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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Mount and Blade - The best single player game that is screaming to be made into and MMORPG!!

Posted by Teala Wednesday August 27 2008 at 3:55PM
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Kristi:  "So have you heard of the game Mount and Blade?"
You:  "No."
Kristi:  "No!!!!!!!!!!   OMG...where have you been - living in a cave?"
You:  "No."
Kristi:  "Well let me tell you about this little known game called Mount and Blade."
You:  "Is it an MMORPG?"
Kristi:  ""
You:  "Oh...a single player game."
Kristi:  "Yea...unfortunately."
You:  "'s not an MMORPG, I don't like playing single player games."
Kristi:  "Yea I know...but this game you should really try."
You: "I don't play single player games though."
Kristi:  "But this game is so much fun!"
You:  "What is it about?"
Kristi: "Its about medieval warfare.  It has elements of an RPG mixed with RTS game play."
You:  "Is it a fantasy game?"
Kristi:  " doesn't have orcs, wizards or goblins...but what it does have it does better than any other game I have ever played."
You:  "But you said it wasn't an who cares?"
Kristi:  "I know...I know....but it kinda plays like one....sorta...well kinda..."
You:  " huh...?"
Kristi:  "This game maybe not an MMORPG(yet), but it is screaming to be turned into one!"

Seriously though....if you are reading this and have not played Mount and Blade're missing out on one of the best made games ever.   The developers behind the game Mount and Blade have gone to great lengths to make a game that brings all things medieval to life.  Things like fiefs, lords, kings and epic battles in in virtual world that comes to life inside your computer.   While you're playing, things in the game world are constantly in motion - just like an MMORPG.   Villages are pillaged half a world away, castles fall, a lords fief is crushed by his enemies and more.   Though Mount and Blade is not an MMORPG it has elements of one built into it.    So it is no stretch when I say this game is screaming to be turned into an MMORPG.  I know there are people that currently play it that say it cannot be done and to do so would ruin it....but I say...."Are you kidding me!  With just a few minor changes to the way the game plays this game would put all over MMORPG's to shame."   

First off the game has a great skill based character development system in place.   Though you do gain levels they are merely for show because your skills and stats are what make your character who it is...and it is totally done in the style of an FPS game.   Yep, that's right, the game uses FPS type combat...and you know works extremely well and the best thing about it is it is fun!   Though there is not the usual controls typical for an RPG in place like hot bars for skills, attacks and such...that doesn't matter.  The developers have done an excellent job programing in fluid combat unlike any game you've ever played before.   And those stats and skills your character has - do improve and do work to make your character smarter and fight better.   The marriage of FPS with elements of RPG character development in this game is what the MMORPG genre has needed.  No more button mashing, or queueing up your moves...everything is in real-time and the combat is addictive and fun.

Think of the game called Planetside with hundreds of players fighting it out in real time against one another, but instead of a futuristic setting it is set in a medieval world.   That is how this game would basically play only better if you take into consideration all the elements and game play that currently exist in the game.

Second, if you've ever played a game where players can take over castles and keeps like Dark Age of Camelot or Lineage II, then you'll know, once you've played Mount and Blade what I am talking about.   Imagine players creating guilds that over time gain a castle of their own, then a whole fief, and then perhaps a whole kingdom.    The players in playing the game would be able to have an impact on the game world unlike any MMORPG game we've seen to date.    The games content comes from the players themselves exploring, traveling, creating kingdoms, conquering lands, going to tournaments, battling hordes of NPC brigands and player controlled bandits, kings, lords and mercenaries.

Third, new game content could come from the developers(if the game was made into an MMORPG) in the way of more lands to explore and maybe new game play elements like the addition of some minor fantasy based content.  Maybe add wizardry and dragons and some mythical game play we like to have in MMORPG's for instance a good dungeon crawl.   The possibilities are endless and this game is as is is ripe to be converted to an MMORPG unlike anything we've ever seen or played before.

If ever there was a single player game that should be turned into an MMORPG,  Mount and Blade is it.   This game(once it is released) will go down in gaming history as an instant classic.   It has been in development for many years and though it is still in development and not yet officially released it is free to down load and play at the Mount and Blade website.   The current version that is available is the last version before the publisher releases it to the market - beta version 0.960.


The single player game currently has many modules available to change the game to mix it up and make a whole new game.   You can change it to play in a Star Wars setting, a Lord of the Rings world, or a historical setting from our own real history like the 100 Years War and medieval Japan and many, many, many more.  

I know the game is a single player game and not an MMORPG, but don't let that stop you from experiencing one of the best designed games to hit computer gaming in many years.  

The developers over at Tale Worlds should be commended for creating this wonderful game.   You can tell that they truly loved what they were doing by the amount of detail they put into their game.   Truly a work of love and it shows. 

So what are you waiting for?!   Stop reading this blog entry and go download the demo now! 

Mount & Blade   <<< get it here!

Star Wars - Clone Wars - Coming to a theater near you!

Posted by Teala Monday August 4 2008 at 11:55AM
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I just don't get it - though I will try to understand with these ramblings.   Maybe my brain has been so crammed full of Star Wars movies, shows, games, books, documentaries over the years that I am just about all Star Wars'd out and just don't care any more, but this newest version of an all ready released title ("Clone Wars" from the Cartoon Network )doesn't seem to add anything just rehashes what we've all ready seen - but uses CGI instead.   On top of that we're expected to pay money at a theater to see it - when we've all ready basically seen it.  Why - what am I missing here?

Lucas running out of money?  I doubt it.   Did he change the story that much form the original we saw on the Cartoon Network?   I doubt it.   Does it fill in missing parts of the Clone Wars storyline?  Seriously...please do not go there.   Star Wars itself is so full of plot holes an armada of Death Stars could fly through them.    So why remake the story of the Clone Wars - again.

My only guess is that Lucas is just having fun now using the different mediums available today to tell his stories - live action one time, cartoons another and CGI this time around.   He has always pushed the envelope sorta speak when it comes to making his movies and I think this is probably no exception.   Lucas has found a new medium and is making use of it.     The question is....can he re-tell a story we have all ready seen, for the most part, and bring a new fresh look at it with the use of CGI? does sorta look flashier and such...but I must ask it worth going to a theater to see it?

Personally...I liked the Cartoon Networks version.   It was very stylized and told the story well enough.  I do not think I need to see it again in CGI - well let me put it this way...I will see it...but I will not pay to see it if I can help it - I just don't see it being worth it. 

For some Star Wars fans(I am a Star Wars fan btw) this will be a must see, simply because they can't get enough of the stuff...sorta like Trekkies.   They eat this stuff up.   They are more than ready to consume all things Star Wars, like hordes of locust,  just as soon as they can.   Hey...knock yourselves out fellow's your money...well soon to be Lucas's...but I understand...I am an MMORPG fanatic and I consume online games like candy...nom, nom, nom. 

As for me...I'm going to go online and review all those old cartoon network versions of the Clone Wars...they were so cool! 

Link to the new Star Wars - Clone Wars  <<<< click here!  

Coming to a theater near you!  08.15.08!