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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

My Dream MMORPG - "It'll knock your socks off and blow your mind." Part 2

Posted by Teala Wednesday February 11 2009 at 2:56AM
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"So tell me Kristi about this Dream MMORPG you have cooking in that pretty little whacked out head of yours."

Well...let me tell you, its like nothing you have ever seen before, it'll not only knock your socks off but, blow your mind as well. dream MMORPG will be the bestest thing since Volta discovered batteries and let me tell you I like my batteries, so you better believe me when I say my Dream MMORPG will revolutionize this gaming genre.

I have all ready said that the game would be basically an open ended, sandbox, sci-fi, space opera (yea thats a mouth full huh) with graphics that would even make baby Jesus shed a tear of joy.   Now let me go into a little more detail about what else you'l find in my dream MMORPG.

I'll start with a little background history.  The game is set in the year 2169, or there about' reason for that date, it just kind of rolled off my tongue when I said it, i liked it, so I picked it and I figured if we look how far we've come in the last one hundred years there is no reason humans would not have found a way to leave this rock.   So yea...the year in my game starts in 2169 and we can galavant across the galaxy from one end to the other discovering all kinds of new places and wondrous things, dangerous things...::does her alien impression of the guy from the movie Space Pirates!   Awesome huh...a whole frakking galaxy to play in fraught with danger, love, crime, sex, booty, aliens and just a whole lot of merchanty shitz we can steal, plunder, trade, sell, and who knows maybe even extort.  Mwhahaha....oh verse is not for the weak and timid...because out here in my Dream MMORPG...omg...there are things - things Mikey, things that can eat you!

Now as I said the humans learned they were not alone.  Yes there will be other species in my game for instance there is a species known as the Da Sha Nae(dah-shah-nay <<< so you pronounce it right.   I am really kinda anal about how the names of the different species you'll come across in my dream MMORPG's names are pronounced - DEAL WITH IT!)  The Da Sha Nae are a very advanced species that have actually had earlier contact with humans, in our  distant past.   You know that big rocky thingy in England known as Stone Henge.   Yea...I explain that.   Yep.  As well as many other things in my game. game is that is so good it even explains the origins of cats.  Yep the common house hold cat.   They are not what you think.   Seriously...cats are not of this earth originally.   My game explains this though.   You'll see.

Speaking of that henge thingy, that is how the Da Sha Nae use to travel between our world and thiers for hundreds of years back in the day.   Very similar to a Star Gate, but without out all the technical stuff that goes along with it, like buttons and lights and weird symbols.   Nah...the Da Sha Nae don't need that sorta stuff any longer they have advanced past that stage.   Think of them as elves in space.  They are so far ahead of humans that we'd be like mere children to them.   Oh they do use technology, but nothing any human could ever use.   Oh and no they do not have pointed ears...I said they are like elves, but they are not elves...ok.   Anyway...going on.   You know that guy Merlin that was in England long ago?   Yep...he was Da Sha Nae.    No what that means?'s everywhere.    Even in my Dream MMORPG there will be magic.   I'd go into great detail on how magic in my verse would work...but I do not have the time and this blog entry has to end somewhere and I have so much more to tell you about my dream MMORPG that there just wouldn't be enough room on this page - really.

So I'd like to touch on another of the races you'd encounter other than human.   For intance the Draconians(draw-koe-nee-ans).   Think Klingon and then breed it with a Komodo dragon.    Neat huh...a bad arse lizard dude.   Yea...these guys are nothing to mess around with.   In fact they are major players in the Galactic Confederacy.   It was either let them, the Draconians participate in the running of the galaxy or they'd just as soon take it for themselves.   The Da Sha Nae and Gwerska((gweer-ska) another prominent species decided it would be best for all to let the lizards play with them - btw Gwerska sorta resemble otters.   No really and they are so very cool - you'll like these guys, their whole planet is nothing but water!  Fresh water!)

Oh and oh my god, if you think the Draconians are bad...pfft!   The Thuverians(thew-very-ans) are ten times worse and eat Draconians for breakfast...infact...Thuverians eat just about anyone or anything breathing they come into contact with - they do not believe in prisoners - they prefer to suck you dry of liquids first and then eat what remains slowly - raw.   Thuverians are insectoid and live in a quarantined part of the galaxy - that is just how bad arse these dudes are...think Praying Mantis, with a hive mentality, that knows how to use technology - weird tech...but technology nevertheless.   Amazing I know...I thought that one up all by myself.   ::pats herself on the back::  There piece of the galaxy is left alone....and you'd best stay away from it...unless of course you think you're tough enough to go in and see what kind of tech and what not you can find on their inhabitat worlds.  Be warned though...not many ever come back from that part of the galaxy - ever again.    Yea...bummer dude...perma death sucks.

