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Nine Classes, One Destiny...

Tian Long Ba Bu — or TLBB — is one of the most successful MMOs in China.

Author: TLBB_EU

Contributors: sanzaburo,Moto8,

TLBB & Razer Unveil PvP Mayhem

Posted by Moto8 Thursday November 18 2010 at 8:56AM
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Razer goodies up for grabs this weekend ONLY with TLBB– Saturday 20th November, 2010
November 18th, 2010 – today announces the start of TLBB’s in-game events in conjunction with gaming product specialists, Razer.
Engineered to exceed the exacting demands of the world's top professional gamers, Razer and leading  martial arts based MMO – TLBB – have teamed up to bring players across the EU ‘Dragon’ server three unique and rewarding challenges.
With prizes that include the Razer Lycosa Keyboard and the outstanding Razer Naga Mouse, these one-off events will be hosted across the weekend of the 20th November, 2010, and will be open to players above level 20. Those lucky enough to get their kung-fu grip on one of these awesome prizes will have plenty to contend with as TLBB turns up the heat during this fun and exciting road to victory.
In an event open to players between level 20 and 39, a series of riddles must be solved leading them to checkpoints scattered across the TLBB world in ‘The TLBB Riddle Race’. The race is sure to be intense, so make sure to bring your running shoes. For players level 40 to 79, the ‘TLBB World Competition’ is the place to be in a PvP rumble that’s sure to shake the EU server. And finally, for players level 80 and above, presents: ‘The Hunted’ – a unique and potentially life-threatening event for players’ characters. At the start of the event, ‘The Hunted’ player will be announced and will receive the protection of a number of the Emperor’s Guards for the duration of the event. This full-contact extravaganza takes no prisoners, so be ready to fight for your life*.
For full details about the TLBB events sponsored by Razer, please visit the official TLBB website:
Please note: This event is not for the faint-hearted but, for the brave-hearted. Razer & TLBB will be giving YOU the edge.
For full details please visit the official TLBB website:
*With only a limited amount of spaces, players should make sure they turn up on time to all events.

Fireworks Show Lights Up The TLBB Dragon Server

Posted by Moto8 Thursday November 4 2010 at 6:13AM
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November 4th, 2010 - has today announced the celebratory Fireworks display taking place on Friday 5th of November, 2010 at 15:00 GMT, London on the TLBB EU Dragon server.
To mark the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the origins of these vivid pyrotechnics that date as far back as 7th century China, leading martial arts based MMO, TLBB, is offering players the chance to spark up some of the most dazzling firework items available from the token shop.
The game’s Emperor is also taking this opportunity to ward off any evil spirits by lighting up the skies of the ‘Dragon’ server during this one off TLBB Connect event.
“The latest expansion – ‘The Shadow Curse’ (v0.85) – has seen players battle it out against the deadly Jiang Shi and fight off the devious Shadow Master Ting who is said to still be lingering”said European Community Manager Michael D. ‘Sanzaburo’. “We’ll be helping out the Emperor on this special mission to see off any unwelcome spirits, whilst having plenty of fun with the range of fireworks available to players. Many of our European players might not know the story of Guy Fawkes but hopefully TLBB Connectthis Friday should help shed some light on it. Literally. It will also be a chance for them to take part in our ghostly events, so there will plenty of evil spirits to get rid of”
TLBB’s Halloween events are currently underway with a number of unique pets available for capture including a Jiang Shi and Tutankhamun. Details of which can be found on the official TLBB website.
To join the TLBB Fireworks Show and details of how to redeem your firework items, visit
For more info, please visit currently publishes TLBB and other games including Dragon Oath, Zentia and Blade Wars across the western market.  

Halloween Pets Available For Limited Period Only in TLBB!

Posted by Moto8 Monday November 1 2010 at 10:57AM
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November 1st, 2010 - has unveiled exclusive images of the disgruntled pets available for capture during the latest events by TLBB. The distinctive characters, based around spooky Halloween designs, have swept across the EU ‘Dragon’ server niggling at the enemy’s feet with more than just a fierce bite.
A giant of the MMO publishing world, ChangYou has already seen major growth in the western market with games such as TLBB and Zentia and, with this announcement, has also released official concept artwork showing the unique designs that players will have the pleasure of fighting alongside.  
Some of the pets include a Jiang Shi (Zombie), a Tutankhamun lookalike and a stern looking pumpkin-head character. Players will have up until November 9th, 2010, to obtain the ‘Zombie Doll’ items (needed to exchange for pet eggs) and up until November 24th, 2010, to exchange them. Late trick-or-treaters still have the chance to sink their claws into this event and grab hold of one of the novel pets on offer.
Full details can be found on the official TLBB website:

Poke fun at your pumpkin friend!

