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Conquer Online Developer Blog

A new class in honor of Bruce Lee, "Lee-Long", will breeze into Conquer Online. Conquer Online is the most successful F2P 2.5D PvP mmo ever released. This is the official blog of the game, providing behind-the-scenes look at what is being developed.

Author: TQblog2011

Pirates to Blow Up the World of Conquer!

Posted by TQblog2011 Wednesday November 9 2011 at 2:29AM
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It’s been a while since last update of the Dev Blog here on Today we’re here to continue to talk a bit about the upcoming would–be introduced rising class – the Pirates, of which the previous 4 skills have been revealed.
From all CO lovers’ point of view, they will discriminate against this idea that the Pirates can be mixed into the world of Conquer, an ancient Chinese society. But flipping through the pages of the history, the Pirates can be found and proven to be a presence in ancient China.
Since the east coast of the China mainland nears the maritime area, the Pirates came ashore from the east. For the time being, the explosive powder had been invented in ancient China as well, so there came into being the time–honored bombs. And in order to survive the worst circumstance, the Pirates became masters of rapier and guns, as well as the bombs.
The last two skills that will be adopted in the game will be put forward below in detail and perhaps you the gamers can learn a better idea of how the concept fully unfolds.
Pirate Skill: Gale Bomb
The Pirates can throw a bomb into the targeted area and deal damage to all opponents in the area, in the meantime all opponents who are under attack will be repulsed.
The direction in which each target repulses is decided by that of the explosion.
If the target is at the center of the explosion, they will drive back in a random direction.
If there’s a mask or a barrier that the targeted player cannot come through, they will be bumped to the nearest place next to the mask or barrier.
Pirate Skill: Scurvy Bomb V1.01
The Pirates can throw a bomb to the targeted area and deal damage with a fatigued status to all the opponents in the targeted area.
In the fatigued state, it costs the players 5 extra stamina to perform skill.
The fatigued state can be dispelled by Monk’s Tranquility or Serenity.
And all the skills have been put on the table for all CO gamers on to inspect, I suggest many gamers would wonder if there’ll be any changes to the Pirates from this point forward. As a matter of fact, we are all open minded so any suggestions can be heard here as well as on the Suggestion Board on
As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments here, we will try our best to answer them all!
–   The CO Team writes:
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