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Nine Classes, One Destiny...

Tian Long Ba Bu — or TLBB — is one of the most successful MMOs in China.

Author: TLBB_EU

Contributors: sanzaburo,Moto8,

Mysterious Mooncake Gifts Revealed

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 23 2010 at 5:24AM
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This month, TLBB is celebrating one of China's oldest traditions - the Mid-Autumn Festival - so we've brought you something special to help commemorate the occasion.
The European HQ was recently sent a box full of tasty mooncake - traditionally prepared for this time of year and yes... yummy :)  - by our counterparts in China, so we've decided to put together an in-game item called the 'mysterious mooncake' that will offer players a special treat, as it did for us. 
We're also giving people the chance to 'Gain' with 'Exchange', please read on for more info:
Dating back almost 3,000 years, one of China’s oldest traditions stamps its celebratory mark on the world of TLBB. 
As the summer harvest season comes to an end, friends and family of one of China’s leading martial arts based MMOs will officially be burning incense in honour of their divine gods. In welcoming the start of this mid autumn festival, also known as the ‘Mooncake Festival’ due to the traditional cake that is prepared in celebration of the event, people around China have embraced the occasion as one of the most important dates on the calendar.
Here in Europe, MMO game publisher has relayed its own celebratory twist on to martial arts based MMO, TLBB. The ‘Mysterious Mooncake’ item, recently added to the newly launched token shop, is now accessible to players and will entitle them to a surprise item from a pool of exceptional and valuable gifts.
Please visit the token shop here or the official TLBB forum for more details about the gifts on offer.  
Speaking of great gifts, hasn’t stopped there! Players who exchange 100 Tokens (or more) for the first time between the 22nd of September and 19th of October, 2010, will receive a Level 3 Ruby and an Emerald Dragon mount to go with it!
Players have already begun to show off the exquisite mount that’s had the community team stunned by the speed in which they’ve been snapped up by users. This unique mount will have heads turning everywhere and, once used, the level 3 Ruby will enhance a players’ weaponry to make them a force to be reckoned with in this ancient Chinese world full of adventure.  
For more about TLBB or to join in on the social networking fun, please visit: - Twitter Page

The Shadow Curse Expansion Lifted by Record Numbers

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 9 2010 at 7:06AM
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September 8th, 2010 – With the new expansion now fully underway, (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) has recorded a significant number of fresh guilds and members logging on hoping to experience the latest instalment titled ‘The Shadow Curse’.
Last week saw the double launch for hit martial arts based MMO TLBB, which has seen unprecedented success among audiences across Europe. The ‘Dragon’ server not only welcomed a number of unique and exciting features available to players, but also saw the launch of the token shop that has allowed gamers to customize their characters and help boost attributes in this 0.85 version.
A record number of guild members have also been spotted roaming the virtual lands and they, along with others, have been flocking to find out more about the Shadow Curse story that has taken significant turns thanks to the involvement of players and their support for the Emperor inside the game. The recently unveiled ‘Cursed Brother’ event has given players license to battle with the best and charge forward in an action-packed quest to save an innocent brother who has been tainted by the evil Shadow Master Ting.
The Cursed Brother follows the story of a sister’s battle to find a cure for her poisoned brother who has fallen victim of an evil plot to steal some of the Kingdom’s most precious riches. During this event players have been asked to join forces with the Emperor to contain the Jiang Shi from spreading whilst helping the sister to feed her brother the energy of life. Since the start of the Cursed Brother event, TLBB has witnessed an alarming number of kills towards regular enemies of the Kingdom but, more significantly, of the Jiang Shi (living dead) who linger around the Su Zhou area. The numbers have risen in their thousands and counting.
To go to battle with the Emperor, visit the ‘Cursed Brother’ event page:
Among the very unique features of this fun filled land are the 4 extremely rare artifact weapons that are available for capture. The Melting Falchion, Traceless Sword, Blue Silver Circle and Windstone Fan all possess the power to accent any players’ desire to become the best. Track down one of these deadly weapons and players can guarantee the respect from others in this, the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life.
To follow The Shadow Curse story and the new features that are available in-game, you can visit:
To join the TLBB networks, you can visit:

Double Launch For Hit MMO TLBB

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 2 2010 at 10:36AM
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September 2nd, 2010 - (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) has announced the latest chapter in the TLBB saga with the launch of the game’s highly anticipated token shop and expansion pack titled ‘The Shadow Curse’(v0.85).
Set to grace the European ‘Dragon’ server, it follows the story of an evil villain who’s prepared to stop at nothing in order to gain power and rule a kingdom protected by the Emperor and his army. This ultimate clash between good and evil sets the scene for a gripping expansion full of exciting features and goodies including 4 rare artifact weapons available for capture, 2 ice cool areas that offer a visual treat to players, quests to enthral the best, new bosses, a fantastic new social tool and a level cap of a whopping 100! Plus More.
The Shadow Curse also branches out to offer the community an extended event that has been enabled through its original storyline. Titled the ‘Cursed Brother’, this event sees players teaming up with the Emperor and his army to contain an evil Jiang Shi force (living dead) that has been created by the ruthless Shadow Master Ting.
To find out more about The Shadow Curse, you can visit:
TLBB’s Community Manager, Michael Doroszuk, has also highlighted the player’s interest during popular in-game events such as TLBB Connect, which has been designed to bring players together. Alongside the forum, social networks (such as Facebook & Twitter)and competitions that have proved popular among the TLBB enthusiasts, the game’s loyal followers have been itching to find out more from the community - whose manager had this to say:
“You can’t begin to imagine the amount of emails we’ve received since the announcement of our new expansion. We never anticipated the sort of response we’ve had, it’s been fantastic. With today’s launch, we enter a new chapter in the game’s playability that will allow players to further enhance and customize their characters – something that’s very important for our community. As well as the chance for players to “charge up” their characters, The Shadow Curse will give them a perfect opportunity to show-off any extras they decide to acquire. Event-wise, players have a real treat with the ‘Cursed Brother’ that will offer them the chance to fight alongside the kingdom’s Emperor, who’s been threatened by a dark force. Players will be able to earn their place in warrior history”.
For more about the ‘Cursed Brother’ you can visit the event page here:
To join TLBB’s social networks, you can visit:
Amidst the expansion, (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) is equally as proud to announce the start of the token shop, of which players have been keen to find out more. Now live, it will offer players the opportunity to acquire sought-after items such as Mounts, Fashion, Gems to enhance weapons, Pet Skills, Class Skills and much more.
This duel announcement also brings with it a celebratory week of double XP that ends on the 8th of September 2010 and offers players on the European server a helping hand on their journey. “This fantastically rendered ancient Chinese world, available to all budding martial arts devotees looking for a powerful kung-fu based MMO, is set to challenge both ‘high-level’ and ‘entry-level’ players whilst offering a fun and captivating experience” said Christian-Peter Heimbach, European Marketing Director of
For more about TLBB, you can visit the official website: