damn years and it is one of the biggest pieces of garbage ever released on Steam.  A game with one of the worst ratings ever.  Know what he tells people that ask for a refund.  Nothing.  He just has them banned on Steam and if they try to contact him through Twitter - he bans them there as well.  Tells people the game is still a work in progress and it'll be done when it's done.  Yet he has the nerve to make demands of Chris Roberts and CIG regarding Star Citizen.   Dude is seriously in need of mental evaluation.   He has caused a huge shit storm over his perceived delusional self importance.  Man is the guy a piece of work. 

As for the rest of you, why are you being his patsies?  Derek can give a rats ass about you.  He's out for himself.  He really only wants you to agree with him so he looks good.   You really want to be associated with a person of such calibre?  

So again, why the hell should you people that have nothing, or any real interest in the game, make such a huge stink about a game you’ve not donated to?


Asm0deus writes: Pretty much how I feel about it barring there's a few things CIG have done that I don't agree with but that's bound to happen in practically any game you follow like this. Wed Oct 07 2015 4:25PM Report
SedrynTyros writes:

Full disclsoure: I'm not a Star Citizen backer.  I just can't stand that piece of shit who goes by the name Derek Smart.  He absolutely wants Star Citizen to fail and is trying like hell to make it happen.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't know why anyone is listening to a known liar who has proven to be guilty of everything he's now accusing CIG of perpetrating.

I guess I care because I don't like to see awful people trying to deceptively undermine the work of others for their own selfish ends.

Wed Oct 07 2015 4:36PM Report
Brenics writes:

You lost me as soon as you started attack on DS. Hell you started sounding just like CR. Personally I could care if you don't care if the game releases or not. A lot of us that didn't give SC money care for a lot different reasons than you do. We care if this will end up hurting crowdfunding. I would say you should to but I can see you don't care about a lot of things.

Seems like you have money to burn which I don't care if you do one way or another. I just hate people that throw it in other people's faces. You can say you didn't mean it that way but that would just be BS!

Also I have to ask same question you did, why are you being his patsies? Roberts could give a rats ass about you. He is out for himself.

Personally I have to take DS side for one reason and one reason only, he looks to be right on with what is going on with CR.

So my last question is why should you and people like you not be asking the hard questions to CR. You should all care about what he could end up doing to crowdfunding.

Oh nice you pasted my post but I have to wonder why? Other than saying you could care a rats ass about what CR is doing you never answered the major question.

So I guess that means your entire post is nothing but BS!

Have a nice day!

Wed Oct 07 2015 4:59PM Report
Teala writes: <span com_body"="">


There is just one example of a game that failed to be released after a successful crowdfunding.   I can show you tons more.  That one was just announced yesterday.  A crowdfunding project fails about once a week.  People are still crowdfunding and will in the future.

When you donate you are taking a chance that the game will ever see the light of day.   If it doesn't - OK - you lost.   You were willing to accept the consequences.  If you can't - don't donate.   As for me not caring if CR is delivering on what he promised.   I have patience.  He hasn't announced that the game will not be made.  What is your issue with that?

CR is out for himself in that he wants this game to be a success - hell I hope he makes billions off it!  Good on him!   He deserves it if he succeeds.   Why do you care if he is successful with it and makes gobs of money?  You jealous of another persons success?

As for me having money to burn.  No, I just know how to manage what I have and I have earned everything I make.  I am not ashamed of that.  You seem to think I should be ashamed of being able to help fund a game.  I'm not.  Sorry you feel I should be.

Wed Oct 07 2015 5:14PM Report
Saxx0n writes:

Good read Teala.



Wed Oct 07 2015 5:18PM Report
Brenics writes:

Actually I just see no point in bring money up. Stick to the points of the story. Sorry I just do not see CR caring one way or another if game makes it or not. I think he found his money maker and he is making a lot of cash off it without actually making the game.

Which bring DS in and him trying to show you guys how CR is taking you all for a ride. Also by you saying what does it matter if game gets made or not and other crowdfunding games not making it. Well this one is the largest one in the history of KS. If CR is just making money off it and not actually making a game that should concern us all. But clearly you will never get it. So why keep talking about it.

Every thing is pointing to CR being a crook and in time that will come out. Then we will see how bad crowdfunding is hurt by it.

Wed Oct 07 2015 5:30PM Report
SedrynTyros writes: ^^^ Completely absurd allegation in the first paragraph by Brenics.  Chris Roberts stands to gain far more by making a game than he does by scamming people in a crowdfunding scheme and fighting the inevitable legal battles afterward if wrongdoing is shown. Wed Oct 07 2015 5:35PM Report
Brenics writes: If he only has 8M left what happened to the rest? Clearly didn't go for any game! Wed Oct 07 2015 5:42PM Report
Teala writes:


Everything is pointing to CR being a crook.  What points to CR being a crook?  Unfounded accusations by some guy named Derek Smart that has repeatedly said his only goal is to see the game fail.  Derek Smart has shown nothing that tells us Star Citizen will not get made.  Absolutely nothing.   On the other hand...I can show the opposite.  Want to know how?  I can sign in and actually fly all the ships I own. I can do combat against others or fight Vanduul.  I can explore the social module of the game, I can race my ships.  So far we've gotten a lot of stuff that shows this game is being worked on and it is awesome so far. 

Know what else, the game might not be finished - but I'll say it again, a game of this scope is not made over night.  I have patience.   I and many, many, many thousands of others are willing to wait.  I trust CR far more than Derek Smart.  CR has delivered some the best games I have ever played.  Derek has done just the opposite  - he produces half-assed broken games.  So who are you going to believe will succeed.  Derek Smart that has a piss-poor track record of making and delivering playable games or Chris Roberts who has made some of the most memorable and clasiic games ever made.  I'll put my money on Chris Roberts ever time. 


Wed Oct 07 2015 5:50PM Report
SedrynTyros writes:

^^^ Quoting unproven claims doesn't make them facts.  Even if it turns out to be true, it's still no reason to believe the money wasn't put into the game.   The company has 260 employees. 

Until actual proof of wrongdoing is shown, it's irresponsible to assume there is any.  Disgruntled employees hiding behind anonymity can say anything they want without any consequences.  Assuming their statements are fact is an assumption I'm unwilling to make.  It's irrational to do so.

Wed Oct 07 2015 5:50PM Report
Brenics writes: Good because I feel the same way about you. Wed Oct 07 2015 6:27PM Report
muffins89 writes: you guys should make up @Teala @Brenics.  I don't like watching people argue. Wed Oct 07 2015 9:31PM Report
Erillion writes:

Many people are afraid of changes, even if it is for the better.

That may be one of the aspects you see in the SC discussion.


Have fun


Thu Oct 08 2015 12:19AM Report
Kickaxe writes:

Remarkably strange question 'why do you care...?' if you're taking the location of the caring into consideration. Star Citizen and its development is an interesting topic, isn't it? Most of us come at things from different perspectives (sometimes jarringly different; other times only slightly); thus we either question or accept things others might not.

Pretty sure you've done this same thing too, Teala. You'll have to forgive me for feeling like you're being slightly disingenuous with this blog topic.

Also I think your calling out Brenics, even if he can be a bit extreme, is unfair. You could've paraphrased with no naming names.

Mon Oct 12 2015 10:07PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

my take here is I simple don't trust people are following here because they want to see what will have on crowdfunding become a bad name and lose the strenght they do now.

only reaons I tend to read sometime what is happening is I want to see derek break his face again and really I don't belive star citizen will deliver what they already sold, I find also really wrong SC ask for more money when they didn't finish the game they are abusing the will of his backers and if any backer find they don't wnat to be part of it and retake his money they won't get it back, derek was a backers but he did get his money back for the sole reason because they can say you have your money back so stop annoying us.

Tue Oct 13 2015 1:31PM Report
Ravensworth writes:

I am not sure how much you have invested. As an investor on a different game that I had every reason to expect would deliver at least withing a year of it's promised date I am concerned for other investors. 

I invested in a board game and I invested a considerable sum (to me) but nothing compare to what some people have invested in Star Citizen.

I care because what Chris Roberts is doing is setting precedent for Crowd funding while delivering some of what I call Vaporware. No Tangible asset. A Pixel Model of a Spaceship? I have to pay for this? Selling one time only Starships and then reselling them at a later date. This is shady business practice and I care because the FTC is doing nothing and they SHOULD BE! 

I don't want the next game I invest in to get away with this. As a Journalist who is writing about this I am curious and researching just how legal what he is doing is. Shockingly I have found most of the things I have mentioned are completely withing the law. People saying they will sue have no case according to the 3 law firms I have contacted and am using as sources of legal advice for my piece. 

This is why I care.

Wed Oct 14 2015 3:09PM Report
Soultice writes:

Teala you are sounding like a typical fanboi.  Crowdfunding is a great concept but it leaves people vulnerable to scams and Ravensworth makes a very valid point.  An investor should have the ability for legal recourse otherwise more and more scams will appear to be gamers making a new game promising the world and yet never delivering anything to the investors.

I do not care if you have some discretionary income to invest, nor about comments dissing your now chosen game.  Trying to close an open discussion about a game because you invested and yet some other did not is irrelevant.  Genuine concerns have been brought to peoples attention and they should be answered.  Not closing off a conversation because you invested in something so you are right and anyone challenging the current game development have no rights to ask pertinent questions because they did not put up money is at best ludicrous.

I agree with being patient but there does come a point in time where a developer should demonstrate a partially functioning Alpha version of the game.  This is not happening currently and it does concern many people.  Why?  Because the crowdfunding of a company is a great concept and I would hate to see it destroyed by scammers.  I hate to see people that put up good money being taken for a ride.  You might not care if you get taken for a ride but I am sure many investors would get upset.

You are correct investing is a risk.  But investing without being able to take legal recourse is just plain stupid.

Another great example is Everquest crowdfunding with Landmark.  SOE took a lot of people's money only to sell off the franchise.  The current trend is allowing companies to screw investors and that legally should not be allowed and the companies should be held liable for its actions.  Duping people is against the law.

Sun Oct 25 2015 7:39AM Report
Yamota writes:

Why should we make a deal out of it? Because we are gamers and some of us do not like the direction the gaming industry is going where players are to pay for the development of a game which, at this time, is a fantasy.

Whatever gameplay which has been shown looks worse than Elite Dangerous and has less of a scope. And this by a developer who has not released a game for a decade because he decided to focus on his Hollywood career (which bombed).

Derek Smart has not produced a worthwhile game either so he is not the person who should be criticizing Star Citizen. But as a gamer? This game stinks of vaporware, atleast on what it is promising, and the fact that it has gathered almost 100 million by selling virtual ships, makes it much worse.

Fri Oct 30 2015 3:01PM Report
Wizardry writes:

There is so much misunderstood here.First of all i find it hard to believe that many games werre released asking for money in a lamer state that H1Z1,well since then now we have Aftermath.

Derek was well within his common sense to make critical statements about SC even if he did invest into it,it has nothing to do with the fact that he should have understood the possible downfalls of this kind of crowd funding.That changes nothing,his comments are still worth taking note.


As to the direction of the game "Chris is in charge",i do not agree one bit with it.There is a fine line to be crossed from putting money and effort into the game and then putting MORE effort into making ships to sell and never completely finishing them BEFORE you sell them.That to me right there is line crossed and VERY lame.


Accountability with the money?I find the community to be two faced,they were ever so quick to jump all over Brad but when comes to Chris they act like they don't even care.Matter of FACT it seems the like the community for SC couldn't care less what is going on,it is like they are puppets on a string...oh here ya o i have more ships for sale buy them up quick before their gone !!!.

And guess what,they buy them up,like kids in a candy store.

One last point although were many to comment on,what Derek Smart does or has done has absolutely NOTHING to do with SC,absolutely nothing,that is what we call >>>wait for it..................SCAPEGOAT,using Derek as a scapegoat to protect  Chris.

Sorry but when defending SC for whatever reason,you can't switch the blame to someone else.This same Chris Roberts said that opening new offices would be best for the game design because they could bring the offices to the best quality employees,Oh wel l hat has changed all of a sudden,is he now saying they can't have the best people working on these games?


Sat Oct 31 2015 10:17PM Report
Wizardry writes:

For the record,i do see some ideas that he is trying to put some quality behind it but i also see a VERY big picture.

I see this game as being modules,one being fight in space with really not much going for it,just more cockpit fighting.A module to do some missions with ground avatars,at least that is an upgrade from Eve.Then a hangar to store ships and some stations,but where is the GAME,i don't see it.

What i see is a VERY weak pvp game with what likely ends up being a very short story line/action/mission based content.I predict one month max from the content,the rest will be Eve online all over again.

Sat Oct 31 2015 10:22PM Report
gorengpatut writes:

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