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday October 27 2010 at 11:15AM
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Leading martial arts MMO publisher has today announced details of the events taking place throughout the chilling Halloween period where players will be offered a special trick that passers-by will find difficult to treat.
From October 27th to November 9th, 2010, players at level 30 or above across the TLBB EU ‘Dragon’ server will benefit from a unique quest handed out by the master of disguise himself, Po Wen (168, 168), located in Su Zhou.
Once a player has accepted this spine-tingling mission, they will be equipped with the ‘Halloween Look’ buff and ‘Ghost Watercolour’ allowing them to cast an eerie spell over fellow companions in the game, thus turning them into a Scary Pumpkin Head!
Celebrate this momentous occasion with the Emperor himself by turning at least 9 helpless individuals into a pumpkin, while the 10th unlucky soul will turn into a gruesome Jiang Shi (zombie). Players who complete the quest will be rewarded with valuable XP and a bound Zombie Doll. Collect enough Zombie Dolls and players can exchange them for a Double XP ball, a Gild Gourd, or even a unique Zombie pet egg!
Aside from the main quest, special Halloween Candy items will be dropped at various instances such as the Chess Challenge, Thief Raid, Intruders, Lucky Bingo, and at the 5th round of class quests every day.
This week’s ‘Emperor’s Item Choice’ – the Black Cat’s Letter – will also help players in their search for unsighted marvels by giving them the chance to maximize XP for the duration of the Halloween period.
For full details of the Zombie Doll Exchange list and how to increase XP by using a special Black Cat’s Letter (found in-game or bought via the token shop) please visit:
The opportunity to get one-up on your friends needn’t stop there – why not take a screenshot and post it in the forum or on Facebook? will make sure to poke fun and partake in demise of their ghoulish pride! Oh the joys of evil (sinister grin).
To join the frighteningly fun Facebook fan page, visit
Players can also benefit from upcoming events such as the one-off ‘Jiang Shi Parade’ on October 31st, 2010 (16:00, GMT) – coordinated by community maestro ‘Sanzaburo’ – and the existing ‘Spotlight On Your Pet’ giveaway where Red Balls of Brilliance will help convert friendly pets into not-so-friendly pets when it comes to enemy attacks.
For more, visit
Happy Halloweening! 

Pet Friends Are Your Best Friends

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday October 13 2010 at 10:28AM
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They fight courageously alongside their master, grow stronger in battle and have proven to be more than just an accessory. So is it any wonder pets are becoming an integral part of the MMO gaming experience?
With one of the deepest pet systems around, TLBB is renowned for its unique approach to customizing the deadly sidekicks who shouldn’t be judged for their cute exterior, but for the damage they can inflict on an enemy when unleashed. Don’t be fooled; the up-scaled, upmarket MMO creatures of today have stepped up their game and revolutionized the playing experience that has had thousands of gamers everywhere asking “are there any free-to-play games out there with a pet system?”… Yes is the answer. TLBB can go one better though: There’s a free-to-play game out there with a VERY GOOD pet system!
One of the great features of TLBB is breeding. Capture a male pet and breed it with a female pet, either yours or someone else’s, and benefit from the second generation marvel that will have enemies quivering in their Kung Fu boots. This powerful combination will not only make your pet stronger and deadlier, but will change its appearance to a more colourful and rare looking partner-in-crime.  
Remember, pets are just as vulnerable and needy as the characters themselves. Pamper the littler critters and they’ll gladly fight tooth and nail by your side, neglect them, and they won’t be happy bunnies (FYI, they’re not all bunnies).
With well over 100 pets to choose from (including stacks more colour variations), players of this stand-out martial arts game will spend as little or as much time on Pet Island as they want looking for the perfect companion. Beware the guardians, however, who roam the lands protecting these wild four, two and zero legged animals.
With other great features such as increasing savvy, training/enhancing and skill acquisition, not to mention the several pets you can have at the same time, the pet evolution in TLBB slowly goes from pet rescue, to pets doing the rescuing. Train the little sidekick wisely and benefit from a friendship better described as inseparable.
Each week, the game’s Emperor handpicks one of the most useful items available to buy from the token shop. This week he’s gathered his own pets from the palace, minus the head count, and recommended the functional, but very cool, ‘Pet Bar’ item. On top of giving players extra slots in the inventory to carry more pets, this unique item also allows different types of pets to boost specific attributes that can be used for different situations and more game play variations.
For more info, please visit:
To help get your friendship kick started, publishers are giving away 30 Red Balls of Brilliance that will provide double XP for your pet.
Simply visit the forum here -, tell us the breed/type of your pet, as well as its name, and winners will be chosen by at the end of the month*.
However don’t worry if you miss out, simply join the other 10 thousand fans on Facebook TLBB who have benefitted from fantastic giveaways. There’s also time to purchase the newly added Mysterious Mooncake item that won’t be in the token shop for very long so hurry! So many goodies, so little time!
Visit for more info.
To join in on the Facebook fun, please visit:
*Winners will be notified via the community. Chance for entry ends October 31st 2010. 

