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Gaming To Hell In A Handbasket

The trials, tribulations and musings of an MMO veteran trying to find the next holy grail.

Author: Strayfe

TERA, Fantasy & Censorship

Posted by Strayfe Sunday May 8 2011 at 8:17PM
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I think I may have shown up a bit late to the party on this one, but as somebody famous once said:

"Better late and opinionated than early and silent."

Okay, so that was me who said that, and no, I'm not really famous, I just needed a good lead-in to the article.  Journalistic license and all that, you understand, right?


TERA Online, the next generation Triple A action-MMO from En Masse Entertainment has come under fire recently from its own potential playerbase.  The reason?  The looming threat of 'westernizing' the Elin race.  For those unfamiliar with Elins, I give you the following screenshots and videos:




Scroll up to my introduction and you'll notice I put 'westernization' in quotes.  Having looked at these screenshots and those two videos, can you guess why, ladies and gentlemen?  Of course you can!  You're warm blooded Americans!  You're fine upstanding European citizens!  I bet the first thing every one of you thought is:

"Oh my god, somebody should censor this!  These are little girls wearing overly-sexualized clothes and their very existence in the realm of entertainment mediums is a shining beacon for pedophiles everywhere.  Also, I will be taking a trip to Middle Earth later, who wants to join me?  What?!  What do you mean Rivendell isn't real?!  HOGWASH AND POPPYCOCK!"

Sure, I'm laying it on a bit thick, but that's what I do.  TERA Online intends to censor the Elin to some capacity for western audiences, confirmed in a rather old interview which can be found here.

Naturally, as with many similar issues of censorship, the backlash was immediate and resounding.

Over here is a (now locked) TWO HUNDRED page thread on the official TERA forums, followed here by another 170-plus (at the time of this blog) page thread on the same subject.  There have also been rumors that Elins were originally going to be excluded from TERA's western release for their ... ah... obscene... depictions of... ah... skin or... something obscene ... or...

No, I can't even finish that sentence.  The absurdity of the whole situation is simply overwhelming.  Elins, as cute and child-like in appearance as they are (open for debate... I've never seen a child with hips like that), ARE NOT CHILDREN.  They are an imaginary race of humanoid females who are a part of an imaginary fantasy world where other fantastic things exist.  You know... those things that make up the Fantasy MMO genre?  Magic, epic swordfights, talking animals, medieval kingdoms?  All those things that don't exist in real life?

Fantasy is used as escapism.  Those of us who play MMORPGs enjoy the idea of working to advance another persona, whether it be by the stats, gear and numbers, or through character development as a roleplayer.  We do not walk through every game we play with a hawk eye, attempting to draw or create parallels to real life in every pixel.

I can't throw a fireball at someone I don't like.  I can't grab a giant, glowing blue axe from my closet and wander into Canada to start some cross-country PvP.  If I go to Compton, there won't be anyone on the street corner with a giant exclamation point floating over their head, begging for every passer-by to complete some vacuous and mundane task to earn reputation with the local thug-guild and a few benjamins for their new dubs.

So why is this all okay?  Why is it okay to have fantasy races that summon demons and the undead?  Human sacrifices, blood and gore, and all these other fantastic elements?  Obviously these vaguely promote some sort of slightly undesirable behavior and should be censored accordingly as well, right?

Of course not.

There are people, mostly the religious type, who have been trying to censor these things for years.  Listen to most of them for even a moment, talking about how World of Warcraft is satanic, and the average person will take them for what they are, an utter nutjob.

Poke through either of those TERA threads, however, and you'll find a rather sizable group of people who believe that the way Elin are portrayed somehow promotes and glorifies pedophilia, that anyone who enjoys looking at the Elins as presently constituted are pedophiles or have pedophilic tendencies, and even that the race should be removed entirely due to societal bias on adolescent sexuality.

The problem with this entire line of reasoning is simple.  It's not real.  Elins are created using 3D modeling and compositing.  They are part of the lore of a fantasy world which exists only as a block of data on a series of servers.  They are not Human children.  They are scantily clad because, in all cases of fantasy, sex sells.  We want escapism.  We want to be muscle-bound, perfect badasses, beautiful, exotic women, or mischievous nature spirits (the lore behind Elins).  We do not want to be Dave and Kate, the slightly overweight, out of shape accountant and his dorky secretary.  We have real life for that.

