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Conquer Online Developer Blog

A new class in honor of Bruce Lee, "Lee-Long", will breeze into Conquer Online. Conquer Online is the most successful F2P 2.5D PvP mmo ever released. This is the official blog of the game, providing behind-the-scenes look at what is being developed.

Author: TQblog2011

Dev's Thoughts About 6 Classes, And the 7th Is Coming!

Posted by TQblog2011 Thursday December 1 2011 at 3:20AM
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It’s been almost a year since Conquer Online’s Legends Return series expansion and player can’t help wondering when the next big expansion will be! Well, here comes the good news! TQ Digital has just announced that Conquer Online will be expanding and it will be an important one, including; a new map, plus a whole range of brand new quests to keep all players entertained and, most importantly, the new update will include the eagerly anticipated new class – Pirate.
Said to be the most evil force ever seen in the game, Pirates will be another melee combat character, dual weapon, specialized in gun, dagger and sword usage and a wide array of evil skills that are powerful enough for them confront any other class in the game. How bad could they be?
Let’s take a look at the character artwork below. Quite ferocious, isn’t it?
Before more information about this class is unveiled, today I’d like take the chance to some of my opinions about the Conquer’s 6 existing classes – Monk, Ninja, Taoist, Trojan, Warrior & Archer.
It’s just some personal opinions and I’d like to hear yours!
Monk is the Kung-Fu master who uses beads as their main weapon, focusing instead on up-close and personal beat-downs via punches and kicks. This class actually has a great selection of attacks; from flurries of quick punches to juggling kicks. These are perhaps the most impressive of attackers, as their attacks seem to ooze flash and style as they combo and juggle their opponents. In terms of team work, Monk definitely plays an indispensable role – It gives extra buffs to teammates which enhance their attack or defense. Their ability to speed past opponents and rapidly disable and stun them gives them an advantage that is, as yet, unmatched, but who knows, it may turn out to be their downfall!
Deadly Combo Skills: Whirlwind Kick & Radiant Palm
Monk can stun any class by performing Whirlwind Kick and it’s a 100% accuracy skill, which means it will give the character extra time during the fight to carry out combo attack. With the power of Radiant Palm which hits without failure, the opponent is very unlikely to escape from the monks devastating attacks.
The Ninjas are based on the Japanese assassins; they were specialized in unorthodox arts of war. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. Although shorter swords and daggers were used, the katana was probably the ninja's weapon of choice, and was sometimes carried on the back. The katana had several uses beyond normal combat. Ninjas are the fastest and hardest hitting class in Conquer Online. They can deal massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time, but they have the least hit points and defense of any class. This might leave them weak to a strong new class, but don’t forget the awesome might of the ninja as they attack with both their weapons in a single move!
Deadly Skills: Toxic Fog & Twofold Blade
Toxic fog can be cast on opponents in a ranged area, and the poisonous damage continues to damage for a long period of time, which will eventually wear out the opponents, and when the timing is right, Twofold Blade’s 100% accuracy comes in handy to provide the finishing touch to put the fight to an end.
The Trojans are all–out offensive forces from the old generation of combats in Conquer, dealing melee damage to the opponents. Dual weapons can add to their strength the fearlessness that will fuel them in any combats. However, low defense compared to Warriors would expose their only weakness, because it can directly lead them to a situation where they can be overpowered by numerous opponents. Trojans will have to make full use of their skills with the many weapons of Conquer to defend against the onslaught of this new class which threatens their duel-wielding advantage already shaken by Ninjas and Monks.
Deadly Skills: Dragon Whirl & Hercules
Dragon Whirl is a powerful human vortex created by the Trojan, and can deal massive damage to the target being hit. And Hercules is the most powerful skill for the non-pure Trojan, and it can annihilate the opponents in a range. But there are always Trojans who prefer to show their skills off with Fast Blade and Scent Sword, these attacks, although universal, have become the mark of a god-like Trojan.
Weapons, tactics and combat are the mainstays of a warrior’s life. The Warrior in Conquer is the premier defensive melee combat class. It’s capable of doing two things, withstanding and killing. With high defense, the warrior can endure and strike down individual targets with ease. However, sometimes their lack of multiple attacking ability and magic spells would be their disadvantages.
Deadly Skills: Dragon Tail, Viper Fan & Block
Their newly gained ability to use both two-handed weapons and shields leaves them in good stead to face the black foe, but perhaps they lack the speed to take down this new threat. Don’t underestimate Warrior masters having to develop learn skills in the future.
Taoists are the ultimate spell casters in Conquer Online. They can be built to be either supportive ‘Water Taoists’ or offensive ‘Fire Taoists’. They generally have low hit points and melee combat, but more than make up for that with their powerful magic. How will the Pirates face up against the Azure Shield or the Heaven Blade which only the purest of Taoists acquire? Only the future will tell!
Deadly Skills: Tornado & Fire of Hell
Don’t underestimate the mage class of Conquer. The Fire Taoist can be bad-ass in PvP combat. Tornado, bomb and Fire of Hell grant them the ability to causes massive damage while Azure protects them from being hurt. Also, don’t forget that Water Taoists are the healers of Conquer and have the ability to heal up to 1000 hp for whole teams at once!
Archers are swift characters that can attack enemies from a distance using their bows. They have powerful attacks but are vulnerable in melee range. Their skills allow them to hit multiple targets as well, which make them very capable at dealing damage. With Pirates comes the possibility that Archers have finally met their ranged match, but don’t forget that Archers have survived for years with their speed and stealth, a good fight will be had!
Deadly Skills: Intensify, Rapid Fire and Fly
Archers may appear weak when on the ground, but that is because this class was meant to soar to great heights. Flying over the heads of opponents and loosing bolts from the sky allows they a ranged defense while providing attacks in quick success. Combined in the right way, Archers skills can be deadly!
So, will Pirate really lead Conquer Online into the darker side of the world? We’ll see!
More to come! Stay tuned!
As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and we will try our best to answer them all!
- The CO Team