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TSW Guide

Mission walkthroughs, crafting tips, PvP tips and builds designed for The Secret World.

Author: TSWguide

The Secret World Crafting Overview

Posted by TSWguide Saturday August 18 2012 at 12:10PM
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The Secret World may be breaking many MMORPG conventions and with it eschewing traditional character classes and levels. Despite that, it still has one particular mechanic that veteran role-players should be familiar with: crafting. Like many games in the genre, you can put your own items together from resources you come across during your travels. The similarities end there, for the game introduces a brand new way for players to create their own gear. This Secret World guide to crafting will explain briefly how it works.

The Secret World crafting system has no recipes to find or affiliated skills to level up. The process is very different; crafting takes place on a grid composed of three rows and four columns. Making the item of your choice is as simple as laying the correct materials down onto the grid into the correct shape. If you want to make a shotgun, then you form a shotgun shape on the grid. If you want to make a glyph, you arrange everything into a diamond shape, and so on. Items that can be crafted include all manner of weapons, talismans and potions. 

There are two kinds of resources that are required in the art of crafting. The first are basic materials, which can include all manner of mundane objects like metal. These are the basic building blocks for crafting and are needed in the correct quantities to give items their shape. The second are tools, which include things like weapon and potion kits. They usually determine the statistics of the item in question, such as how much damage a gun can do, or what kind of benefits a potion will produce.

Making your own weapons from scratch is all well and good, but what if you want to try improving what you already have? That's also possible, and it's so easy, you practically won't need the Secret World guide to show you. One way to upgrade a weapon is to simply improve the quality of its materials; you can break apart any item you come across, take its base components, and replace them with better ones. Furthermore, you can add special properties, such as additional fire damage or armor-piercing capabilities, simply by attaching glyphs to them.

Overall, crafting in the Secret World is a flexible experience that allows you to make any kind of item you want. You don't need to simply find something that suits your play style; you just need to make it!

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