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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

CCP will, in the end, do the right thing.

Posted by Teala Thursday June 23 2011 at 5:39AM
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The recent bruhaha over the game of EVE Online regrading their microtransaction store and the types of things they intend to offer players(possible buy-to-win items) is disheartening to say the least.  If the alleged Internal memo is for real and not a fake, then I can only say it makes my heart drop.   I for one cannot believe the CCP would be so foolish to do such a thing to such a wonderful game.   This will drive their current, long standing vet fanbase away(the exodus of long standing players has all ready begun) and turn EVE into just another buy-to-win game that this genre does not need.

But call me little Ms. Optimistc, I do not believe that CCP will be this self destructive.  It is one thing to place vanity only items into your MT as Blizzard has done, but to add anything other than vanity items into your MT, things that will unbalance the player machinations that drives this games virtual economy, territorial control and basic game play will bring it crashing to the ground.   EVE is a sandbox and as such it is a unique gaming experience and in such, as it is, all it takes to toss the game into chaos is to introduce an element that will unbalance that fine line it walks right now.   In mine and other players opinions that play EVE, the addition of items that will unbalance this virtual universe will be overwhelming.  As I said, to add strictly vanity items is one thing, but buy-to-win items will ruin EVE.

So if the rumor is true and CCP intends to add such things, EVE as we know it will become just another bad game added to the sea of other bad games - unless CCP does the right thing.

Face it, they do not have the subscriptions a game like WoW has to play Russian roulette with their base fans. EVE is nothing without its fans. In today's gaming market a game company cannot expect to get away with whatever they want and neglect their base fans - period - end of story. CCP does not have this luxury. If they really believe this, than they have been living in a cave in Iceland the last few years(I hope that is not the case).

Just give them the time they need to sort this mess out. I love Incarna and I want it to succeed, but not at the cost of the games fans. Without them, this game becomes just another POS game on a market all ready flooded by those types of games.

So here is hoping the people in charge at CCP understand that if they want to be an SOE and drive their main fans away and make them bitter - they can do this, but be prepared for the backlash. It will be fierce. Ask John Smedley if he regrets what he did with SWG and the NGE and if it was a good business move. SWG still hasn't recovered from the NGE(in the last week they are removing 2 more servers and moving players to the remaining ones - there is probably less than 30k people actually playing SWG today compared to the 450k they had before the NGE).  Update 7/2/2011: SWG is closing its doors.   It will no longer be available to play as of 2012.  SOE announced that they were taking the game down for good. (see what happens when you are out of the loop for 2 weeks)

I would also, like to add one other comment. " ARE YOU INSANE CCP?! "  If we break down the cost of some of your current vanity items based off the cost of converting real world money for the cost of say that monocle in the MT store(by taking the cost of Plex and coverting it to Aurum) it comes out to roughly $60 US.   Really?!  ::rolls her eyes::  Please, this is just insanely high for a virtual item.  All your virtual items for that matter are priced insanely high.  Be reasonable and lower them - a lot!  It is crazy to think you'd place prices so high on a silly virtual item.   Some of the clothing items in your virtual store cost more than real world items.  This is game - and you're no Saks Fifth Avenue.


So chins up! Give CCP a chance to make this right(the MT stuff), and get the rest of Incarna out, and lets see if they can continue to deliver the game we have all come to love. If they can't and won't - then to hell with them - I'll be the first to biomass and cancel my sub.


Side Note:  I am in the process of relocating.  I am heading back to the west coast!  Yeah!   \o/   Hate the hot muggy East Coast.  Back to my mountains, oceans, rivers and the great Pacific Northwest in general!  So it'll be about a weak and a couple of days before you hear anything from me again.  Also, you can now follow me on Twitter!  Yes..I broke down and got a Twitter account.   Just look for TealaTeJir and add me!  It'll be fun!   So until next time.  

hfztt writes:

But when is a game not Pay2Win?

