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Nine Classes, One Destiny...

Tian Long Ba Bu — or TLBB — is one of the most successful MMOs in China.

Author: TLBB_EU

Contributors: sanzaburo,Moto8,

TLBB winter events

Posted by Moto8 Thursday December 17 2009 at 8:55AM
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“The TLBB Winter Legends Come Alive!!!”


This festive season, ChangYou (EU) embarks on a mission to offer something new and exciting, pulling more strings than a puppeteer on tour and filling Christmas stockings with more inventory than a World War II counter-strike.

Tian Lòng Ba Bù (better known in the Western community as Massively Multiplayer Online Game TLBB) derives its name from the widely recognised Chinese novel, of the same title, by Jin Yong – one of China’s most successful writers, author of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. So successful, the eggheads over at ChangYou (EU) couldn’t resist but turn this epic adventure into what is now one of the Far East’s most successful role-playing games ever released.

A formula consisting of fantastic storylines and a journey that’s unique to each individual, TLBB delivers a mixture of ancient culture, mystery and, well, martial arts of course... Let’s not leave that out!

‘9 Classes, Infinite Possibilities’ spells out a game that offers the player the chance to learn 1 out of 9 exceptional and well thought out fighting skills including Shaolin style, Beggars Alliance and Taoist to name just a few.

Join TLBB and the European team this Christmas to find out just how you can fight a giant snowman in the middle of a Chinese city and gain an abundance of amazing items for your inventory. Increase your XP with a one off version of the ever popular ‘Chess’ game and enjoy the panoramic view of Luo Yang’s snow covered city – A never seen before event.

Currently in its European pre-closed beta stage, TLBB has had exceptional feedback from its users so far and recently attracted the attention of leading industry retailer GAME™. GAME™ will also be issuing customers with a limited amount of Christmas cards at their ? 100 Oxford Street flagship store in London from December 15th until stocks last. They will each have unique activation codes printed on the inside, allowing you to register and enjoy the game in its pre-closed beta stage for free. But hurry, they’ll be gone before long. You can also receive our Christmas cards if you visit and make any online PC game purchase.

ChangYou (EU) Marketing Director Cai Shen said “Our success in China has been a result of hard work, an excellent product and the confidence we have in our national and international team members. The £80m investment in TLBB has been mirrored by its undeniable success, winning a number of Golden Feather awards and attracting over 50 million users in Asia alone - money well spent, we believe. Now due to be released to the European market, our winter event looks set to boost our CCU (concurrent user) figures in this, our Pre-closed beta phase”.

In a unique twist to online gaming, ChangYou (UK) are also offering the chance for two players to have their faces turned into Avatars available in the game, and live in the TLBB world forever. They will become... The Winter Legends.

For full details on how to win this fantastic prize, click here.

Social networking web

Posted by TLBB_EU Friday December 11 2009 at 7:13AM
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Slowly but consistently the TLBB social networking web is being spun by myself (Michael), our PR manager (Jonathan) and our game engineers (Peter & Ben)...

The objective is to enable dialogue between ourselves and the TLBB players through as many channels as possible.

Players have already had a big impact on the game quests, features and events so get involved and join the growing community!

Feel free to join us at...

Our forum


Facebook fan page

Facebook Group








The story begins...

Posted by TLBB_EU Friday December 11 2009 at 5:22AM
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This brand new Chinese martial arts MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is adapted from famous novelist Jin Yong’s epic Wuxia stories Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

Get ready to explore beautiful landscapes filled with quests, monsters and mythological creatures. Team-up with other players and join forces to defeat ferocious beasts. Gain experience by defeating enemies and completing quests. Collect items and money to obtain equipment, potions or remedies and select fantastic mounts to help you on your journey.

Nine different classes are available, all specialized in different techniques, powers and philosophies.

Among others, these include the Lotus Order, which primarily focuses on the traditional teachings of the Buddha paired with Kung-Fu, The Beggars Alliance, who specialize in chained powerful attacks combined with deadly poisons and venoms or the Taoists, trained to excel in a philosophy that encourages the understanding of nature, balance of power and harmony.


You will be able to choose professional skills to develop such as casting, herbalism, planting, fishing or cooking.

Creating or joining a guild will enable you to trade items, organize raids on enemy targets and create a community with fellow guild members.

A unique system of Master and Apprentice relationship has been developed to help novice players to progress in the game and to encourage player communication. Items can be exchanged and experience points received can increase through this partnership. A player will receive rewards and titles by becoming a Master.
 5 Years Development, £80M Investment, 50M Players - One Game



Watch the trailer!


Ready to join the adventure?

Follow these guidelines and start playing TLBB today!

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3.Post a message on our website’s forum to receive an activation key