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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

No - I will not be playing The Secret World, Tera, nor Guild Wars 2

Posted by Teala Sunday March 4 2012 at 3:12AM
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This entry is for people that send me emails wondering what I think of these three up coming games.   No I will not be beta testing or playing these games.  I have no interest in them whatsoever.   Why?

1) I am tired of the lack of persistent open world MMORPG's.

2) None of them have anything that interest me at all.  They have very little game features other than killing things and collecting gear.  Though TSW is not really about gear perse, it still doesn't interest me like it use to.  I saw some game play videos and I do not care for what I saw. 

3) I know they are MMO's.  I know that two of the three are trying to do something different with the genre.  Still do not care.  I'm done wasting my time on dead end, shallow games. 

Yes I see them as dead end, shallow games.   ::shrugs::  So shoot me.

Right now the only game I am looking forward to is ArcheAge.   Nothing else looks remotely interesting.   So I am going to be taking a long break from my blog - I might write something off the wall here or there in the future, but this genre is currently just not doing anything for me.  

Until then...ta ta...and thanks for all the fish everyone!

LOL!  I just read two articles and I am laughing my arse off right now.  Why you may ask?   Because never in all my time of following MMO's have I ever read so much BS in the press about an MMO before - ever!  For instance...

over at Venture Beat there was an article posted today(Mar 3, 2012) that is titled, "Star Wars: The Old Republic has a chance to get more than 1M long-term subscribers (exclusive)" and the first thing that came to mind after reading it - on that day monkeys will fly out of my butt, zombie Jesus raptor will return, and hell will freeze over.   Never have I had such a good laugh in all my life.

Where do these people come from who write this stuff that is so far off the mark?  I have to wonder if the person that wrote it actually did any research for his article. 

Then there was this gem over at ... these people actually know the topics they write about? 

I know MMO's, I may not make them, I may not work in the industry, but I have been playing and following them since the days of dial-up BBS and I can tell you straight up...there is no way this game will have the retention rates these people are predicting SWTOR will have.  

Some will say, "Right Kristi, you have a magic crystal ball and know the future."  Because they have said this to me in the past.  I always answer.


But I do have my experience and knowledge, and with that I have accurately predicted over the last few years how well MMO's will preform and you know what, the only two games I ever missed predicted were WoW(discussed this in a previous entry) and Vanguard(what can I say...I had no ideal Sigil would sale out to SOE - my bad, for that one).   Just two!  Two out of how many triple AAA games launched in the US?   I am batting about 900.   I'd say that is really pretty good.  I am not just patting myself on the back either.  I have always tried to be upfront and straight with the people that read my blog.

It is funny - I and a few others were writing our previews and reviews on this game giving it a rating like 5 out of 10, or 7 out of 10, people were ragging on me, and those others, telling us we didn't know what we were talking about...that SWTOR was the greatest MMO since WoW and that it would garner millions of subscriptions - many going further stating that SWTOR would be the proverbial "WoW killer".

All the while, other gaming websites and gaming mags were giving this game a rating of 9 out of 10 - and even 10/10 ratings.  I sat back and and couldn't believe the BS that was being fed to the public.   Just like now.   I really have to sit back and wonder how anyone can write such utter BS and keep a straight face.  

Slowly but surely, the truth has become known, even some of the previous staunchest of supporters for the game have given up on it and the game is barely 2 months old!  Some of them quit playing before their first free month was up and are now making forum post about how dissappointed they were with the game and how they feel cheated by Bioware.  If that isn't a sure fire sign of a game that is in bad shape - I do not know what is.

Which brings me back to these articles on game websites, and game industry rags that report on games, and just how much BS they put out to the general gaming public.  When these so-called professional writers write their articles that mislead and spread dishonest info all it does is cause a massive backlash for a game later.  

This helps nobody, and least of all the game.  We've seen it countless times over the years.  Look at what happened to Asheron's Call 2, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan...all these games were hyped to haven by the gaming press and people in the games industry and look how they turned out.   One shut down completely.  Another had to go free to play to stay in business.  The other is hanging on by a thread and is on life support.   MMO players are some of the least forgiving bunch of players in the gaming market.  It seems the publishers and game developers have not learned this lesson over the years and neither have the gaming press.  

Oh well...all I have to say is, to the gamers that play MMO's, beware...beware of shills, beware of hype, and beware of the gaming press - they are not always looking out for your best interest.