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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Are Smartphones and Tablets Going To Be Our Portals To Virtual Gaming Worlds?

Posted by Teala Thursday April 28 2011 at 1:22PM
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Are smartphones and tablets going to be our portals to MMORPG's and other games?  Will they replace the desktop PC as we know it?  The answer is yes ---  emphatically yes.

I have no doubt that we're on the verge of the next technological revolution.    Imagine this.    Ten years ago I was playing Asheron's Call on what I thought was the ultimate gaming rig at the time.  I spared no expense back then when it came to gaming, and my gaming rig was as l33t as they come - the cat’s meow.    Fast forward to today and I hold in my hand a smartphone that is more powerful than that whole gaming rig was.    My smartphone however, though only a few months old, is obsolete all ready.   Come this time next year,  smartphones and tablets will be running 2ghz dual core CPU's and have SD Cards capable of holding terabytes of data.   That is almost as powerful as the gaming rig I currently have!

Let's look at what we have right now.   Take my smartphone for example.   I can cruise the web in real time, in fact I am writing this very  blog entry right now on my smartphone, sitting in a cafe just outside Washington D.C.  Cool huh!  With this same smartphone I can talk with people, multiple people, at the same time, while running multiple applications.   I can be writing this, talking, and watching a movie in fact on my phone!  No lie.  It is that powerful --- today.  

In fact I do not even bother with renting DVD's anymore, or even use TV, I have my phone, and via wireless HDMI connection I can surf the web on the TV in my living room, go to Netflix, and choose any number of movies, TV shows, and documenteries to watch instantly - right through my smartphone.    In all my years of following technology I never could have imagined that we'd be this advanced so soon.   This is truly awesome and so very cool!

Move forward a few years.   With newer chip design and materials, like graphene and molybdenum, we're on the verge of a major increase in computer power the likes we have never seen before - ever.   Imagine a CPU that could do all the calculations ever done with current technology for a billion years.  Now imagine a computer capable of doing all those calculations in 1 second.   Sounds impossible right?   Well according to scientist, who have recently created the worlds smallest transistor, that may be a reality sooner then we all might think.   

So how will we play our MMORPG’s in the future - the very near future?  Well from our smart phones and tablets of course.   No need for big, bulky, gaming machines any more, because we’ll have our small, hand-held, devices that we can plug into a docking port or connect up with via a blue-tooth type wireless system that will make our current gaming rigs seem like a Speak and Spell toy from the 90's.   They'll be powerful and cost far less than the best gaming rigs money can by today.   That is great news for us gamers!

Seriously,  we’re right on the cusp of another technological revolution the likes of which  we have never seen before --- ever.    Within the next few years, you’ll be able to play games like World of Warcraft and EVE, using a tablet or a smartphone even.   We’ll just put on a pair of lightweight virtual goggles, or some other visual aid device, that will mimic looking at a 60 inch widescreen display, with HD resolution and connect to it via wireless means, and the tablet or smartphone will be our game controller.   You might even just connect to that brand new wall-to-wall(your walls of your home/apartment/flat will be one huge view screen using OLED tech) and use a Kinect™ type controller to play MMORPG’s and other games.   

We’re right is moving that fast.   In 2021, you and I, will be playing our MMORPG’s in ways we could never imagine.   There is going to be a mind blowing, technological revolution in the next few years and we’re all going to be a part of it.   It will be an amazing time.   So stick around kids...we ain’t seen nothing yet!

End Game - It's just a raid?

Posted by Teala Wednesday April 20 2011 at 11:05AM
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Sorry for being so late on my updates!  Been a busy girl.   Well kinda sorta,  work and writing my book.   Yea!  I've almost completed a novel that I hope does well.   So I am excited about that.   Haven't had much time to game, though, I have been staying up with the gaming community as much as I can.   Enough chit chat.   On with the latest entry!

So last time I opined I wrote about gear and how it seemed to be one the biggest driving factors in games coming out lately.   They all seem to be gear-centric games, and looking at the upcoming titles I see no difference in what they will be bringing to the table.   Just more of the same - grinding for gear.   Oh well, what is a gamer to do?

That brings me to another aspect of gaming that seems to be in this never ending loop of regurgitation regarding the end games of MMORPG's and the stagnation of their designs.   I mean, if we just take them for what they are, they are nothing but shallow filler that actually does nothing but keep that player chasing that proverbial dangling carrot that is nothing more than an illusion --- yes an illusion.

It's an illusion because when you look at these so called end games of some of the latest releases(not all, but some - especially those that follow the EQ/WoW paradigm) we see that all that is left for players to do once they hit max level is to get better gear (two and sometimes three sets of gear) so they can run PvP instances(battlegrounds/warfronts/battle zones) and static, end game dungeons.    What else is there to do?

Sure, some games allow you to grind for faction rep(reputation with different factions that live in the games virtual world) that allows players to do things or receive items from these factions that they normally would not have access to.   Unfortunately for many gamers, especially those that play in the US and EU, this just adds to the grind that most of these games all ready have built into them - whether that be grinding quest, MOB's, or one of the many trade or crafting skills these games offer, and it tends to burn players out after a time.   We see new titles launch, and the game looks promising, and then we discover that we end up with the same end game as we had in the previous game --- just a different coat of paint.   The basic game design has not really changed or progressed.   This is a sad commentary on the games that are all ready out and those that will soon be out.

So where is this end game that we're promised in many of these MMORPG's?  Killing the one-off elite boss mob?  Is that really it?  All we have to look forward to is raiding maybe a half-a-dozen dungeons and killing the main boss --- over and over again.    What comes after that?  No really...what comes after that?

I am sorry, but that old formula is just old and worn out, and it is time for a change.

So I put it to the readers.   You can leave a comment on what types of things you would like to see put into these games that would enhance your ability to enjoy these games a lot more --- especially the end game.  What kind of end game design elements do you think needs to be added(themepark based games I feel need this the most) that not only enhance your enjoyment of a game but will incite you to actually wish to participate in the end game and keep you playing?

Example:  What about having world wonders added to the end game?   Players can help collect resources to help build a “Wonder of the World".  As they build this wonder, all the people that belong to that faction will get bonuses or rewards, whether it is more exp, more loots, or whatever - just make it worth the players time to participate.   This will allow all players to take part(no matter what their level) and enjoy watching the building of say a massive pyramid, or a huge light house...something to get the whole player base excited about.   Have simple rules for this, like if you do not contribute anything to the building of the wonder, you’ll not receive any benefits from it.  Just keep it simple, and easy to participate in, and players will take part.  

So...let’s hear "your" ideals.   You are the players of these games.   Do you wish the end games were deeper, have more meaning, and impact on the virtual world your character plays in?

Would you like to see in game territorial control?  More meaningful open world PvP?   What about a political system(I understand one game coming out soon will have this - sounds interesting, but will it be implemented properly?  Only time will tell).

Leave a comment or suggestion below!  I know we have some people that visit this website that have some great ideals.  So let’s hear them.   Let the game designers hear them!  Tell them the sort of stuff you’d love to see added to the end game of MMORPG’s that will make them better, more enjoyable, and keep you playing!  I know I like hearing ideals of what others would like to see added to their games to make them better and more fun.   ^_^