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TSW Guide

Mission walkthroughs, crafting tips, PvP tips and builds designed for The Secret World.

Author: TSWguide

Horror Show Mission Guide for The Secret World

Posted by TSWguide Wednesday August 1 2012 at 10:59PM
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Horror Show is an action type mission that you receive in The Secret World from Helen Bannerman who is found within the police station in Kingsmouth around the coordinates 187, 319. This quest isn’t too complicated but does have a few confusing parts to it. Below you’ll find our full walkthrough of this TSW mission. Keep in mind that this guide does include spoilers.

Horror Show WalkthroughThe Secret World Horror Show Mission

Basically once you’ve gotten through the cut-scene with Bannerman you’ll learn about a bunch of surveillance cameras that are setup around the town of Kingsmouth. They aren’t operational yet, however. That’s where you come in. You have to locate each camera and activate it to complete this mission. Some are rather easy, others are hidden well or hard to reach.

Tier 1

Check a phonebook for secured businesses.

To get a list of the locations of the cameras stop over by the soda machine in the police station and inspect the phonebook that is nearby. This will update your map with markers of where each camera should be. This is helpful but doesn’t completely solve the problem of getting to each one. There are a total of 3 which are located in these areas:

  • Sycoil Gas Station
  • Mining Museum
  • Kingsmouth Savings and Loans

Let’s talk about each one in detail.

Tier 2

Sycoil Gas Station Camera

This one is on the outside of the building on the corner. To reach it you’ll need to perform some parkour moves from dumpster to dumpster till you’re within reach of it. Mind yourself when jumping all around though, it is possible to get stuck in small crevices which you’ll have to completely restart to get out of.

Tier 3

Kingsmouth Savings and Loans Camera

This one is very simple. Just head down the main road and keep an eye on the houses on the left. On one you’ll see the camera just to the left of the home’s door. Quick and simple to get.

Tier 4

Mining Museum

The camera at the museum is in plain sight from the front of the building. It’s tricky to get to, though. Head to the back of the building and you’ll see a normal house nearby. Go over to the backside of this house. Here you’ll notice there’s a ladder leading to the roof of the home (it’ll be highlighted red for you). Climb it and get on the roof. From here you’ll have to jump across to the roof of the museum.

There’s something a bit more to this one, though. Once you pick up the camera you’ll immediately get a note thrown in your face on-screen. It’s from the janitor, James Morris. The note reads:


This is the one that needs changing. Have it done before I’m back from Bangor. New cameras are in the basement. Remember to fill out the repair form and file it with the museum admins.

James Morris

This note gives you a clue as to what you need to do next.

Tier 5

Enter the basement of the mining museum. Once inside you’ll head down a hall until you come across a guy kneeling on the ground. Here you’ll be taken to a cut scene. He says you need to go away because he isn’t feeling stable then jets down the right hallway. Be careful going into the rooms and halls. Get caught by a spotlight or camera and you’ll immediately be blown to pieces.

Make your way past the cameras to reach the buttons to deactivate all the other defense systems like the lasers. There are a few sets of cameras and lasers to get through and deactivate. Then once you’ve done all that you’ll have to fight and kill the janitor then pick up the box of new cameras.

Tier 6

Now you’ll have to take the new cameras and position them in certain areas. There are 4 alarm stations you’ll need to setup cameras at. Don’t worry, they’re all pretty simple to do. The locations are:

  • Station Alarm 1 – Place the camera on the back porch of the police station.
  • Station Alarm 2 – Place the camera on the pole in the middle of white guys near the white truck close to the police station.
  • Station Alarm 3 – Place the camera at the base of the tree.
  • Station Alarm 4 – Place the camera on the light pole located out the front of the police station.

The last thing you have to do is actually activate all the cameras. Simple enough… just head into the station, access the computer and use it to get the cameras online. The PC tells you exactly how to do this. And that’s it for the Horror Show mission.

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