I'm not sure about anyone else in the world, but I learned to distinguish fantasy from reality when I was about three or four  years old.  It's one of the first lessons I believe any child should learn.  Entertainment, gaming and television in all of its forms gives us as a society an outlet to explore feelings, ideas and thoughts in a controlled, safe environment that would not be acceptable in real life.  It gives all of us an avenue to confront and handle situations or components thereof that may get us in real trouble if followed to their logical conclusion in reality.  THIS IS HEALTHY.  IT IS NOT A BAD THING.

Pedophilia IS a terrible thing.  Sexually utilizing a child for your own perverse pleasure is about the lowest thing someone can possibly do.  I'm right there with the rest of you when I say, string em up, cut their dick off, hang em upside down and leave em to rot.  I would be unequivocally naive though, if I were to suggest that it could be eliminated entirely.  People will always break the law, any law.  There have been studies done as to why, and I won't get into those, but it's going to happen.

Society as a whole has lost the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality.  A lesson that should be taught and instilled in any child from an extremely young age has either been ignored or coopted to suit the insular views of the parent.   Should I infer then, that the average person has the emotional and social development of a three year old?  I could, and from a logic standpoint, I wouldn't have a difficult time proving it, but unfortunately, things aren't that simple.

Censorship always comes down to one argument.  It's the same one that all pro-censor groups use as their ultima ratio.

"We should censor X and Y because it's a bad influence.  Children who see X and Y on television/movies/in games may turn around and do/say/become X and Y in real life."

Let me offer you an anecdote.  My first summer out of high school, I was 19 years old, and I had the opportunity to take some volunteer work for a non-profit company engaged in caring for and rehabilitating developmentally and learning disabled adults.  During my second week of the two-month long program, I was assigned to work with a man who we'll simply call Jim.  For all of his faults, Jim wasn't a bad guy as far as developmentally disabled people go.  I didn't have hardly any problems with him until one day.

We were doing arts and crafts, as I recall, something to do with colored stencils (those things that have the shapes, stars, circles and what not that you trace and color in).  Things were going great until I showed him the next step in the project which involved a couple of stencils in the shape of triangles.

The man went completely and totally apeshit, flipped over the table and started attacking and literally going berserk on anything within range, including me.  I wasn't exactly small or a wimp at the time, but I felt like I was getting pummeled by the fucking hulk.  It ended up taking about a dozen people to restrain him and prevent him from tearing the place apart.  When things had finally calmed down, and I was explaining what had happened to set him off, I mentioned the word 'triangle' again, not realizing the problem, and Jim went completely apeshit yet again.

Turns out, the shape of a triangle or the word 'triangle' triggered some strange thought process in his head, causing him to go into berserk mode. 

Should I go on a crusade for the rest of my life against triangles?  Should I call up every television network and demand that any instance of a triangle, or the word triangle should be censored because it might make someone lose their mind and kill?  Of course not.

Do you understand the slippery slope you run into when you demand that everything be censored, simply on the POTENTIAL for a problem?  It's wrong. 

There are people out there who will find different things offensive.  Personally, I find most celebrities to be pathetic, horrible role models whose very existence degrades the Human race.  Should I call for their censorship?  Of course not.  I may not like them, but they are a part of society.  If I go and kill somebody and claim that Britney Spears made me do it, should Britney be banned from all media?

If someone plays TERA and sees an Elin, then goes out and molests a child believing that they look like one, the problem lies with the individual being a fucking lunatic and not on the game for containing fantastic content that serves as an escape for millions of normal people who have no problem with them.

If I find Elins to be hot, alluring, cute and awesome, does that somehow make me a pedophile?  Despite the fact that I would go to my own grave before harming a child in real life?

Society - Take some personal responsibility and quit ranting, raving and carrying on about these mysterious 'potential scenarios' and strange, bizarre leaps of logic. 

Let fantasy be what it's meant to be, a healthy escape for people disenchanted with the daily grind of dealing with the exact types of people trying to censor it.

Nataraya writes:

Good read, shows a example of the increasing incpompetence of our societies to relation themselves with the diferent.

Mon May 09 2011 5:23AM Report
Dengar writes:

Not bad, but it seems to exclude an important tid-bit: the character is very human in appearance, aside from some silly ears and a tail. I'd seen some of these videos previously, and thought "Um, this is a bit off." I love the concept of the races, but having them dance around in skantly clad outfits goes takes them from the usual anime-style cuteness to something that feels distasteful (probably mainly due to the outfits).

