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As days walk by another game is played

Everything involving my life. Games, issues, life etc.

Author: Svartlackad

First Blogpost and a new era (hopefully) begins.

Posted by Svartlackad Wednesday December 8 2010 at 8:49AM
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So, basicly this is my first blogpost on this site. I'm gonna post a small review in this one about Torchlight (the single-player one) for now. I'll head in later to try and explain a little about me, ok? Deal? Awesome.

Torchlight (PC)

(Single-Player, No Multi-Player support. Developer: Runic Games Publisher: Perfect World.)

Firsly, let me just say that his might quite possibly be the best SP-game I've played in a long time. If you follow up the story and actually listen to what's happening it becomes really good. I'm a long-time fan of the Diablo- and Baldur´s Gate-series and I must say that Torchlight manage to keep up with the oldies.

Graphics - 8/10
Reason why I don't rate this one a pure 10 is because of the fact that it lacks graphic-settings inside the game. No brightness/contrast bars to pull so that the darkness (which is really nice btw) becomes visible. I like, however, the really cartoon-ish feel and almost like CG-look on the graphics.

Gameplay - 9/10
Yes, yes, we know. This has all be done before. But I'm a sucker for simplicity and action-oriented RPG-gameplay. It flows very nicely and the dungeons are creepy and beautiful. The downside is the skills, not too many to choose from and some even seem... well less than adequate. But overall the feel and look of things makes it easy to walk through. Also, read before do, always a good advice. Accidentally broke some of my Gold gear when transmuting cause I didn't really know how it worked and well... I was told I could sum up gear with this function.

Story - 8/10
I'm really enjoying the whole feel of the storytellers voice and the cutscenes. And also, as morbid as I may be, I enjoyed killing that annoying Brink-fella in the beginning. The ember racing through your veins and the power it makes people get is quite possibly not a new kind of story, but it is well told in this game.

Mechanics - 7/10
Drops because of the obvious "lack-of-MP" and also that some mechanics is not well explained inside where you use them but you have to have the "Tips" checked so you get annoying pop-up windows. But other than that, it has the featurettes from before mentioned games and it suits in very well. Combine that with better stability cause of the newer technology and you gain a 7.

Overall - 8/10
All in all a very nicely crafted piece of time-consumer. I would absoluty recommend this, not only though, for Diablo and Baldur´s fans. It's a great game and hopefully, with added MP, we get a 10 next time.