Re-Roll Your Way To Glory

Posted by Moto8 Friday October 8 2010 at 3:31AM
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Sound advice goes along way, but is it the right advice…
After much pleading and peasant grovelling, (EU) has managed to team up with the majestic Emperor from top MMORPG TLBB to bring its players expert advice on items to buy from the newly launched token shop. Full of magical surprises, the Emperor has agreed to give his professional recommendations based on goodies that are now available for purchase and that will help players along their adventurous paths inside this powerful martial arts based F2P game.
His latest suggestion, the ‘Purification Pills’, includes a number of fantastic benefits for players logging onto the European Dragon server including the re-rolling of stat points that proves crucial in the development of characters. Should a player find himself/herself needing more critical hit than strength (for example), then the purification pills will allow them to re-allocate these points quickly and effectively without hassle and allowing for a smoother path to enlightenment. 
These wondrous ‘Pills’, located in the Exotic Items/Medicine part of the token shop, range from small to large in size and come in a range of prices depending on how much or how little players want to spend. Benefits of the pills include:
  • The reallocation of stat points
  • The changing of their ‘character build’
  • Experimentation of ‘character builds’
Community Manager Michael D. “Sanzaburo” said “The community can rest assured that the ‘customization’ of their characters has become truer to its word than ever. The game has witnessed growing numbers on Facebook, Twitter and the TLBB forum due to fantastic events and features, such as these pills, being unleashed to the community. Now nearing the ‘10k fans’ mark on Facebook, we will be looking at running a celebratory event for our users in the upcoming weeks so players should look out for this as well as the latest ad campaign that we’ve put together for public viewing labelled ‘WTF is TLBB?’”
Look out for special details and get involved with the ‘WTF is TLBB’ communal discussion.
Has the Emperor’s advice worked for you?
For more info you can visit the newly launched TLBB landing page.

Mysterious Mooncake Gifts Revealed

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 23 2010 at 4:24AM
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This month, TLBB is celebrating one of China's oldest traditions - the Mid-Autumn Festival - so we've brought you something special to help commemorate the occasion.
The European HQ was recently sent a box full of tasty mooncake - traditionally prepared for this time of year and yes... yummy :)  - by our counterparts in China, so we've decided to put together an in-game item called the 'mysterious mooncake' that will offer players a special treat, as it did for us. 
We're also giving people the chance to 'Gain' with 'Exchange', please read on for more info:
Dating back almost 3,000 years, one of China’s oldest traditions stamps its celebratory mark on the world of TLBB. 
As the summer harvest season comes to an end, friends and family of one of China’s leading martial arts based MMOs will officially be burning incense in honour of their divine gods. In welcoming the start of this mid autumn festival, also known as the ‘Mooncake Festival’ due to the traditional cake that is prepared in celebration of the event, people around China have embraced the occasion as one of the most important dates on the calendar.
Here in Europe, MMO game publisher has relayed its own celebratory twist on to martial arts based MMO, TLBB. The ‘Mysterious Mooncake’ item, recently added to the newly launched token shop, is now accessible to players and will entitle them to a surprise item from a pool of exceptional and valuable gifts.
Please visit the token shop here or the official TLBB forum for more details about the gifts on offer.  
Speaking of great gifts, hasn’t stopped there! Players who exchange 100 Tokens (or more) for the first time between the 22nd of September and 19th of October, 2010, will receive a Level 3 Ruby and an Emerald Dragon mount to go with it!
Players have already begun to show off the exquisite mount that’s had the community team stunned by the speed in which they’ve been snapped up by users. This unique mount will have heads turning everywhere and, once used, the level 3 Ruby will enhance a players’ weaponry to make them a force to be reckoned with in this ancient Chinese world full of adventure.  
For more about TLBB or to join in on the social networking fun, please visit: - Twitter Page

