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Conquer Online Developer Blog

A new class in honor of Bruce Lee, "Lee-Long", will breeze into Conquer Online. Conquer Online is the most successful F2P 2.5D PvP mmo ever released. This is the official blog of the game, providing behind-the-scenes look at what is being developed.

Author: TQblog2011

Oriental Assassin Preview: Combat Videos

Posted by TQblog2011 Monday January 28 2013 at 12:44AM
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Have you been waiting long to see how an oriental assassin actually fights? Trying to figure out what strategy you should use when fighting with an Oriental Assassin by your side? Or how to fight against them when they are coming for your head? Just check out these new combat videos and find out!

Oriental Assassin In PvE and Group Combat
You can watch how the assassins' AoE skills work in PvE and in group combat, such as Guild War.

Oriental Assassin vs Other Classes
The assassin's "Spirit Focus + Mortal Wound" skill combo is a very powerful attack combination which can help an assassin kill an enemy, even if they are much stronger than you. The downside is you have to stand still for 5 seconds while it charges, so this skill combo has its best effect with a sneak attack.

Assassin vs Ninja



Assassin vs Trojan



You can watch more Assassin combat videos on the CO YouTube Channel.

The Oriental Assassin: Unique Skills

Posted by TQblog2011 Saturday January 19 2013 at 7:59AM
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Unlike western assassins, who have to come close to their target to finish their target, the eastern assassin from Conquer Online is very unique in their ability to kill at a distance. They attack by throwing deadly daggers from afar, killing their enemies before they know what happened. The Oriental Assassins are the empire’s best kept secret, and have been disguising themselves as simple archers among the common folk for years, hunting down the empire’s rebellions like Ninjas, Monks, Trojans....

The Oriental Assassin is specially designed addition for gamers who have a special love for the long-range classes. They are excellent at assassinating a single target, but also have several powerful AoE skills. The Oriental Assassin also carries on CO’s “easy-to-learn” design concept. Even players who are new to the Conquer world can learn how to kill quickly. However, the Oriental Assassin has 6 brand new skills that will require gamers to put some thought into their PvP strategies.

Let’s find out what ancient skills an excellent Oriental Assassin has at their command!

Path of Shadow (Transformation Skill)

With CO’s alternate equipment feature, an Archer can equip two sets of weapons (bow and throwing knife) at the same time. When switching to the throwing knife, an Archer can transform into the deadly Oriental Assassin, gaining new skills and becoming much stronger in PvP battles.

Blade Flurry (XP Skill)

The most attractive skill that boosts an assassin’s speed, and gives them the ability to throw spinning daggers in all directions, causing damage to all targets around them.

Spirit Focus & Mortal Wound

Spirit Focus:

After channeling their energy for 5 seconds, an Oriental Assassin’s Attack Power will be enhanced, allowing attacks to threaten the strongest enemies! If you see a seemingly sleeping assassin in CO, don’t chuckle to yourself! You might just be the next victim!

Mortal Wound:

With their speed and agility, the assassin quickly throws several knives at the vital areas of a target, inflicting serious damage. Following Spirit Focus, this skill can help you kill an enemy in a flash, making the Oriental Assassin a terrifying foe.

Kinetic Spark

This skill can help an Assassin attack groups of multiple enemies that try to surround them. Using their inner power to charge their knives, the thrown blades have a chance to shatter when hitting an enemy, causing damage to those foolish enough to stand around it.

Blistering Wave

The major AoE skill of the assassin, and a very useful skill for frontal assaults, magically heated knives are thrown in an arc, scorching all targets standing in their path.

Dagger Storm

The Oriental Assassin’s other powerful AoE skill, the assassin brings down a rain of daggers and inflict continuous damage to anyone within range. It is especially useful in group combat and guild wars.

The combat videos of the Oriental Assassin will be released soon, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest information!

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments and we'll try our best to answer them all!

- The CO Team

Oriental New Force – The Oriental Assassin!

Posted by TQblog2011 Thursday January 3 2013 at 8:49PM
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After several months of development and consideration for Conquer Online's upside, we, as the CO team, are determined and  ready to unveil a new eastern legend – the Oriental Assassin. Said to once be a part of the empire’s secret guards, the best assassins are sent out to hunt down the empire’s most-wanted and most feared. Unlike all the other assassins you find in other MMOs, the Oriental Assassin is very unique as a long-range class, attacking their enemies from a distance with stealth and their deadly throwing knives.

The Oriental Assassin: How many secrets the veil holds?

Different from the current 7 classes (Warrior, Ninja, Trojan, Archer, Monk, Taoist and Pirate) in CO, Assassins have a unique combat style and transformation ability. When throwing knives are equipped, Archers will become the prolific Assassins and then they can launch a fast and deadly attack on a target from a distance, killing them before they even know what happened.

Throwing Knives: An Assassin’s Deadly Companion

We have announced that the Oriental Assassin will be joining the battle in January, yet some information about their skills has already been put to public. The new addition will bring four brand new skills, as well as a special XP skill, which will maximize the advantage of the Assassin’s long-range attack, making them a powerful force, especially in PvP battles. Stay tuned to the detailed information and trailers on this new class, sure you will find them on the official CO Homepage, soon!

As always, feel free to comment with your questions, I'll try my best to answer them all.

- The CO Team