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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

SOE's Head Muckity Muck is Delusional.

Posted by Teala Thursday October 15 2009 at 8:13AM
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I'm not a hater of SOE's games.  No, on the contrary, I actually love their games, despite what some people may think and say.   True story.   No really...if you look at the games I have played, and what games I have stuck with the longest, all of them are SOE games!  That's right.   Planetside being the longest, followed by SWG - preNGE, and of course Vanguard, followed by EQ2.   No other games kept me playing for as long and regularly as SOE games have.    So what you are about to read is not me hating on SOE, but stating my opinion on a company that just continually shoots themselves in the foot and drives players like me(that happen to like their games initially) away.

With that being said.

It was recently noted that John Smedley wrote a blurb in his blog about oh how he loves the game Planetside.   What a huge crock-o-(not gold)!  Sorry Smedley, but I, and many others find this very hard to swallow and I've swallowed some pretty disgusting stuff in my life(like a bug once), but this,...this caused me to run to the bathroom to hurl(well OK maybe I didn't exactly hurl, but  I did choke a bit - really).

>>> click here to read what Smedley wrote  <<<

Of all the people in the gaming business and especially one as high up as Smedley is, and someone with a reputation of being the anti-Christ of gaming, he of all people needs to be extremely careful in what he writes. 

Saying things like, 'Damn I love Planetside. I really do.', (chokes a bit) sorry, I almost threw up there.   So he really loves Planetside(takes a breath) sorry, almost threw up again.   Is this guy for real?  Seriously, does he think we were all just born this morning?   He must.   Either that or he thinks he has some very powerful Jedi, over the Internet, mind tricks that can presuade us that what he states is the truth.  

After all the BS with EQ over the years(like incomplete expansions sold to unsuspected players - finished up later in patches) and the debacle with the SWG NGE, games like the Matrix tanking, and their piss-poor management of Vangaurd after they took it over.  This is why it is so hard to take anything he says at face value, because anyone that has played SOE games knows that if he really cared about gaming in general he wouldn't have done and continue to do things that drive players away from their games.

NOTE:  Free Realms is a free to play game - so I don't care how many people have created accounts to play a FREE TO PLAY GAME!  There that is out of the way , because I know, I just know someone is going to bring it up.

NOTE:  Other than Free Realms(which I remind you is a free to play game and anyone and their mother can sign up) none of SOE's other games, which are pay to play, are really doing all that well with the exception of maybe EQ2, the rest are on life support.

For years, yes years, players of Planetside have begged for updates, bug fixes(ones that have been around since day one!), expansions, and just general acknowledgement from SOE that the game would be maintained and worked on in some form or another.   Sure Planetside has had two expansions and a couple of cool things added since it's launch, but if you look at other MMORPG's and the number of expansions and additions they have gotten, Planetside is at the bottom of the list and the game has been around since 2003!     On top of that when players were begging for SOE to do a little advertising of the game when it started to loose subsrcibers, what did SOE do?  They merely offered a recruitment key(game key) and a limited playability and then failed to follow up with advertising! was the players of the game that used guerilla marketing techniques to try to boost the games player base and get the word out about the offer- not SOE.  

Very few games have got the kind of die-hard fans as this game does.    Go to any website that is about MMORPG's and visit their forums and you'd be hard pressed to not find a dozen or more post over the years asking for a Planetside 2.   Seriously.  Even on the forums here at we'd see a post that would be titled, like, "Why No Planetside 2?", or "Think we'll ever see a Planetside 2?".    What do we finally hear.  SOE is going to be making a Planetside 2.    The crowd goes wild!  "Yeah...finally!",  "OMG I cannot wait!",   "It's about frikking time!"

And we hear this, 'Damn I love Planetside. I really do.'  

You know I should go to the airport and get some barf bags to put near my desk.   It would be so much simpler than to have to run to the bathroom every time this guys opens his mouth and says something that can turn a players stomach.

Anyway, tell us again Smedley how you love Planetside.  Please...oh please.   Because after all the years of neglect that you've shown the game and the fans of that just sounds so genuine and truthful.  

