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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

You're not in Kansas anymore Boo...

Posted by Teala Thursday October 14 2010 at 1:47PM
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The Wicked Witch of the East is surely behind the chaos, and mayhem, that is patch 4.0.1 for World of Warcraft.   It has rained havoc upon the players in more ways than one.   Yes...4.0.1 is upon us, and it brings with it new class talents(and talent trees), new glyphs, and new ways to customize your character via reforging.  That means lots of confusion for players across the board wondering what to do.    Cool news.   There are way fewer worthless talents and way less talents that just do not work.  Most talents actually work and now it is going to be harder than ever to skip a talent in favor of another because all are viable!  If you thought we had less choices with fewer talents and we'd see even more cookie-cutter classes - you may be in for a huge surprise!  Surprise!!!  Talent trees actually make sense and allow for some awesome character uniqueness.  Toss in the new talents, along with the new glyph system, and reforging, and you're going to be hard pressed to find any two player characters that are the same, or even play the same.  So despite what some players have been saying, clearly they have know ideal what they are talking about.   They probably read or saw that Blizzard was streamlining talent trees and giving less talent points to players and the first thing they thought was - WoW is being "dumbed" down more and that line of thinking couldn't be further from the truth.   So to those that say Bliizzard has dumbed the game down further I say...the more you talk, the less informed you sound.

Plus...we also got, a few bugs.  OK...more than a dozen bugs...but hey...none are real game breakers.    I mean just because my Oni (he is Echeyakee from the barrens - a white lion) makes the sounds of a wolf when he goes into combat is not really all that huge of bug, but it is a little disquieting - OK annoying...but I know he will be fixed.  Eventually.   I hope!  He better get his vocals back Blizzard! 

Anyway...onward and down...errr...I mean upward.

So what else have we learned since patch 4.0.1?  Well destro Locks (Warlock class) are critting for 30+k!  Fire Mages are almost as good with crits upwards of 25-28k!  Yes...I am not lying.    That really can kill mobs fast, but it has it's drawbacks as well.   It puts more work on tanks to hold aggro because the amount of threat generated by that kind of DPS is almost off the scale.   And in PvP...if you are melee...just forget about it.    You're going to be a smoldering pile of goo before you ever get close enough to kill a Lock or Mage.   Seriously...just do not even go there.   Good news though!  Blizzard knows this is an issue and is working feverishly to get a patch in the works that will tame the DPS of certain classes - Ghostcrawler himself said that they never intended for players to have that kind of DPS at level 80.   So expect some ner...umm...fine tuning on certain classes very shortly.

What else does 4.0.1 bring...reworking of the is crisper, and a bit less cluttered.   I think Blizzard is trying to streamline it even further to make it less offensive and still give it that WoW flavor of art.   Remember this...the new map button is in the upper right corner and looks like a miniature map!  The new social button is above the chat window and to the left and looks like a yellow bust - you know like this.

Maps are better.   Character sheet is better(clearly Blizzard took some ideals from add-ons to make their own UI even better).   Everything all, and all is better - but there is more.

Art work and graphics gets updated.   We now have an "ultra" setting that pushes graphics of WoW into a more detail oriented world.   Water looks gorgeous for the most part, but Blizzard needs to add a few more touches to really make it awesome(I'll go into that in another post - one I call the Awesomization of WoW - wait until you read what Blizzard can do that will take WoW to the ultimate heights of awesomeness!).   Lighting is better and we now have "God Rays"...yes...streams sunlight that dance around objects as the sun passes behind them - just like in real life!  Wickedly beautiful under the right settings.   Shadows through out have also been revamped, and with it comes new issues for comps.   If your system is not beefy enough, you may not be able to play way with everything maxed as you use to.    When everything is set to ultra you may experience a massive hit on your FPS.  Unlike old World of Warcraft graphics...the new improved ones are much more GPU use intensive and can even make use of DX11!   Like I said...this is not the old WoW you remember- this is the new and improved one.

Badges...we don't need no stinking badges.   Seriously gone are all the silly little we get Honor and Justice "Points".   Honor is used to purchase some PvP gear, and Justice is used to purchase both PvE gear, and some PvP gear.   So running randoms and killing "all" - not just a couple,...but all bosses is more important than ever!  If your tank, or group leader of your random tries to skip a boss...remind them that all bosses award Justice and Honor points!  So do not let them cheat you out of them points!  

Listen up kiddies!  Todays is not BC WoW and it is not WotLK Wow.  Gone are the days of entering a dungeon and just face-rolling hordes of MOBs via AoE's.   Really...if you think you can do that and even in todays randoms using those old tactics of just DPS'ing with AoE's - you're in for a huge surprise when those MOB's lose interest in your tank and start spanking you instead.    I know...I play a tank and I have seen the results of people thinking that they can still play the old can't!  So stop doing it!   Learn to attack your tanks target and wait before you start really laying on the DPS....let your tank get aggro first!  Then let your DPS loose in all its awesomeness.  Your tank will thank you, and so will your healer.   Also if you are a have traps --- use them!  CC is important now.   Your traps are awesome use them.   Using misdirect is very important now as well.   So use it when you can.  

Another thing...if you do generate threat and pull aggro..stop DPS'ing!  Use whatever talent you have to avoid holding aggro --- like for Priest use your Fade, and Warlocks use Soulshatter, and for Hunters, use your Feign have these skills - they are important learn to use them    Your tank will love you. Tanks won't have to stop what they are doing, and switch target at a weird moment, just to save your skin.    You have skills - use them!

Tanks - you have more raid tools at your disposal..more than ever before...make use of them.   Even in randoms...make life easier on your group and mark targets.   In Cataclysm, this will be very important.   Trust me...if you don't learn to do it're going to hate dungeons in Cataclysm.   It is so important that everyone works as a team.  If you don't work as a team - forget ever making it through to the first boss even. is that hard now.  

This has been part 1 of a multi-part series I will be doing in the coming weeks about WoW, and Cataclysm.  I hope you all enjoy them.  I know I will enjoy writing them!