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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Worst and Best MMORPG Launches - Part II

Posted by Teala Monday March 24 2008 at 8:32AM
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So what games do I consider to be the best launched games for MMORPG's?   This list is only my opinion based on my own experiences with these games launches because I experienced them.   I know there will be people that will disagree with me, but I can only go by what I here are Teala's picks for the best MMORPG launches.    I only have 3 that I can list though....3 MMORPG's that I feel launched really, really well.    I could list the orignal SWG, but I know I'd catch huge amounts of flak for it because it was a real bitch to get on for some people on the first day.  I could list Lineage II if it weren't for the lag from hell encountered in the starter zones that literally locked up my gaming rig time after time after time.   Atleast I could sign in.  So here they are - all 3 of the best MMORPG launches in my opinion.

Top 3 Best MMORPG Launches Are

3) EverQuest II - Game had a couple of issues with lag due to its system requirements at the time and you had to tweak your gaming rigs video requirements from the start...but over all the game launched and the servers stayed up those first few days without so much as a hiccup.

2) Guild Wars - This game really was awesome at launch.  The transition from beta to live was almost flawless.  I only encountered a brief period of lag in the first couple of hours and I don't recall the servers crashing once within the first week of launch.   Great launch for a great game.

1) City of Heroes - This game launched smoother then any other game I ever played on the first day.  I don't recall servers crashing or any major hiccups and the game ran smooth as silk from the moment you signed on that very first day.   This one in my opinion stands as a great example of how to launch an MMORPG perfectly on day one.