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Girl on Game

Gaming from a gamine perspective.

Author: Sumeragi

A Friendly Warning To All You Menfolk Out There...

Posted by Sumeragi Friday September 4 2009 at 6:19PM
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**Disclaimer:  There is some bad language in this post.  Why?  Because it's about FPSes.  And for some reason, lots of people get butt hurt when they are shot.  In a First Person SHOOTER.  Go figure.**

Noob Tube

I was playing a little COD4 the other day on Vacant when all a sudden some heated bitching about a noobtuber scrolls up on my screen:

"You fuckin' noobtubing pussy."

To those familiar with FPSes, pillow talk like that is pretty normal and actually, pretty  tame faire, especially for the COD4 crowd.  But for those of you who prefer MMOs and aren't familiar with FPS terminology, a noobtube is usually an over powered but easily accessible weapon that takes little to no skill to use (for example, a rocket launcher or grenade launcher with sexy splash damage that you kinda' sorta' mabbe' aim in a general direction and rack up kills with.)

I don't think much about it, since I've heard much better and much more original insults with that one, usually involving someone's mother, a donkey and some cheese.

"You can't aim so you gotta' fuckin' use the noobtube, you fuckin' noob?"

I check the score.  The noobtuber's only  rank 14/55.  He probably hasn't been playing very long, and when you start, you pretty much got the noobtube and nothing else perk wise.

I continue playing, hear some more bitching and drop an Airstrike on B since lots of idiots like to hide there in them weeds.  Score!  Here comes my Chopper.

And then, something that catches my attention.

"You play like a fuckin' girl."

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

I check the leader boards.

I'm second.  Where are they?  Ohhh, both somewhere on the bottom on a 32 man server.

And oddly enough, I get ticked.  Ticked enough to speak out.

At the end of the game I type, "You just lost to a "shitty" girl, moron."

(I know I know, not the wittiest come back, but you don't have a lot of time to type between rounds!)

*               *               *

Some believe that women gamers simply don't exist, a myth like the mighty Chupacabra.  But in truth, WE ARE OUT THERE--we're simply stealthy and elusive.  Like a Ninja (or should I say Kunoichi), or better yet, the magnificent Jackalope.

You see, the majority of competent female players  tend to keep quiet, going about our business whether it be topping the DPS charts, dropping air strikes on vital choke points or "melting your face" without ramming our gender down your throat.  We are "gamers" just like anyone else as opposed to "ZOMGZ TEE HEE grrl gamers," and the few that you do encounter telling people to "LOL Stop shoting, I'm a girl,"  or "My DPS is low because I'm PMSing ^^" are the vocal minority that give us all a bad name.

We are confident in our skills and don't need to use gender as a crutch, we can get our own Epics, and we aren't just cannon fodder for your AK-74u.

So the next  time you're online someone calls you a "girl" think about it.

Is it really THAT bad to play like a winner?


Asellia writes:

Good blog post, while not a girl myself, i've seen many things like that, and I find it to be complete bullshit. I know 3 girls who are gamers, and every single one of them is better then me at ALL the games I play.


More so then that, the other insults are silly too, even if it is an "easy" weapon to use, why don't they use it? And if they choose not to use it to prove a statement, it's kind of dumb that they insult people who use it when they could be themselves.

I'd definitely fall under that Noobtuber crap, when I used to play Counter-Strike, I was a proud user of the automatic sniper.


But yes, good blog post, and I get a bit huffy about statements like that too.

Sat Sep 05 2009 12:43AM Report
Taroni writes:

Funny Women folk usually put us menfolk to shame in real video games lately, check with most clan/guild/linkshell leader...(clan maybe not so much though lots of them have high voices...)

Sat Sep 05 2009 1:05AM Report
Sumeragi writes:

Heheh, thanks for the comments, even from a dirty AWPer.  There is a lot of elitism going on in COD4, and some how "spray and praying" in the general direction is still better than launching a strategic grenade down some choke point.

Alls I know is for people who DO rely on the noobtube (the ones that wield doubles--you know who you are), when they miss you with their first round, consider it an easy kill for you.

As for women clan leaders (who aren't involved in the Frag Dolls or PMS), I lead our rag tag crew, so we are definitely out there too.  (And by lead, that means I get to requisition supplies from the Commander in any BF game because they're too lazy to.) 

Sat Sep 05 2009 2:00AM Report
Acidon writes:

Right on.  It's great to hear about female gamers.  I agree that we are all just "gamers" and gender has nothing to do with it.  Both of my daughters love to play computer games.  My oldest loves FPS games and plays them with her older brother. 

FPS has never been my thing (well not since Hexen/Doom era) but I can certainly understand why gamers enjoy them.  MMOs are my thing.

Anyway, thanks for sharing that. TC


Wed Sep 09 2009 3:56AM Report
mrcalhou writes:

Ha! You go gurl! Show us menfolk that skillz aren't gender exclusive.

Wed Sep 09 2009 4:55PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

Great post enjoyed it very much.  Nice to see some FPS love around here.  :D

Thu Sep 10 2009 12:46AM Report
hoopty writes:

There was a old saying..Men are men and women are just alike..

Can i be on your team..good post btw!

Thu Sep 10 2009 12:47AM Report
Sumeragi writes:

My clannies and I will be definitely hitting up the PC release of BF1943 and MW2.

Hope to see you guys there!  (Through my sights that is.)  ;)

Thu Sep 10 2009 1:08AM Report
mageborn writes:

The main problem is that when people say "like a girl" its something most guys kinda say without thinking. Like i tell m m8s all the time they play footy like a girl, the thing is that the majority of woman are truly awful at football, same with games. More and more woman are now playing games which is great, my wife loves them. But they are and will continue to be a minority and when that minority as you pointed out generally shows themselves to be pretty bad, its kind of obvious to see why people do say "like a girl" as a insult.

Thu Sep 10 2009 2:08PM Report
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