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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

EVE Online - The need for adding the human factor.

Posted by Teala Wednesday June 9 2010 at 12:06PM
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I love EVE.   I love the ideal behind EVE.   I love the sandbox game play mechanics.   With that said, and I am not afraid to say it, it is not all it could be in my opinion.   I know EVE has its purist and to deviate from the canon that is EVE Universe -well that is an invitation to invoke the wraith of the purist that will rain down a verbal jihad upon you the likes which you haven't seen until you unleash one of these purist on a forums board.  They will roast you over an open pit, peel your fleshy carcass from the bones and dine on it lovingly - but oh wait...then as the marrow of your bones oozes out they will gather it in goblets and drink of it as if it is a fine wine.   Oh yes...many players of EVE will not stand for blasphemous thoughts or chatter that may take EVE beyond the realm of its designers intent.

I can take the heat - bring it   I think the main reason EVE is not literally crushing all other games(and in my opinion it could), is because some people, OK...a lot more than a lot,...huge amounts of people tend to think that EVE is all about ships - space ships.   The game revolves around them.   In one sense it does, in another it doesn' is all in how you look at it.  And in that is the issue - the crux of the matter - the big turn off for many players.    They want more than a game about ships.   Whether it be starships, wooden ships, airships or any kind of ship.  Why?  Ummm...well maybe because playing a ship is a little to impersonal.   When you think of the canon behind EVE's Universe it is a cold lifeless place of nothing but metal, plastic, tubes, wires and goo.    Where is the human part of the equation?  Oh yeah!  She is stuck in a pod wired up to some computer controlling this ship.   ::sigh::

I know some purist just love this, but you know what(and I do not mean this in a bad way) sucks!  That is why the only way I can even stomach EVE is to make believe that my character is not stuck in some goo filled chamber. 

When she docks, she leaves the ship and can actually walk around the station.   She can eat, she can drink, she can run in fields of green grass, and climb trees, walk the streets of a city on a planet and feel  the warmth of the sun on her face and smell it, feel it, breath it or sit and watch a movie if she likes or eat ice-cream and taste the creamy vanilla on her tongue as it slowly melts from the warmth of her mouth and she can have sex and get drunk and just go crazy in some club on a station after a hard long trip that had took her deep into stress filled, low-sec space.   Oh yes...that is my EVE!  Not some slab of cold lifeless meat, plugged into the main frame of a computer on board a pod full of goo!  That is not how humans are meant to be...not just another piece of hardware in a machine that in reality we would actually not be needed and in fact we would just get in the way.  That is the flaw that is EVE. 

It removes the human factor, the very thing that we identify with and turns it into just another piece of machinery stuck deep inside the belly of a huge chunk of cold steel.    I ask that very appealing?  OMG...hell no!   That is not appealing in the least.   It actually distances us from that which we are..say it with me - we're human.  For all our faults, all our weakness, we cannot escape that we are human and as such we need to be free.  Free to be who were are in every way.    Let me ask you, in Star Trek what was the Enterprise without Capt. Kirk and his crew, what was Serenity without Capt. Malcolm Reynold's and the Mellinium Falcon without Han and Chewie?   Seriously...the ships were doubt about it...but it was the people that gave them life - gave them a soul!

I cannot grasp the EVE as it is designed.  It is so cold.  There is no human factor.  There is no life - no soul.  

So I make up my own version and that is how I can play EVE.  I think a lot of people cannot jump past that as I have, and that is why it is so hard for them to enjoy EVE.   They need to know there is more to EVE than just a bunch of ships made of metal and plastic zipping around a cold Universe.   They need to know there is life, and that it is made of flesh and bone, that it breaths, and can walk and talk, and do all the things that we do because that is what we are - human.    If CCP ever releases Incarna I think you'll see EVE's subscription number climb like never before.  If they add some cool game play aspects to it other than just the ability to walk around a station that is.  If they throw in clubs where players can go meet, gamble, dance or make deals and trade.  If they add player housing, corp offices, conference rooms.  The only limiting factor to how far CCP can take this game is their willingness to push it to add more depth and still keep it as EVE.   This can be done. 

It really wouldn't be all that difficult I would think with today's tech and tools that can be found right off the the numerous websites that offer such types of software.  With the brilliance of the minds behind EVE - surely they can do this.

Seriously....think of the possibilities.  Think of where CCP could take this game and how rich and full of wondrous "life" it could be.  Every time I fire up this game my imagination takes over and my mind longs to see the surface of the water planet that my ship passes as it heads to the next warp gate.   Or to be able to walk inside the enormous Amarr station circling the Earth like world just a few hundred miles below it.    Now that is awesome.   That is epic.   That is what makes playing this game so awesome!  EVE could be that game.   EVE could be the game that really goes beyond the boundaries that currently hold this genre back.   Give our characters human form.  Make us more than just another part of a ship.   Give our characters life...give them true freedom.  

If CCP does this people will come...more than ever before.   Just add the human factor.