The Shadow Curse Expansion Lifted by Record Numbers

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 9 2010 at 6:06AM
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September 8th, 2010 – With the new expansion now fully underway, (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) has recorded a significant number of fresh guilds and members logging on hoping to experience the latest instalment titled ‘The Shadow Curse’.
Last week saw the double launch for hit martial arts based MMO TLBB, which has seen unprecedented success among audiences across Europe. The ‘Dragon’ server not only welcomed a number of unique and exciting features available to players, but also saw the launch of the token shop that has allowed gamers to customize their characters and help boost attributes in this 0.85 version.
A record number of guild members have also been spotted roaming the virtual lands and they, along with others, have been flocking to find out more about the Shadow Curse story that has taken significant turns thanks to the involvement of players and their support for the Emperor inside the game. The recently unveiled ‘Cursed Brother’ event has given players license to battle with the best and charge forward in an action-packed quest to save an innocent brother who has been tainted by the evil Shadow Master Ting.
The Cursed Brother follows the story of a sister’s battle to find a cure for her poisoned brother who has fallen victim of an evil plot to steal some of the Kingdom’s most precious riches. During this event players have been asked to join forces with the Emperor to contain the Jiang Shi from spreading whilst helping the sister to feed her brother the energy of life. Since the start of the Cursed Brother event, TLBB has witnessed an alarming number of kills towards regular enemies of the Kingdom but, more significantly, of the Jiang Shi (living dead) who linger around the Su Zhou area. The numbers have risen in their thousands and counting.
To go to battle with the Emperor, visit the ‘Cursed Brother’ event page:
Among the very unique features of this fun filled land are the 4 extremely rare artifact weapons that are available for capture. The Melting Falchion, Traceless Sword, Blue Silver Circle and Windstone Fan all possess the power to accent any players’ desire to become the best. Track down one of these deadly weapons and players can guarantee the respect from others in this, the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life.
To follow The Shadow Curse story and the new features that are available in-game, you can visit:
To join the TLBB networks, you can visit:

Double Launch For Hit MMO TLBB

Posted by Moto8 Thursday September 2 2010 at 9:36AM
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September 2nd, 2010 - (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) has announced the latest chapter in the TLBB saga with the launch of the game’s highly anticipated token shop and expansion pack titled ‘The Shadow Curse’(v0.85).
Set to grace the European ‘Dragon’ server, it follows the story of an evil villain who’s prepared to stop at nothing in order to gain power and rule a kingdom protected by the Emperor and his army. This ultimate clash between good and evil sets the scene for a gripping expansion full of exciting features and goodies including 4 rare artifact weapons available for capture, 2 ice cool areas that offer a visual treat to players, quests to enthral the best, new bosses, a fantastic new social tool and a level cap of a whopping 100! Plus More.
The Shadow Curse also branches out to offer the community an extended event that has been enabled through its original storyline. Titled the ‘Cursed Brother’, this event sees players teaming up with the Emperor and his army to contain an evil Jiang Shi force (living dead) that has been created by the ruthless Shadow Master Ting.
To find out more about The Shadow Curse, you can visit:
TLBB’s Community Manager, Michael Doroszuk, has also highlighted the player’s interest during popular in-game events such as TLBB Connect, which has been designed to bring players together. Alongside the forum, social networks (such as Facebook & Twitter)and competitions that have proved popular among the TLBB enthusiasts, the game’s loyal followers have been itching to find out more from the community - whose manager had this to say:
“You can’t begin to imagine the amount of emails we’ve received since the announcement of our new expansion. We never anticipated the sort of response we’ve had, it’s been fantastic. With today’s launch, we enter a new chapter in the game’s playability that will allow players to further enhance and customize their characters – something that’s very important for our community. As well as the chance for players to “charge up” their characters, The Shadow Curse will give them a perfect opportunity to show-off any extras they decide to acquire. Event-wise, players have a real treat with the ‘Cursed Brother’ that will offer them the chance to fight alongside the kingdom’s Emperor, who’s been threatened by a dark force. Players will be able to earn their place in warrior history”.
For more about the ‘Cursed Brother’ you can visit the event page here:
To join TLBB’s social networks, you can visit:
Amidst the expansion, (EU) Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) is equally as proud to announce the start of the token shop, of which players have been keen to find out more. Now live, it will offer players the opportunity to acquire sought-after items such as Mounts, Fashion, Gems to enhance weapons, Pet Skills, Class Skills and much more.
This duel announcement also brings with it a celebratory week of double XP that ends on the 8th of September 2010 and offers players on the European server a helping hand on their journey. “This fantastically rendered ancient Chinese world, available to all budding martial arts devotees looking for a powerful kung-fu based MMO, is set to challenge both ‘high-level’ and ‘entry-level’ players whilst offering a fun and captivating experience” said Christian-Peter Heimbach, European Marketing Director of
For more about TLBB, you can visit the official website:

