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Conquer Online Developer Blog

A new class in honor of Bruce Lee, "Lee-Long", will breeze into Conquer Online. Conquer Online is the most successful F2P 2.5D PvP mmo ever released. This is the official blog of the game, providing behind-the-scenes look at what is being developed.

Author: TQblog2011

New Weapon Soon Out, Ninjas Back Again!

Posted by TQblog2011 Monday March 26 2012 at 4:18AM
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There comes great news for all the Ninja lovers, another new weapon will be added to the Ninja’s arsenal in the world of Conquer!

Many gamers have complained about the lack of diversity of the weaponry for the Ninjas, which can only carry two katana at a time, and now the good news travels around and the ninja lovers will be quite excited about the new stuff!

The name for the weapon isn’t official yet, we call it Kusarigama, originated from Japanese, for now because it looks exactly the same as that in the history.

The chain and sickle (kusarigama) was also used by the ninja. This weapon consisted of a weight on one end of a chain, and a sickle (kama) on the other. The weight was swung to injure or disable an opponent, and the sickle used to kill at close range. Simple gardening tools such as kunai and sickles were used as weaponry so that, if discovered, a ninja could claim they are his tools and not weapons, despite their ability to be used in battle.

And let’s take a sneak peek at the original imaging of the new weapon for the Ninjas!

Not just the look like this, it varies a lot from the preliminary stage to the highest, and higher the level gets more gorgeous! Along with the release of the new weapon, sure there will be another skill/magic intended for the Ninjas coming out, and yet it will remain to be a secret for a little while.

Will the Ninjas rise up again with the power this new weapon bestowed upon them? Or the existing classes can withstand the intrusion from the Ninjas again? Let’s wait and see how Ninjas will perform! Stay tuned for more updates here!

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and we will try our best to answer them all!

- The CO Team

War Between the 8 Pirate Kingdoms is Coming!

Posted by TQblog2011 Thursday March 8 2012 at 2:53AM
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Today, we’re glad to introduce a whole new competition between our players! The 8 Pirate Kingdoms, representing the 8 nations of the USA, Egypt, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany, will declare war on each other in hopes of laying claim to the most precious treasure the world has ever seen!

Here is a brief introduction to the rules:

1.         You’ll have to sign up for the 8 Pirate Kingdoms - War for Secret Treasures before the war begins.

2.         Amongst all those who register, we’ll determine a certain number of participants by location.

3.         The qualifying round will resemble the Capture the Flag competition, with the kingdoms ranking in the first 3 places to enter the final round.

4.         The final round of the war will be slightly different, and the details will be released at a later date.

With the dreaded pirates surging onto the shores of Conquer, the battle for supremacy has begun!Looking to come away victorious in the name of your kingdom? Fight together with your brothers and join the crusade, now!

There will be more details about this to come, so stay tuned for more updates!

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and we will try our best to answer them all!


- The CO Team