Watch the linked videos in front of your wife/girlfriend or just consider it. I've watched porn with my g/f and it wasn't a huge deal, but I can't imagine watching this, simply because the character looks too similar to a sexualized child. Compared with the Popori (sp?), were they to dance around in a similar fashion with similar clothes, it would be funny. Why? Because they distinctly come off as not-human. I understand the author's point, and that this is fantasy, but appearances are everything.

Tom and Jerry was a kid's show because when Tom got shot, he didn't die. It clearly stood out as "not real." People went overboard when they said the guns were too violent; even as a child, I knew that guns weren't a toy (but I grew up in South Gate and sneaked into the living room to watch the nightly news, so maybe I was different). Perhaps with sprites the Elin could pull this off, but with the graphics and smooth animation, they're a tad too human (specifcally, human child) for me to feel comfortable with their dress and manner.

Mon May 09 2011 10:50AM Report
Arzacane writes:

I know I'm going to probably start an argument saying this, but it has to be said. When are parents going to take responsibility and make sure their kids aren't doing or seeing something they shouldn't be? One of the reasons our rights are being taken away is because parents are getting lazy and letting the government take over. Pretty soon, we'll just start popping out kids and handing them over to our local government. Hell, if you don't want the responsibility, don't have 'em. Otherwise, make sure they aren't accessing websites and media they shouldn't. Put locks on the games you don't want them to play. And if the issue is you not wanting to see something, it's simple. Don't look at it or deal with it. There's things in games I don't like seeing, but if I want to play the game, I just accept it. If it's not something I can accept, I just don't play. I've grown up understanding that not everything is or will be made to my taste, it's a part of life. Ok, end of rant. *sips his coffee and goes back to Oblivion*

Mon May 09 2011 11:40AM Report
Heretique writes:

We live in a society that is afraid of everything and would rather throw blame at everything and anything they can. Not going to rant because it's worthless.

Mon May 09 2011 12:19PM Report
etinel writes:

Dengar hit the nail on the head.

"Watch the linked videos in front of your wife/girlfriend or just consider it. I've watched porn with my g/f and it wasn't a huge deal, but I can't imagine watching this, simply because the character looks too similar to a sexualized child."

Mon May 09 2011 2:37PM Report
Strayfe writes:

"Watch the linked videos in front of your wife/girlfriend or just consider it. I've watched porn with my g/f and it wasn't a huge deal, but I can't imagine watching this, simply because the character looks too similar to a sexualized child."

Your mileage may vary.  I know people I could show this to, both male and female who would be disgusted.  But I also know people both male and female who would see it for what it is, a female race that appeals to fans of anime and asian culture in general, you know... the target audience for korean grinder MMOs.

The problem is, while it may look like a child, it isn't.  Fantasy doesn't cease to be fantasy when parallels can be drawn to real life.  There are people who don't find Elins attractive, or see them as too child-like to be considered in a sexual manner.  Other people find the same qualities attractive.  It's why the asian porn market is so popular. 

Western society has conditioned us to look at certain aspects and depictions of media as morally wrong.  In other words, if it isn't a giant, double D babe with unrealistic proportions, it must be designed solely to represent a child.  There are plenty of adults with flat chests and youthful features and plenty of people who find that attractive.

Here's the ultimate kicker though and the part I'm going to take shit for.  Even if it could be proven that Elins were -specifically- designed as a parallel to sexualized children, there STILL wouldn't be anything wrong with that.

They aren't real.

Nobody is harmed by looking at those screenshots or watching those videos.  If a pedophile can get their jollies from ogling half-clothed digital girls and it keeps them from roaming the streets looking for the real thing, how is that in any way even remotely bad?


Mon May 09 2011 2:53PM Report
neorandom writes:

but world of warcraft is the spawn of satan, thats why its so popular, all those whicked satan worshippers playing it!


wow players, selling their souls for 14.99 a month to blizzard!

Mon May 09 2011 11:15PM Report
Gahnzo writes:

You have to look at it in a korean stand point. This kind of thing is normal to them. I mean, there is loads of hentai featuring girls under the age of 16, though its an anime or dating sim. I dont think they thought NA and European players would react to the Elin the way they did. In reality there is nothing wrong with the Elin, really. Their current attire is perfectly acceptable, seeing as Tera's game rating is expected to be "Mature".