My definition is simple:

Things that can be originally obtained through only with cash, must NOT influence game interactions in any ways.

I would argue that beein able to buy any item that could otherwise be gained through normal game play is not Pay2Win. Thats just paying for convinience. This was the model of D&D when it first went F2P.

Thus, for me, buying things like skill points and ships for $ really isn't that big a deal. (As long as they are relatively overpriced...)

But buying superior versions of items, that is only originally sold for cash IS Pay2Win. Even if you can get them second hand via in game cash. Having them resellable does NOT mitigate the issue.

CCP needs to walk that line. Mind you that they have not yet broken it. Not by a far streach.

Thu Jun 23 2011 6:41AM Report
Silmapelikone writes:

I'm glad I already quit.

Thu Jun 23 2011 6:43AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Well I say a video the other day and now I cant get it to load

Thu Jun 23 2011 7:34AM Report
Unshra writes:

It better be fun! ;p

I think I am in the same boat, if the pamphlet is real I am not all to happy, however I also believe that CCP will adapt to their customers. However often have we seen bad ideas presented by CCP only to have them change it before or soon after it goes live.

I think we will see that with NEX as well, the prices will be adjusted (hopefully they will drop a zero on every item) to be more reasonable. Okay now I am starting to sound like a fanboy which I prefer not to be but history has shown that CCP tends to open it's mouth too soon only to have to correct themselves afterwards so I am not worried about the future of EVE or even WoDO.

Thu Jun 23 2011 12:31PM Report
Rednecksith writes:

What did you expect from a company that pretty much forces players to buy a separate account for each character they want? CCP hasn't been a 'good company' for a very long time. They participate in RMT and have been proven to manipulate in-game politics to favor  whichever alliance strikes their fancy.

Hopefully this will finally show CCP's true nature to the brainless masses. Wake up, people.

Thu Jun 23 2011 2:01PM Report
Precusor writes:

CCP is dead with in the next 2 years.

Thu Jun 23 2011 8:55PM Report
DarkPony writes:

They might change their course (I sincerely hope so) but sadly being patient about it won't help so much in making them realize the wisdom of an altered course. Only a massive backlash can trigger that, so for once I am with the complainers, cancellers and outraged people on this one. I always pictured EVE as an everlasting, awesome mmorpg I could always return to, sadly the prospect of returning now doesn't appeal at all to me.


Same with my confidence in CCP; it used to be rock solid and I always supported them throughout the Dust and Incarna shitstorms over the past years, bargaining for patience and respect like you have, but now, due to the cash shop and the internal memo, that confidence has dropped like a rock.



Fri Jun 24 2011 2:57AM Report
Ecnali writes:

This is off topic, but what's up with only one jump bridge online per system? Are they insane? This has broken every alliance's jump bridge network. Who cares about cosmetic items when they actually broke something that was working? I guess I don't see the big picture.

Sat Jun 25 2011 4:49AM Report
Lateris writes:

I hope they will- but I still canceled my 4 accounts to make our point.

Sat Jun 25 2011 8:08PM Report
Olgark writes:

Turbine placed DDO and LOTRO as free to play. They do not force you as a player to make a monthly subscription, Yet CCP do each month you need to put up the cash or not play.

Yes you can try and earn the 300 million ISK per month to play for free, but its still a value. In DDO or LOTRO or even Forsaken World I do not have to do this.

CCP will add items to the shop that will give an advantage to players who can afford them. Or silly enough to buy them. I have yet to see a dev company back down on this kind of thing. I see SOE destroy Star Wars Galaxies and now I am going to see CCP kill Eve Online.

Sun Jun 26 2011 4:42AM Report
Tivian writes:

CCP has never done the right thing. in the end they will be the same old CCP. EPIC FAIL on Dust 154. and now they will kill their cash cow.

Sun Jun 26 2011 5:40PM Report
Greedyeve writes:

I just made a facebook profile to compile every stuff CCP has done in this story (the pdf, mail from the ceo etc.) Go on facebook ans search for Greedy Eve

Sun Jun 26 2011 11:13PM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

IMHO it is only pay to win when the only way to get certain gameplay affecting items is by using real world money to purchase them from the cash shop.


