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Nine Classes, One Destiny...

Tian Long Ba Bu — or TLBB — is one of the most successful MMOs in China.

Author: TLBB_EU

Contributors: sanzaburo,Moto8,

A short story about an MMO player...

Posted by TLBB_EU Thursday July 29 2010 at 11:44AM
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Greeting all you mercyless MMO warriors!

This week we wanted to share a short story with you written by one of our fans that we just felt was a simple, friendly and heart-warming introduction! Enjoy the read!



Well...i have a story too, even if it's not long.

My character name is NoMind and this is me

I am 15 years old and i am from Europe, from a country named Romania.
First i played I wanted to be an Assassin, I liked the name, but my friends from real life said that the PvM characters are better so i made myself a Taoist. It was the perfect character for me, i can say that it describe my type of mood.
I remember cause when i made this character i leveled myself to 25 in the first day, it was good because i didn't know anyone and i didn't have experience.

Like all noobs i was helped by higher levels, that people really like to help and i am proud because they call me their friend now.

I am not rich, i am not high level, but i can say that i am proud because i have friends in this game.

As a "medium" level, i try to help others too, here i help my girlfriend to get a fire rat.

Husband and Wife, great words right? this game shows personality of humans, i can say that i know how to make someone happy and to help him/her get out of bad mood.


How do i make exp : Is not hard to say, like everyone i go chess, raids, boars or others.

How do i make money : First time i was doing trades, but is boring and takes too much time so i chosed the leaping way.

Well some things make us laugh, i wanna show you what made my day some time ago:

My guild is miniMax, a good guild that have nice and helpfull members. Our alliance has enemies from guilds like DragonWrath, DragonGate, Immortals and others but i never wanted to kill or to be killed even if bad players killed me without a reason.

My main pet is a Second Generation Panda Bros, because i am Taoist and a Strong Def pet is needed, with Blood Sacrifice and Lantern Ring, i am hard to kill.

Everyone is having fun with their friends, i do this too, i play with my friends fighting without killing. The fun thing is that we see who is stronger and her/his hit. If someone kills, he/she should apologize the one who lose exp and money.

This is my story, Thank you for reading.

Tanks for the Tip: TLBB Classes Exposed

Posted by Moto8 Thursday July 15 2010 at 9:44AM
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MMO devotees are presented with new games each month, all with their own unique styles and features that capture the wackiest of imaginations around the world. However, there still remains the underlying issue of transferring that hard-earned knowledge from previous games, onto new ones.
In its simplest form, gamers have persevered for years to figure out the best buttons to assign, which methods to incorporate, the most suited in-game tactics and, ultimately, the best man for the job.
Needless to say, transferable skills in MMOs are fast becoming a strong occurrence in the ever growing sea of titles being unleashed onto the market. However, the fundamentals of MMOs still apply, and ‘pillars’ remain a blueprint to any gaming aficionado.
So who IS the best man for the job? Is it the Tank? The Healer? Or the Damage Dealer?
Admittedly, there’s no right or wrong answer to this and so the question should perhaps be changed to “what’s your preferred pillar in-game?” In which case, the developers over at, one of China’s leading MMO publishers, have been kind enough to enlighten the situation for current and forthcoming players of their leading martial arts based MMO title, TLBB.
Widely recognised as ‘the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life’, the game incorporates a wide range of classes that can be chosen after reaching Level 10 and, with many fully fledged players turning to this leading martial arts phenomenon, (EU) has provided a chart to guide you through the class ‘pillars’.
Please see tables below for more details:
 (EU)has also kindly provided information for players regarding which classes have adopted which ‘buffs’ - be it defensive, offensive, or both!
Please see guide below:

Assassin– defensive buffs
- Demon Skin: Increase Ice defence
- Mass Invisibility: Make all team members (within range) invisible
Beggars Alliance– offensive buffs
- Profound Friendship: Increase Agility
- Mass Dodge: Increase Reflex
Lotus Order– defence buff
- Cleric's willpower: Increase Willpower
Minstrel – defence/ offence buff
- Fire Storm: Increase Fire defence
- Shield of Clouds: Increase Crit chance
Pyromancer – offence buffs
- Supreme Strength: Increase Strength
- Light of Faith: Increase Physical attack of team members within range
Royalty– defence/ offence buff
- Guardian's Ward: Increase Lightning defence
- Field Promotion: Increase Hit rate of team members
Shaolin– defensive buffs
- Blessing Buddha: Increase Stamina
- Spirit Shield: Increase Physical defence of all team members within range
Taoist– stat buff
- Magical Spirit: Increase Intellect
Voodoo– defensive buffs
- Great Fortitude: Increase Poison resistance
- Mark of the Wild: Increase Spirit defence of team members, requires more than 1 Voodoo in the team

