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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Star Citizen - why do you care?

Posted by Teala Wednesday October 7 2015 at 4:39PM
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Have you been following the Internet gaming drama created by Derek Smart regarding the game Star Citizen?  Well if not, many of us gamers have, and well - there are many things people want to know.   I was reading a thread(Discussion / Star Citizen Employees Speak Out on Project Woes!) on this website when I came across an inquiry by a fellow forum reader who left a question regarding this topic to those of us that have contributed to the funding of this game. 

I am a backer and have donated to the creation of this game.   So I have some degree of monetary investment and would like to see this game come out - and be as good as Chris has promised it would be.

With that said, anyone that knows me here on from my blogs and comments here on the forums knows I am probably one of the most critical observers of games and am willing to say what needs to be said - both good and bad.   If I think a game development company is making a mistake with the direction they are taking a game - I'll tell them my opinion.   I have come down pretty hard on developers and publishers many times.   Some people accused me of being unreasonable and or to harsh in my criticism of a game numerous times - even saying I had an agenda to make the game fail.   I always said, "I have no agenda, I just want to see them make a better game."  I keep saying that to this day.

I've stated that I think the current state of SC(Star Citizen) is becoming a victim of feature creep.   I also think the game is going to be a game that will require a monster of a computer to run once it is released.   Both these things are - in my opinion - critical things that will hurt the game in the end.   I do not think we'll get the game we were promised at the time of release.  I believe GIG(Cloud Imperium Games) will release bits and pieces(as they have been doing) at a time - but we'll never see a full blown game for another couple of years - released all at one time that a person can buy off steam.  The game is a work in progress - and I've accepted that.   So I'm in for the long haul and willing to have patience and wait. 

What I don't get is why some of you, who have not backed the game nor donated a cent, are so worried about?  Why the hell should you care if the game is made - or not?  If you were truly interested in the game you'd have donated or backed it long ago.   You come on these forums and behave like rabid children, ranting and raving as if Chris Roberts personally killed your dog, your cat, spat on your mom, and then stole your hamster - while pissing in your Cherrios. 

What’s really weird, I have donated and I am not the least bit worried if the game comes out or not.  I’m not raising a big stink about the game not being out yet, in fact most backers are like me(I read the forums over at the RSI website) and they all pretty much say that same thing - the game will come out when it comes out.  Numerous polls over on the forums are pretty unanimous regarding this topic as well.   So a vast, huge majority of backers are not the least bit concerned about the game and it's overall development.  

By the way, I think those of us the donated to the crowd funding of this game knew and or know of the risk we're taking when we participate in funding these projects.   We were willing participants.  There was no contract, no guarantee that this game would ever see the light of day.   We understood this.  We accept this(well a vast majority of us do).

There are some that don't - which brings me to Derek Smart (and the others - but mostly Derek Smart) and they shouldn't be donating if they failed to understand this.  If you don't have patience - don't donate.   Games of this magnitude are not built over night.   MMO gamers should know this better than any others.  And how many times have we seen people bitching and moaning on forums about games that are released before they are done? damn many times.  So if this game takes a few years to be the game Chris Roberts promised us - I can wait.  

As for Derek Smart, he is the last person that should be raising a stink about this game when he can't even be bothered to fix his own POS game that is on Steam now - "Line of Defense".   On top of that CIG gave him back his money he donated.   CIG didn't need to do that.  They did anyway.  Not many crowd funded projects will do that - at all - ever.   Ask the backers of Oculus Rift how much they got back when asking for a refund.   Derek Smart does have an agenda and it is to see this game fail.  He stated that numerous times on Twitter, "I'll burn it down."  That is all he wants.   He has gone out of his way to try to bring down CR and CIG and for what?  Because the game isn't done yet? 

News flash - "Line of Defense", Derek Smarts own game is not done.   He's been working on it for 5 damn years and it is one of the biggest pieces of garbage ever released on Steam.  A game with one of the worst ratings ever.  Know what he tells people that ask for a refund.  Nothing.  He just has them banned on Steam and if they try to contact him through Twitter - he bans them there as well.  Tells people the game is still a work in progress and it'll be done when it's done.  Yet he has the nerve to make demands of Chris Roberts and CIG regarding Star Citizen.   Dude is seriously in need of mental evaluation.   He has caused a huge shit storm over his perceived delusional self importance.  Man is the guy a piece of work. 

As for the rest of you, why are you being his patsies?  Derek can give a rats ass about you.  He's out for himself.  He really only wants you to agree with him so he looks good.   You really want to be associated with a person of such calibre?  

So again, why the hell should you people that have nothing, or any real interest in the game, make such a huge stink about a game you’ve not donated to?