OMG you mean I didn't tell you.   Sorry...guess it must have slipped my mind, yea...see - my game has perma death.   I just signed its death warrant.   Who in the right mind would play a game with perma death in it?  Well I figured out a way to include it into my game and make it work and guess what.  It is staying in.   So the next time you go running off across the galaxy, in my Dream game, without a care in the world...better be saying a little prayer in the back of your head that you'll survive to see the next day.    ::using her bestest wicked witch voice:: " You're not in World of Warcraft anymore and neither is your dog Toto."

Yea there will be perma death.  Don't sweat it is all handled very well and for you to die permenently would be very hard to do.  See in my dream MMORPG nano technology has advanced to the point that your body can be regenarated over and over again...but be aware...eventually it can no longer be regen'd and you have to pay the Reaper his due.   Play smart, wise and careful in my Dream MMORPG...because it doesn't play fair and things don't always go as you would like...its dangerous out there in the blackness of space and as the old saying space nobody will hear you scream.  So weak and timid players stay away.   This is for us hardcore sandbox rats!   :p

How is it I can write so much about a make believe game?  Dude...I have dreamt of this game for years!  Oh my god...if you only knew how long.   Even back before there was UO  I was dreaming of such a game.   No seriously.   My game is based on a book I wrote...actually two books and a few short stories - anthologies.   So guess game is full of lore!  Why?  Because of the books I wrote.   Yea I actually wrote books.  I know my grammar and such is terrible, but I use to write stories and one day I wrote a book and then another...never got them published though.   Hmmm...maybe someday.   ::shrugs::  Nevertheless, because these books are chuck full of lore I aways dreamed that one day my ultimate dream MMORPG would be based off them!  Yea...I know...hehehe...I am loopy huh.   Never mind that, just think...this truly could be the holy grail of MMORPG's!  OMG and here I am typing about it.    Tell me that isn't so frakking cool!

Lore in my dream MMORPG will be a big part of it.   So learn it and learn it well, it might save your characters life someday.   ::huge grin::

Now moving on we'll dig a little deeper into my dream MMORPG.   Guess what?  My dream MMORPG woud have no classes and no levels!  Yea!!!!!!!  She is going to break the mold with this one folks.   Actually their are constraints, you just can't pick up any skill you like, oh yea it is all skill based, and that is where a characters stats come in.   See this is a role playing game, but it is up to you to define the role your character plays.   Will you be a merchant ship captain plying your trade from one world to another, or maybe you'd like to be a doctor or perhaps a bounty hunter.   The possibilities are is all up to you the player to create the kind of character you wish to play.  As I said you're not in World of Warcraft any more...this is a true sandbox game so be what you like, but be aware you can't be everything.  

So yea, your characters stats will pretty much determine your characters abilities and skills you can obtain, which in turn will pretty much define what it is you can and cannot do.  There are the usual stats we're all use to like intelligence, strength, agility, speed and what not.   Once you've placed your stat points you can go in and select a certain number of skills.   Some species have abilities only they can have and some even get skill bonuses and the ability to learn a couple of extra.   Don't think that'll make you a god in this game because all the species have pros and cons - all of them.

So for instance...lets say you wish to play a bounty hunter...that is all your character wishes to do.   Track down bad guys and collect the bounty on them and trust me, there will be more than enough bad dudes to go around for all you wanna be bounty hunters in my verse.   So what does that mean for stats for such a character.  Well strength isn't as important as speed and agility, so you'd know doubt put more points into speed and agility and of course you'd be very smart so you'd put more points in intelligence and since you are a bounty hunter your wisdom will be important as well, gotta have those street smarts you know.    Once you've built your character using the stats, a set of skills will become available for you to choose from.   Some will be for other unrelated things, but all the skills a bounty hunter might use will be at your disposal...pick them wisely and train them up.   As you get better with your skills, you'll unlock more skills in your related line of work.   Further advancing your knowledge and ability in the profession you have chosen.  Eventually though, you'll not be able to gain enough skill points to progresss any further in a particular skill.   Law of numbers.   You'll have maxed your character out.   How long will that take, I dunno, haven't crunched the numbers to determine how fast one might learn a skill to the point that they can no longer progress in it...but if this game is ever made - you can bet I'll let you know!

Stats as I said also determine what you can and cannot do.   Like for instance a character that is not strong will never, ever be able to wield a Lom Mok Tar Hyper Velocity Rifle - ever.   Just isn't going to happen.   Now a Draconian warrior can...but Jemetha of the Da Sha Nae with his low strength attribute will never use it.  It is to big and bulky of a weapon for him to use.   Get the ideal.  

Now certain weapons and armor everyone can use.   As long as they are within your characters stats abilities.   Some weapons are skill based.  Some are species based.  Some are even so advanced that only the most skilled of players can wield them as long as they meet all the criteria to be able to use it.    Now weapons very and all are pretty much dangerous and fit a role of there own.   As I said...think of games like BF2 and Planetside and you get the gist of how weapons will work in my game.   That levels the playing field - since this game is based on FPS type combat.    A noobie guy with a steady aim can easily send a veteran player to the regen chambers under the right conditions.

Yep there is PvP in this game, but it isn't all out all the time wherever you go in my dream MMORPG...ok really it is...but a player would be really stupid to start a gun fight in he middle of a casino with casino guards all around.  They'll kill you if the can, not permanently, but you'll wish you character were dead when they are done.  So yea, you can pretty much kill anyone, anywhere at anytime...but you better know the laws of the world you are on - because some worlds show no mercy to murderers.

This brings me to another thing about my game.  It is of course an awesome open ended, sand box, sci-fi, space opera game, but it will also be aimed at mature players.   My game will all for your character to have flaws - serious flaws.   Because in my game there will be crime, sex, drugs, murder, extortion, gambling and all kinds of nefarious activities one can participate in including running slaves.   Bad stuff.   But hey...I am sick of these patty cake, patty cake, bakers man games....ugh...I wish to play a game with real mature content in it.   So my dream game will have it.  

For instance as I told you I wrote a book that t his game was based on...I know isn't that so frakking cool...anyhoo, my main character had a thing for scotch.   Her species is very easily addicted to scotch...she is a human hybrid...yea this is something else I forgot to mention...humans are not exactly as we are today...I discuss it later though.  Anyway, this human hybrid(a genetically engineered hybrid - known as a huminal(cross between a human and a lynx), they are not and no they do not look anything like you can may be thinking right about now.   Most huminals are very human looking.  Some have different degrees of hybridness but nothing to extreme.   So she has this addiction to scotch.   When she drinks it, she gets totally messed up, forgets things, and can get herself into all kinds of running up a gambling debt.   These flaws your character will come across will have to be controlled.  If you don't you could end up dead.   Some are that serious.   Lots of bad stuff out there your character can get into in this I said it is not for the meek and timid.

Worlds will be many, but some maybe nothing more than a way station, with only a small star port, a hotel, a bar and maybe a casino and other minor little businesses and a couple of smaller settlements scattered here and there.  While others may have three of four good size cities on them and decent landmass to explore.  

Some quest will be hard written into the game while others are player driven and or just crop up based on how you play the game.   Like say you are a merchant ship captain with questionable background and you travel about the galaxy delivering your goods from one place to another making money and such, gambling here and boozing it up there.  Then one day you cannot take off.  Something is wrong with your ship.   So what do you do?   You figure out something is wrong with the anti-grave lifters and you need another part.   Well you could travel to this one planet, it is easy to get to, has the part you need and it is dirt cheap, but you're not welcome there.   Then of course you could hitch a ride to this other planet that you know has the part you need, but've got gambling debts there and the local crime boss is looking for you. have to figure something out or else the local star port will impound your ship and sell it at the next auction because you can no longer pay the fees.   See that is player made content.  Nothing the game really had just happened that way because that is how you played the game.  

A hard written quest or mission may be to deliver a certain cargo - say medicine to a distant outpost on the edge of the galaxy.   You'd pick it up the mission via Gal Com (sorta like our internet, but galactic wide) and be on your way.

There will be no go kill me a billion Bumble Snarfs in my dream game by the way, though you may need to actually kill a Bumble Snarf someday in the game, nobody will force you to kill a Bumble Snarf...ok.   Their are missions to outpost that may need a certain creature thinned out a bit because the are posing a threat to the outpost...but you can bet they will pay good for killing them - but nobody will ever force you to do it - ever.

I'll explain questing and dynamic content later in another update about my Dream MMORPG.  It'll go into a lot more detail.

Now as for other little sex, yes I did mention it would be a part of this game.  Don't think of it as porn, because it ain't!  In fact you'll never see any actual sex acts in the game.  It is just implied.   Like if your character picks up a hooker(using hookers in game has pros and cons).  You'll never really see your character do the dirty with the just see a cut-scene that implies that you did.  OK.  OK we discussed sex.

On to drugs.   Yea...drugs are in this game.  Can your character get hooked on them.   You better bet you can.   All drugs have pros and cons...some are worse than others.  Be aware though, using a drug like suprenol to enhance your agility can lead to some nasty side effects.   There is also illicit recreational drugs in the game.  Use them at your own risk.   Some can really mess with you and some are extremely addictive.    Use them at your own risk.  Big money can be made running and dealing with certain illicit drugs however the law will punish you severely if you are caught in my Dream MMORPG.  

There is all kinds of ways one can make money in my Dream MMORPG and it will not be that hard to come by...keeping it...that is the key.   You'll be able to gamble.   Be a merchant.  A crafter.   A crime boss.   A space pirate.  A miner.   A bounty hunter.   A mercenary.  An assassin.   A smuggler.   A doctor.    It is up to you to pick your skills and to define what your character is and then to play the role of it in my dream MMORPG.   The possibilities will be many and adventure will be limitless.  

Next up - Part 3 - "Not only will it knock your socks off and blow your mind - it'll make you scream for joy!"

NOTE:  Some of the images are from the game W.E.L.L.  I am merely borrowing them, because I needed something to show you what some of the races might look like.