For a more in-depth look of the defensive and offensive skills each class possesses, please visit the TLBB forum here
TLBB (or Tian Long Ba Bu) currently holds one of the top 5 ranking positions in China with an incredible PCU figure to rival any of those from the current western market. The game has rocketed to European success with an increasing day-by-day following on both social networks (such as Facebook& Twitter) and the current ‘Dragon Server’, which has welcomed visitors from over 200 countries worldwide.
For more information about the game, please visit the official website

How To Gather More From TLBB

Posted by TLBB_EU Thursday July 8 2010 at 10:51AM
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Why is it that some gamers are more concerned with the look of an MMO character, than the look of pity on their girlfriend’s face when hours of game-play have passed by? Ironic how a game can gather more attention than a carefully planned crafting fest, no?
That said, crafting has become one of the fastest growing trends among TLBB communities and with more options for items to be had ‘in-game’, players of this popular Chinese MMO are growing from strength-to-strength and reaping the rewards of their dedication to life skills.
Although the ‘skills’ that are needed to succeed in any MMO come with practice, achievement and failure, there’s not much difference between real life and MMO life on the grander scheme of things. We interact (chat to a friend), join a guild (join a group of mates) level up (gain valuable experience in life), mount fictional creatures (show off your new car), plus more!
Published by gaming giants, TLBB has grown to be one of the most popular martial arts based MMOs in the western market. Currently in its open beta phase and with an ever-growing fan base on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, TLBB has witnessed a startling number of players dedicating their time to crafting, mining sewing and more – an indication by the developers that ‘Life Skills’ remain an important part of the overall experience for the community.
Popular life skills in TLBB include farming, where players can rest assured that a planting session can be as quick as 5 minutes or up to a staggering 70 minutes in-game. Of course, like anything in life, the more you plant, the more material is produced and therefore the rewards are greater. In order to harvest a farmland, it will need to reach a level of maturity before players can ‘click’ on the ripe plant/s to harvest within 15 minutes.
Players are also entitled to upgrade their farming skill by finding Farmer Liu (219,262) – the master of Farming skills, selecting "Upgrade Farming skill" and then clicking "Study" in the interface in order to upgrade.
With no limits to the types of life skills a player can possess, crafting and gathering incorporates a new angle of giving players the options to have as many or as little skills as they like. Players also have access to a prized possession – the ‘Skyline’ skill. This skill automatically allows players to locate others on the map, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “keeping tabs on someone”.
Another unique feature of this growing game is the random outcome recipe that players have on some life skills such as cooking and pharmacy. The items produced during the ‘cooking’ and ‘pharmacy’ processes either restore health or buff the player with additional stats for a set amount of time. Not only will players find a cheaper and more efficient way of creating items, but they are met with a fun lottery as to what they will receive at the end of it.
For all other life skills in TLBB, there are specific recipes that allow the user knowledge of what armour/weaponry is being created and which ones require specific items, plans and/or recipes to be made up. The Emperor merely leads warriors to the path of enlightenment, but the choices remains strictly up to the players themselves.  
The power to further enhance a character in this highly ranked game, has taken one step closer to making ‘Life Skills’ even more important than ever in MMOs. Of course this comes at a cost called ‘time and dedication’, but it’s an incentive nevertheless that’s worth the effort both in life, and virtual life. 
For more information about TLBB please visit the official website -
Dedicated players of TLBB have compiled 9 MMO related ironies:
  1. Spending lots of time earning gold but hate going to work.
  2. Trust a lion mount to get you from A to B, never trust one in real life.
  3. Staying up late to fight a boss, but counting down the clock to get away from your own.
  4. Going to the ends of the earth for a rare item but can’t be bothered to get a pint of milk from the local store. 
  5. Quick to get married in-game but then delaying the inevitable to your partner.
  6. Taking more screenshots on your computer than pictures on holiday.
  7. Uncharacteristically sewing fashion in-game, yet when grandma makes it, it goes straight in the bin.
  8. Happily risking your life.
  9. Running around for endless hours…