Who do you think you are kidding?   SOE's head muckity muck is delusional.

I have no doubt that SOE will make a new Planetside.   What I fear is that just like some of SOE's games, once it is made they'll neglect it, if it doesn't hit a certain number of subscribers, and we'll once again be left with a game that will slowly die.   I played Planetside from the day it was launched up until 2007 and resubbed briefly in 2008 and again this year 2009.   I can say..."Damn I love Planetside.  I really do."  And you know it is the truth.

wootin writes:

Awesometastic post. I can't believe what he said either. I'm still looking for his quotes back when on how Planetside players would love playing The Agency, presumably after he starved Planetside to death.

Mon Oct 19 2009 10:23PM Report
Respit writes:

Great post. You should keep some Dramamine on hand, it'll help a little when reading anything from Smedley. ;-)

Good ol' Smedley. Like a goose, wakes up in a different world each day.

He loves Planetside, he really does? Well, if P2 does surface, I can only hope he hates it.


Again, great read, thanks.

Thu Oct 22 2009 2:23AM Report
Eindrachen writes:

Excellent post.  Smedley is a liar; even those of us (myself included) who don't play Planetside can see that the game got shafted.

Thu Oct 22 2009 10:20PM Report
ArcheusCross writes:

Lol. Ever since the debacle with SWG NGE, i have never belived a word out of that mans mouth. Its all spin doctoring. Hes is a complete liar.

Remember the "Oh! we have had positive feedback from the nge!"

Yeah if positive feedback was 250k subs dropping a short period of time, then yes, i suppose you really hit it big! *snicker*

He has "ALWAYS" been delusional. Its one reason i don't buy games from them any more.

And Teala, save yourself the stress and not try PS2 if it comes out. Why? Because they obviously still have their eyes on the "WoW" pie.

Mon Nov 02 2009 1:56PM Report
Acidon writes:

I love your writing style.  I'll be keeping an eye on your blog.  Great post. =)

Tue Nov 10 2009 10:53PM Report
Oridi writes:

Sigh. I need to stop reading back posts on your blog because everytime I do I get another game to add to my "check this out! sounds cool!" list. 

And as a pre and post NGE player (stop hissing at me) I agree with your analysis of nausea induction ratios in relation to Smedly comments.  The guy gives smarmy a new definition.  Time for a new image consultant Smedley!

Sat Dec 05 2009 3:38PM Report
MercuryRisin writes:


hey, i got an email from Sony a while back saying they are making Planetside2, i was in since beta, and continued for a while, left, came back again, but left completely in 2006? i cant remember, lol

but, i did save the email from Sony, just waiting to see what happens next :)

Sat Mar 06 2010 10:39AM Report
Otach writes:

Teala, I hate to disagree with you, but I played both Planetside and SWG for Years (while they were good. Planetside is still good.), and the only thing SOE did right was any situation where they left these games alone.

I mean, it's hard to argue against the NGE.

Personally, I didn't feel Planetside needed too many changes. It's a FPS.. the changes they did make to it where horrible (battle islands? cmon.') as were the changes to SWG.

Thu Mar 11 2010 3:30PM Report
AutemOx writes:

I totally agree with OP, although Otach has a good point...  Core Combat (PS expansion) and the CU/NGE (SWG 'upgrade') were both huge bad moves for Planetside and SWG.

Had they 'left the games alone' things might have been better...  Or really what we needed is for them to add gameplay that is true to the games original design (the reason why we love these games).

Planetside barely had any updates...  It has got to be one of the least updated MMORPGs I have ever played.

Great post!

Wed Jun 09 2010 12:45PM Report
AutemOx writes:

I think that Smedley is still around is just proof of corporate bullshit that takes place.  He would have either been gone or at least not be posting to gamers/press a long time ago if SOE was ran properly.

I have been hearing shit on Smedley since I first heard of SOE.

Wed Jun 09 2010 12:48PM Report writes:
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