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Mission walkthroughs, crafting tips, PvP tips and builds designed for The Secret World.

Author: TSWguide

The Secret World Men in Black Vans Mission Guide

Posted by TSWguide Friday August 10 2012 at 1:18AM
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TSW Men in Black Vans is a investigation type mission that you’ll get in The Secret World while playing in Kingsmouth Town. It’s given by Danny Dufresne in the skate park. This is a fairly simple mission with only 4 tiers but there are quite a few little, important steps that some people have been confused about. Below is our full walkthrough for Men in Black Vans of all tiers.

Tier 1

Investigate the Black Van

The first step of this mission is actually finding the black van. It’s located just off the road where your map marker is pointing to. The only thing you have to do during this tier is actually find and walk up to the van. Head to the back of the van and you’ll get the next mission update.

Tier 2

Log In to the Laptop

The laptop is located in the back of the black van. It’s sitting out in the open in the middle of the trunk area and is highlighted in yellow for you. When targeting it you’ll see that it’s labeled “black laptop” on your screen. When you access the laptop you’ll be presented with nothing more than a short line saying “My Wife”.

“My Wife” happens to be the password hint for logging into the laptop. To figure out what it is you’ll need to examine the 2 dead Orochi agents in the area. One of the names is Kitsune Hayabusa. If you search this name on Google it’ll pop up with a result on the Orochi Group website ( In a short blurb by Hayabusa he mentions that his wife’s name is Sally. Head back to the laptop and enter this as the passcode to gain access.

Tier 3

Use the Tracking Device

After you’ve gotten the assembly and disassemble sequences from the data on the laptop you’ll want to grab the item located right next to the laptop. It’s labeled as the Beckon Tracker. Once you pick it up immediately go into your inventory and click on it. This will turn it on and start walking around. This works like a hot or cold finding system. The closer you get to where you need to be the smaller and more bunched the radar rings get.

Where you need to be is the the location of an object called the Occult Attractor. If you have trouble finding it, it’s located in the proximity of the coordinates 559, 849 on your map. Go there now and you’ll advance to the final tier of the Men in Black Vans mission.

Tier 4

Deactivate the Attractor

This is where the assembly and disassemble sequences that you got from the laptop in the back of the van come into play. You’ll need to follow them. Doing it the first time around with the sequence given by the laptop (Engage PK Pulse Unit, Affix Manifest Agitator to PK, Affix Etheric Transponder Anntenna to Agitator, Powerup) will fail. It’s NOT the right order.

The correct order (sequence) to deactivate the attractor is to follow the instructions backwards. Doing the instructions in reverse deactivates the device and completes the entire mission for you. And that’s all there is to the TSW Men in Black Vans quest.

Rewards for this mission include 17,500 Pax Romana and 4 tokens along with 241,250 experience points.

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