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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

My Dream MMORPG "The best is yet to come!" - Part 4

Posted by Teala Friday March 20 2009 at 5:06AM
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After many days of typing up part 4 I trashed it.   I just couldn't post it.  Why - you may ask.    Read below.

You know I can sit here and tell you all these wonderful ideals for what I would consider to be my dream MMORPG, but in reality, and in the end, it is all just a dream.   Sure I can look back over the years at all the other MMORPG's I have played and say, "If this game only had this and this it would be perfect."  or "If the game designers did this and changed that...omg this game would truly rock."  And I have many times, but the truth is, we will never have our dream MMORPG even if we designed it ourselves.   There would always be something we'd like to change or tweak or add to make it that much better.    I dunno what the future holds for us in this genre.   If changes come it seems to come slowly.   One thing I do know and that is that someday a game designer will eventually create a game I will enjoy playing.   It may not ever match up to what my dream MMORPG would be like, but if it manages to allow me to escape into a world of fantasy for a few hours a week and have "fun" doing it - that is all I can ever really ask for - to just have fun.

Kamilsa writes:  This is the perfect MMORPG concept but where are the developers? ;(

Fri Mar 20 2009 5:26AM Report
Locklain writes:

Developers have stopped caring about the game and started caring more about the money.   Once we have actual "gamers" who are passionate about their vision leading development over the "suits" we may get a decent game.  Just don’t confuse passion with lunacy. :D

Games are slowly drifting the way of Hollywood.   That is, there are ten or more crap games for every decent game with an exceptional game showing up once every five years or so.


Fri Mar 20 2009 9:43AM Report
tried4time writes:

HA! This is just like current MMO development, give the fan's and subscribers 3/4's of what they want and bail out on the rest. The irony of it all.

Fri Mar 20 2009 12:29PM Report
noideer writes:

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Sun Mar 22 2009 8:24PM Report
Mackerni writes:

 Developers have to eat too, you know.

Sun Mar 22 2009 11:35PM Report
mixcael writes:

Nooo... damn girl i enjoy your witty disciptions of your dream MMO write more, don't lay it to rest. besides a dev might read this and decide to do it!

Mon Mar 30 2009 8:24AM Report
Ragnaven writes:

heh, you have the nack girl I will give you that. Reminds me of me when I get to reading a book, then I have to remind myself why am I wishing it had this in it, I am a writer I should get off the reading chair and sit down to write. Course when I sit down to write the job that pays the bills comes frist and somehow my writing never comes. I really wish the gaming industry was more ballsy and would take in people like teala. They need new ideas, not better graphics.

Tue Mar 31 2009 4:45PM Report
fzzzt writes:

Damn. Had this long comment but clicked on your profile and lost solid state brain ain't what it used to be. Here goes.

I liked reading your posts. I did almost the exact same thing late last year, writing up what my dream MMOG is, though it was the typical fantasy genre. I'd love to see a real Star Trek MMO but set in the Firefly universe (as MMO or new TV series). Somewhere in between Enterprise and current times, just after warp drive was invented, or possibly previous to that, when technology was far outpacing society.

Anyway back to topic. I didn't write the narrative and storylines you have, which was nice to read btw, I focused on the mechanics more. I called my game DynaMMO (it's a combination of dynamic and MM...well you get it. It's clever, trust me). The main premise was to add more life and dynamic gameplay to a PvE game. I enjoy PvP, and I really wished there was a way to make honorable PvP in a game, but I just don't think there is. Annoying people ruin PvP games. Anyway, so it's PvE -based but dynamic, more like PvGM or truly versus the environment. NPCs have AI, real AI, which makes them think and determine as a group and individuals. For example, Orcs have warlike tendancies and are territorial and expansive. This translates into them attacking nearby PCs and NPCs to expand their territory. On the flip side, Gnolls are defensive and peaceful, but retaliatory. They don't expand, but they will fight to keep their homes (and not run away), and grab easy land.

Given both species advance at the same rate (which may not be true), in game, you have Orcs eventually fighting Gnolls. Throw in NPCs. Orcs grow and grow, eventually wiping out Gnolls from the game (which GMs can always reintroduce at some point), forever losing that coveted Gnoll Club of Flowerspewing everyone wanted. The Orc nation builds in strength, they make cities deep in their territory where the highest level Orcs live, and have lower-level Orcs on the outskirts. Who knows maybe even at some point PCs can start Orc players and quests poof into place for gathering resources and whatnot. Boom: PvP!

But until then, the Orcs eventually encroach upon PC cities, and do their best to attack. They can even take over, giving themselves more power and preventing PCs from using the resources, NPCs, quests, etc. in that city. Now the PCs have somethign to do. Higher level players assault Orc City (Orc capital) and New Orc City (was Qeynos) while lower level ones work on culling the in-betweens, keeping supplies from flowing.

Now the Dragon nation, high in the mountains of Dontgothere, played by GMs, decide to jump in...

So yeah, that's it in a small nutshell. I had worked out dynamic faction systems and some of the scripting/reaction systems, but in the end I gave up for the same reasons you seem to have. This almost makes me want to apply for a blog here (?) or start my own up again and start writing about it again though... :)

Thu Apr 02 2009 8:58AM Report
Dynamo112 writes:

I think current technology is still dragging behind our imaginations. Once we have the right can be made and tweaked to allow developers to make their/our " Dream MMO ".

I'd say another decade (maybe less) we'll start to see new technology to show it's face at game developers.

Give it time young padawan give it time.

Wed Apr 29 2009 5:16PM Report
LogothX writes:

The main problem seems to be that everyone wants something different. Instead of catering to each playerbase, most newer titles just try to please everyone... While doing a bad job of it, mind you.

Sat May 02 2009 3:27AM Report writes:
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