Successfull microtransaction games are founded on price Vs convenience type models. This means they have to offer powerfull items for real cash so people who do not wish to grind for them can pney up and pay some cash to save themselves some time.

Battlfeidl Heroes & Batlefield Play 4 Free for example are pay 2 win, as better weapons are only available through the purchase of game credits with real money.

Mon Jun 27 2011 1:12AM Report
Azrile writes:

One thing this has shown is how much of a joke EVE always has been.  There are people coming out now and quitting who have a dozen accounts, none of which paid any real money.

The problem with EVE, which is now being highlighted, is that because of it´s skill-over-time aspect, it is dominated by old players.  New players are always the sheep and because of the skill system, can never catch up to older players.  New players don´t exist, new accounts were being created by old players who incrementally make themselves rich enough to afford to have multiple accounts without paying real $$.  One vet who is quitting had 41 accounts!

The cash shop, and the hints that new players can ´buy´their way to equality with older players has the older players in an uproar.  Old players are upset not because of pay2win, but because there now might be an opportunity for newer players to play on a level playing field.

As more and more of these older players are ´quitting´with dozens of accounts, it shows just how shallow that 350k accounts really is.

Mon Jun 27 2011 9:08PM Report
Krelian writes:

This discussion makes the monocle cat sad:(

Just one question; were the eve online developers&publishers (CCP etc) not making enough cash from the subscriptions so they decided to introduce a cash shop into the game?

Coz I always thought that Eve had a very strong player base to draw from, its not like one of 'em ''now barren'' MMO's we know of, hmm......

Tue Jun 28 2011 8:53PM Report
Xondar123 writes:

Thats a pretty optomistc outlook. I hope they live up to it.

Wed Jun 29 2011 3:22AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

You realize there's nothing 'alleged' about the internal memo, right? It's already been confirmed by staff members and, if you like, I can link you to the PDF of the memo so you can read through it yourself.

Thu Jun 30 2011 12:33PM Report
Teala writes:

Gaeanprayer, at the time that I wrote this, it was still "alleged".

Fri Jul 01 2011 3:30PM Report
teakbois writes:

SWG didnt go form 450k to 30k because of the NGE


It went from 450k to 250k because of a plethora of reasons.  Then it went from 250k to somewhere around 170k because of the CU.  Then the NGE killed it and made it so recovery was impossible.


As for as CCCP, this is going to go poorly for them even if they do not add pay to win items.  Why?  Because the perception is already negative.  SoE gets killed for their MT which do *not* include P2W items, and consists of about 95% fluffs and 5% convenience items (like exp potions an already fast to level games that give its long time customers same potions for free).  In addition, they still provide more in game fluff than any of their compeitors (at least as far as EQ2 is concerned).  yet they get trashed, because of the negative vibes people have from it.


Blizzard takes very little flak, despite really starting the whole 'make people pay extra for ingame items in a pay to play game' trend with their TCG and later with the sparkle pony.


The way people found out about this is what will make people always trash it regardless of what happens down the road.

Fri Jul 22 2011 3:30PM Report
RoxOnFire writes:

Look at Battle of the Immortals.The whole game is based on the cash shop.So many ppl left that game,and it could have been better.Instead they focused on the cash ship and what their greedy hands could take from players.They dont even bother putting in any nice updates or anything,so grinding the same things every day is insane.The CSP's (cash shop players) keep pouring their money into their pixel chars and pets,and there is hardly ANYONE left to play the game with.People are leaving in droves.

That is how you watch a good game die.

Sat Aug 20 2011 1:34AM Report
outfctrl writes:

The last time I played was at release, played for like 6 months.  I wonder sometimes of all the changes and if it would be worth it to play again.

Thu Sep 15 2011 9:32AM Report writes:
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