I personally find the Elin a cute race and I plan on playing one, maybe 2. Thats not to say I wasnt weirded out by them at first, but after I got to play one I got comfortible with them. And there is nothing wrong with that, even my girlfriend finds the race adorable.

Now for some facts! BHS and EM have both stated they will NOT be removing the Elin from the NA and European versions, only "censoring" them. They have explained; what this means is the armor will be changed only slightly, by adding stockings to the armors and such.

I think this will be a very tasteful change to the Elin, and should make the pedophilia-phobic players a bit less restless. If not then I dont expect to see many of them in the game.

Tue May 10 2011 5:42AM Report
etinel writes:


"Even if it could be proven that Elins were -specifically- designed as a parallel to sexualized children, there STILL wouldn't be anything wrong with that."



Sexualized children are not something you should enjoy  - in any form. 


This is exactly what gives gamers a bad rep right here.

Tue May 10 2011 10:44AM Report
Strayfe writes:

"Sexualized children are not something you should enjoy  - in any form.  This is exactly what gives gamers a bad rep right here."

Fortunately, we live in a society that holds people accountable for their actions and not their thoughts.  And, once again, you miss the point.  Having a parallel to something in real life does not make it real.

Anyone even remotely familiar with the asian game/anime market knows that there is all sorts of media that depicts the same sorts of stuff I posted in those screenshots and videos.

Just because you were raised under the iron fist of western society, doesn't give you the right to judge an entire culture on what they might think or feel toward anyone or anything.

Now, if they go out and actually sexually assault a child?  You better believe they deserve every nasty thing that happens to them.

Tue May 10 2011 12:40PM Report
Jumdor writes:

While I agree scensorship is a bad thing in many forms, and I in no way think these characters or creatures represent human children. The issue that you run into is that as your statement made below this.


"They are not Human children.  They are scantily clad because, in all cases of fantasy, sex sells."


They are not, but they can be looked at in the same light by most people and closely referenced to them. It would be different if she was actually clothed I think in a more complete way and not some doll. Again of course that ties into escapism.

We talk about escapism, but isn't that what pedophiles do? Escape into fantasies of such things. To desire to use and abuse children.

Now I could care what they use cause in a sense halflings like from "Lord of the Rings" can be put in the same light, but most of the time they are fully clothed. When you get into an area of thought where a character could easily be viewed as a child cosplaying a fantasy creature half dressed then you tend to have a lot of parents running around blaming the game instead of paying attention to what their own children are wearing.

Do you blame a person for stealing your car cause you left it running when you walked in a store? Yes. Because they are the one who stole it. However you have to accept partial blame as well cause it was like asking them to take it.

On the same note I think they could be dressed more fully, and fantasy or not act like adult characters. Not stand like they are at a fashion show and giggle like children while fighting dragons or demons or whatever may be put into their path of adventure. This is an opinion based on my tastes for a more serious style of fantasy not a negative look at this individual game.

All in the same respect of escapism, but while you see a fantasy character there are people who see worse things and visualize horrible things that over time can encourage them to do horrible things. This does not excuse their action nor does it mean they wouldn't have done them anyway.

We say sex sells like we accept it. It makes the point clear that they make them appear sexual and thus it would give them the desire to have sex with said subject. Now while most take this and just think oh she's hot and once not playing go on about their lives. Obviously certain mentally problematic individuals cannot just shut it off, and psychologically it eats at them till they do something about it.

If a person is talked into trying crack, and becomes addicted. Do you blame them entirely for choosing to do the wrong thing? How about the drug dealer isn't he to blame as well for providing the product. He's selling drugs and encouraging their sell. These games along with many other forms of media and entertainment do as well. So they have to take some of the blame as they are the influencer in a manner of speaking. The person who can't handle the addiction is out in society with a horrible and criminal mindset while being told over and over to desire things that he probably shouldn't.

Example: Just because it's ok to someone that maybe their daughter dresses like a hooker cause she thinks it's cool doesn't mean that there aren't people out there who wouldn't think the wrong thing about her, or want to do the wrong thing to her. They see their loving and beautiful daughter. This sick individual sees her as a fix for their addiction. Because they have tons of influence to be interested in sex, and your daughter had tons of influence to dress in a sexual enticing fashion.