TLBB Goes Commercial with New Expansion

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday August 25 2010 at 11:30AM
Login or Register to rate this blog post! (EU) Ltd. has today announced its latest additions to hit martial arts based MMO, TLBB. With a number of key features and in-game events said to be available to players, version 0.85 is set to launch both the expansion pack and commercial release on 1st September, 2010.
“We’re really excited for everyone who’s been keen to find out more about the next instalment of TLBB. Now is a better time than ever for people to jump into this ancient Chinese world and witness the genuine feel it has to offer with the inclusion of some great features and a token shop that caters for everyone. The expansion, titled The Shadow Curse, is a thrilling milestone for the game, bringing with it new weapons, scenes, quests, bosses and more which will also be of value to new players wanting to experience TLBB”said Christian-Peter Heimbach, European Marketing Director for
Early indications suggest that one of the game’s main features will comprise of special artifact weapons that become available to those dedicated and persistent enough to get them. “The designs are based around ancient Chinese artifacts and updated with a modern twist to accommodate the game’s style” said one of the developers when asked about the look and feel of the weapons. Other unique features about the world include an ice cool scene as well as a snow covered area around the northern territories of the map.
The game’s Community Manager, Michael Doroszuk, has also stressed his excitement by adding “Our players have been asking about both the shop and what will be available in the upcoming expansion. With the official commercial launch of the game and the fantastic storyline that goes with the expansion, we hope their questions will be answered. On a community side, yes, we do have a number of fantastic events lined up such as the TLBB Connect event, which has proved very popular among players so far. Others that are based around some of our social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter. The only other piece of information I can give players is to look out for a special event on launch date for the expansion. There, I’ve said it”.
For all the latest on the upcoming v0.85 ‘The Shadow Curse’ expansion, please visit:
Now exiting the beta phase of the game, (EU) introduces a highly anticipated assortment of goodies in the token shop that allow players to further enhance their journey. With the inclusion of item types such as ‘Gems’, ‘Fashions’ and ‘Mounts’ that become available for purchase on the 1st of September 2010, players will be more equipped than ever to customize their characters and enter the token shop launching alongside The Shadow Curse expansion.
‘The Shadow Curse’ follows the story of an evil curse that has long been forgotten. When an unidentified disruption enters the kingdom, a messenger brings word of the threat and carnage that lies ahead, placing the Emperor in troubling circumstances that only he can overcome with his influence and power.  
Following a successful campaign in the last year of operations inside of Europe, has spread across the western market and begun to establish its name as one of the leading game publishers for Chinese martial arts MMOs. With one review saying “TLBB brings a sharp tip to an already growing martial arts MMO sword” and another quoting it as “truly the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life”, The Shadow Curse is said to be jam packed full of new storylines and features that will have players on the edge of their seats, wearing down the cushions.
For more information about the latest TLBB expansion (v0.85), please visit the expansion page:
For more information about, please visit:
For more information about TLBB, please visit the official website:
Join in on the fun: