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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Lost In Translation

Posted by Teala Monday January 23 2012 at 5:12PM
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Welcome to my blog!  Let's see, what shall I discuss this week? about SWTOR! LOL!   j/k  I think we're all about SWTOR'd out, I know I am.   Oh I could write pages of stuff on this game.   Truly a wonderful game that just oozes stuff to write about.  I haven't had a game like this to write about in ages, but even I can get burned out - I mean there is only so much a hater/troll/person with a diablolical agenda, like me, can produce.  Besides, if I spew to much vitriolic hate, all at once, it could vaporize half the planet.   We don't want that happening.  So today I think I am going to discuss something close to my heart - MMO's and why I blog about them. 

I write about MMO's because they are a hobby of mine.  I do not just play them.  I look at them from the design perspective as well.     I don't just go - cool - new game - let's play!  I find it fascinating that we have the ability to create what is essentially a virtual world within our world.  

Think about this for a second.   We live in the Universe.   A Universe not of our making.    We've lived that way for millions of years.  Then not too long ago, humans technology advanced at an astounding rate.   From making fires on the open plains of the Serengeti to having an orbital space station.   That is so awesome.   It wasn't long ago before the first electronic computer was built.   Of course it wasn't long before someone had the ideal of using computers to play games.   But the coolest thing of all was when a group of people decided to create a virtual world with a computer.   How cool is that?!  A small Universe inside a Universe.  

But I digress, that is not what I wish to discuss today.  I can write pages and pages on the history of computer games and right now...I am just not in the mood.  No today we're discussing the fascination by some people that other people should not voice their opinions about these games or MMO's. 

It seems some people think that we should not be critical of games.  We should just be brainwashed zombies and accept whatever the game designers put on the market.   Not only should we just accept it, but we should put it on a golden pedastal, and worship it as a perfect iteration of gaming "perfection".  

News flash - no game is a 10 - ever.  Well, at least not yet.

I for one will continue to be critical of these games.   I said the main reason I blog about these games is because they are my hobby, that is partly correct.  The other reason is to get these game companies to produce better games.   When I go into a game I expect some degree of polish.  I expect certain basic features.   I expect that a new game is actually as good or better than those that came before it.   I dunno, call me crazy, but I am that way with just about everthing I buy.   I do not go buy a new car and not expect windshield wipers to be gone, or it is missing a glove box.   When I go pick out a new TV I expect it to be as good or better as the one that I currently have.  If not - why buy a new TV?

Same for these games.   Why buy a new MMO if it is not as good or better than the one I am currently playing?  Sorry, I am not going to do that.  I do not care if the game is based on a particular IP I happen to like - if the game is mediocre - it is mediocre and not worth my money or my time.  

Know what I am going to do when a new MMO comes out?  I am going to say just that.   The game is not as good or better than the one I am playing - so I am not going to play it.   I am going to point out why.  I am going to be critical of it.  I am going to continue to be critical of it and all the other games that came before it and continue to be critcial of these games until someone gets it right.  

If I don't, and others like me don't do this, guess what - we get sold the same game over and over again and you know what else - they don't get better, they get worse.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.   Look at the games that have released since WoW.  See anything unusaul about them?  I have.  They are becoming more and more linear.  They have become totally gear driven.  End games consist of PVP BG's and Raids and even the new games have made those areas of the game worse.   They release with missing basic features - even Rift released without a guild bank and other features.    It is getting pathetic and way to many people just turn a blind eye to the fact that these games are not getting better - when they should be!  Just as cars, phones, TV's and other things get better - this genre is getting worse.   That is not acceptable to me. 

See - TV's didn't get worse over the years.  They have always gotten better.   Would you ever buy a TV that was not better than the one you currently have?

Like one reviewer said regarding the game that cannot be named, "no other game I can think of  was designed with such an obvious attitude of HEY WE DON'T GIVE A CRAP".  

More MMO gamers should be raising a huge stink.   These games are not improving.   If you say they are, I want what you are smoking because that is some really good  stuff.   As for me.  I will continue to fight the good fight and hopefully some day the message will finally be heard.    Make us a better game.

You'd think these game companies would do what other companies do when they are competing for a share of the market.   They make a better product!   That is one reason WoW was so successful.   They(Blizzard) took a mishmash of games and said, lets take this from that game, this from that game, and oh yeah this and this, and that.  Then they said, now that we have these things let's make it better.  Tada.  WoW was born.  Blizzard does this and continues to be successful.  Did these other game designers learn anything from Blizzard?  No.  All they knew to do was try to copy what WoW did and produce a knock-off - a psudeo version of the game - a counterfeit. 

In this day and age of products - you have to produce a good product.   Even if Android phones are not Apples iPhone - they are as good and in some instances better than an iPhone!  We get a better product!

Same reason why iPad's are still the best selling tablet.  Nobody has done it better right now than Apple.  

That is why I blog about MMO's.  I have no "hidden agenda".  I am not a paid shill for any game company.  I am not a hater of MMO's.  I am a gamer and I wish to see better games made.    That has always been my single theme of my writing when it comes to this genre.   Some people think I am being critical of these games and bashing them just to be bashing them.   I do not bash a game.   If I was to say bash a game like SWTOR all I would do is go around saying "SWTOR SUCKS!"   That is bashing a game.

Being critical of a game is just that..being critical.  Somehow, some people took being critical to mean the game is being bashed and its fans are being trolled - it's not.   Also, an opinion is just that an opinion.  If you do not agree with it, state why you do not agree with it and let it go.  Do not proceed to then go into some diatribe about the person that holds the opinion that is different than yours - that is not construcitve in the least.  If you continue to do that eventaully everything becomes a nonsensical mess and any message you are trying to convey becomes lost in translation.