If you sell sex like a drug then the customers that come for the product are usually going to desire that.

*If my spelling is not up to par then I am to blame for not using a checker. If you point this out then you are to blame for paying attention to a small error instead of the purpose of what I have said.* <Not aimed at anyone directly.

Tue May 10 2011 3:35PM Report
etinel writes:

Strayfe :

  • Why give people an outlet to experience these feelings? 
  • How can that do anything but encourage more of these feelings, or at least desensitize you to it. 









Tue May 10 2011 4:22PM Report
Strayfe writes:


1) Because, whether we like it or not, there are sick people in the world who will feel the urge to sexually assault a child.  The more options and outlets there are for these people to relieve their tension without harm coming to anyone the better. 

2) Desensitize me to what?  The fact that people are thinking, dreaming and hoping for horrible things?  Not necessary.  I already know.  I don't care in the slightest if every single person I meet secretly wishes in their mind that they could legally molest a child.  Do I feel and think the same?  Not on your life. 

Pedophiles and child molesters are not the same thing.  Using your logic, all pedophiles are child molesters and all PEOPLE PERIOD are rapists.  I'm sure you've looked at a girl on the street and secretly desired her in your mind.  What a sick individual you are.

You MUST be able to separate thoughts from actions.  If you can't, you run the risk of a slipperly slope that is more dangerous than any pedophile.  Thoughts are private and any actions that have no victims (such as looking at Elins in a sexual manner) are also private.


Most of your post falls under this logical fallacy.  You do make a few interesting points, though, but again you're drawing parallels to real life where there are none.

Elins aren't real, and thus can't be compared to a girl whose parents let her wear hookerish clothing. 

The only valid argument you make against the clothing of this race, is the argument that it's a bad influence which I've already covered in my original article.

I will reiterate this again.  Fantasy doesn't cease to be fantasy because parallels can be drawn to real life.  Uncanny valley effect aside.

Tue May 10 2011 6:31PM Report
etinel writes: You are right, the whole point of the fantasy genre is to play out a desirable fiction. But that's the point. Why would something that represents a sexualized child be desirable to anyone but those attracted to it? Eh. Anyways this was a good article. Thanks for posting intelligent responses. Tue May 10 2011 8:24PM Report
xmenty writes:

I love anime but these videos are really bad taste cos it freaks me out.

Wed May 11 2011 12:43AM Report
Dengar writes:

I understand cultural differences and fantasy vs. realism, but we have to draw the line some where. Certain Arabic cultures have almost poetic ways of calling their political opponent a Jew that's based on old Arabic structures and symbols. The art is fine, but the "Jew" part isn't something many societies would really pass along. Why? Because this is usually when fantasy and reality start to merge.

If you write fiction about physically harming a top government official, it's not going to be taken lightly. If you draw a picture of a co-worker in a sexual situation, it's going to cause a ruckuss. And as mentioned with the "Jew" example, it's not just when you target an individual but an identifiable group. No, not all these situations will get you in trouble 100% of the time, but it's usually when trouble starts brewing.

That's why you have fantasy. Blur the lines. Orcs in most fantasy work as bad guys because they're completely demonized and given little to no redeeming qualities. If people read into them as something, say as Native Americans and how they're viewed by the dominate culture, we may have a problem. We can talk about it, like in this situation and sexualized children, but is that the aim of the game? As a forum for discussing the point a person should be considered as a potential sexual partner?

Cover them up a bit or make them seem less human and you can make the problem go away. It's supposed to be a video game. The drama is supposed to stem from player actions, not developer art ;P

Wed May 11 2011 1:58AM Report
uzin34 writes:

Well, my natural reaction to this is that of negativity. Probably it stems from my experience and education/cultural upbringing, but anything that remotely insinuates pedophilia is extremely repulsive to me. As for the reason why Korean MMOs sometimes feature this sort of characters is beyond me. I currently reside in Korea, but I hardly see, I said "hardly" not "ever" because I see 15ish girls dancing in skimpy outfit on TV, any cultural a-ok mentality for pedophilia. Even lots of older Korean gamers are saying some characters from Tera are just too much. They told me they cant play it in one of those pc room things they have here out of embarrasment. On the contrary to what Gahnzo said, pedophilac undertone is not embedded in Korean culture. It's Japanese. the very word "hentai" is Japanese. when I traveled to Japan, I was appalled by their Manga section having a "child romance" section as I call it. there are bunch of comic books dedicated soley on portraying extreme pedophilia, even some featuring infants. That being said, I really doubt that they have as many cases of pedophilia there as they have in most western countries. and it is not one of those, "Oh it is because those people think light of it so they do not go to the police" crap. It is crime almost everywhere. In fact, I had a bit of startling experience in Cambodia where I was greeted at the airport with a pamphlet saying "Having sex with children is WRONG" in bold English. They lock up or deport ,well I forgot the exact number it said on the booklet ,but something close to like 800 pedophiles a yr, mainly western men if not all. You can imagine how horrified I was when I was approached by one of local girls selling stuff in front of Angkor Wat asking me whether I liked her. She couldnt have been like 11. Also in Phillipines, my brit friends and I were really tempted to punch those western tourist type of guys with TOO young looking local girls, but was not so sure how old they actually were, but couldnt have been over 13ish. Also, in Rome, there were this Gypsy type of characters loitering around with their boys. one of the local friends told me they were there for pedophiles to come and pick them up, tho I cannot validate the truth of it. So naturally it got me thinking. Are we afraid of and appalled by anything that has any innuendos about pedophilia however remote it might be because we live in a society where pedophilia is more pervasive and in your face? <-- this is an actual question, not a rhetorical one, i mean im not starting anything here.  I mean I am not gonna pretend to know anything about statistics on this, but it is just based on my very limited personal experience. Just writing this and re-living the moments leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. So I say anything that can promote pedophilia should be banned. I just dont know whether this kind of MMOs will do just that.

Thu May 12 2011 1:00AM Report
spookshow writes:

censorship causes blindness.

Thu May 12 2011 2:30AM Report
kdchan writes: @sppokshow Agree, censorship is bad in every form because someone else force a vision into you, expecially if we talking about fictional content. I'm mature enought to choose myself what i can play, see and what not, expecially in a fantasy enviroment, moreover if you have to pay to play. This force and unecessary change piss me off so much. Surely not all anime fans can understand why the fandom like catgirls but majority of people who play this race are anime fans anyway who like cute creatures that do cute things. @uzin34 This is unrelated to the game. Generalizing japanese people is stupid and racist. Japanese people are the most kind people in the entire world, they have a huge respect of people because their society is based on collectivism and in conseguence of this they have the most low crime rate in the entire world even if they have any sort of fictional and fantasy stuff that a westerner can find questionable. I complety understand this and i not agree with your last statement about fictional bannable content, but is me. Thu May 12 2011 3:33PM Report
uzin34 writes:

To kdchan. You r right, my apology for unrelated wall of text. However, I wasnt over generalizing Japanese culture or have the undertone of racism. the statement "japanese people are the most kind people in the entire world" is the very definition of over generalization, albeit a positive one. I was merely recalling something I experienced. Also, I pointed out the fact that despite all this, I do not think they have much crime there. as for the questionable fantasy, maybe it shoots off from my ignorance, but i do not understand how people can enjoy manga based on sexual encounters between an inifant and his mother, such as famous "adult baby" series. even my japanese friends thought they were for "weirdos". sorry for sidetracking the thread, my apologies. 

Thu May 12 2011 8:56PM Report
qumars writes:

dummest and the most stupid thing I have ever read in a game industry history. its computer graphics, get a life and if you dont like it get the hell out. 

Thu May 12 2011 9:35PM Report
qumars writes:

therer plenty games out there made by Japanese and koreans, that are even worse. Hentai games another example, they have got plenty of it in there, now if you wanna whine about graphics, then you should consider looking into stuff like that.

Thu May 12 2011 9:43PM Report
ray12k writes:

eather way it does not matter to me since i dont girl charecters lol

But as for the people saying it looks like a child, I think it looks more like a 17-30 year old in cosplay....

Thu May 12 2011 10:38PM Report
kdchan writes: @uzin34 What other people like or not is not your and my business i guess, everyone has a different tastes when we speak about fiction and fantasy enviroment. I wont judge the tastes of other people, everyone has the right to watch and see what they want if you don't harm anyone. On the japanese matter since anime and manga of every genre exist since late 60 and are unrelated to real life events i have nothing again them. If something is not a problem for the society than there is no problem at in the first place. Morals are a thing, real life issue another thing. I know for a foreigner maybe is weird to understand so i don't judge people who dislike certain things like you. Having a different opinion is part of the freedom of speech in what i believe. Fri May 13 2011 8:55AM Report
GroovyFlower writes:

In holland you dont have to censor at all i think we aloud more then most countrys in the whole world. But britain germany and some other countrys in europe are also very conservative and prolly happy with censor the looks of these ingame characters. I realy dont se why they should censor it but thats becouse im from holland.

Fri May 13 2011 3:41PM Report
Latella writes:

In spain, there is a famous assassin called "The assassin of the katana" who basically looked very much like the main char from ff8 and murdered his parents and a neighbour with a sword because he felt like it brought him closer to the character.

Please, ban every single japanese rpg, and any game that portraits oprhan characters with swords.

Sat May 14 2011 2:45PM Report
LadyMeru writes:

The body looks like a human ADULT female body imo, but the face doesn't exactly look human - IE the tail, ears, and over all shape of the face + make up tend to make it look more sprite - esq , but  I can see similarities to human charicteristics face wise; there is no denying that. However, with that being said I still tend to agree with Strayfe's logic on this one.

Sat May 14 2011 4:05PM Report
The_Quester writes:

I just find it funny that to "Eastern audiences" this is just some cute race of bunny-eared people and to the "Western audiences/censors/whatever" it's all, "OH MY GOD THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!!"

I mean.... what is it? Is it the no boobs? Because it cant be anything else. As pointed out in the report they have huge hips which is a sign of a woman and not a kid. The face doesnt look any different that the faces seen in other characters in anime so what we got left is the no boobs. Apparenlty being flat chested means you are a kid.

Which is extremely strange because there are adult women who are flat chested in this world last time i checked.

Thu May 26 2011 10:38AM Report
end0rphine writes:

People will see what they want to see. 

What I see is a cute bunny girl with large thighs o_0

Thu Jul 28 2011 7:12AM Report
ladyattis writes:

I like the lower picture better, but the color of the dress is meh. I don't like TERA because it's like an BDSM parade or something from all the weird ass pictures I've seen of the Male Castanics. O_O

Fri Jul 29 2011 4:08AM Report
HZAres writes:

they should start censoring dragons, because they are all naked like really really naked... and stuff.

Tue Mar 20 2012 8:10PM Report
MeerieBella writes:

Lol the censorship is completely retarded. Sad thing is EME wants WoW players to come on Tera who NEVER played asian mmo's in their lives who hate anime in general. And the company is a n00b company in general that just wants to make another WoW game out of a korean mmo and they ended up screwing the armors in the process. Arrogantly claimed it was a matter of opinon and art. SORRY BUT GLITCHING/BUGGED CLOTHES THAT WERE NEVER THERE IS NOT OPINONS AND ART EME.

Seriously people can be so stupid. It's a game character in a video-game and elin is nothing NEW to the U.S. Market. There has been multiple games, shows, and artbook that has these type of characters in it. All the poor thing does is wear armor and people act like she's actual living being wearing hooker make-up and swinging around on a pole. HELLO PEOPLE DO YOUR RESEARCH. You'll actually find there's tons and tons of games out there sold in the U.S. that already has these characters in it and they are not uncommon in asian mmos.

These are polygons and models. These are NOT your children and you have some issues if you do think some bobble-headed fictional anime character with big weapons on the screen is your kid.,Seek a therapist because your defiration between reality and fiction is off. It's like the idiots with the same crap they tried on GTA.

All this censorship did was please religious extremist biggots who would never play this game and prudes. Jeezus the game is rated M+17 and it's being treated like a Disney Game, not a game meant for mature people.

I don't give a hoot what EME has done. Their a coward company that doesn't know what the hell their doing with an asian mmo and making into something it' s not. Brian Knoxx should really stick to titles like WoW if this company is gonna butcher everything they get.

I'm glad I canceled my order. Not gonna pay for a P2P where the company can't even show proper customer service to it's paying customers and treats them almost like criminals.


If you don't like asian mmo's then don't freakin play them. Leave them to the ones who will play them and don't have problems with video-game characters. Go back to WoW.

Fri Apr 13 2012 11:36AM Report
PoopyStuff writes:

No Victim - No Crime.

Nothing wrong with it AT ALL.


End of Story.

Sat May 05 2012 9:02PM Report writes:
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