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Gaming To Hell In A Handbasket

The trials, tribulations and musings of an MMO veteran trying to find the next holy grail.

Author: Strayfe

We Are People - We Are Not "Internets" - We Are Not All Male

Posted by Strayfe Monday February 9 2009 at 4:21PM
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How often have you been engaging in a conversation with someone, usually of the antagonistic variety, only to have them (or a bystander) belt out the phrase, "It's the internet", as a qualifying excuse for some behavior they were exhibiting?

This grand example of a 'no-shit-sherlock' has become the rallying cry of griefers everywhere.  Mad at the guy camping your corpse?  Let him know, and chances are he'll counter with "d00d, it's the internet, u mad?'.  A heated discussion between guild members over someone acting like a tool shed in guild chat might be interrupted by one member's cry of "lol internets". 

When 25 people (or more) have just spent a solid two hours (or more) on raid/endgame content, only to fail at the last minute for some foolish reason, these people are going to be understandably frustrated and upset.  Don't let anyone else know, however, because odds are you are going to be accosted by that one mental giant with his intelligent offering of "GUH... IT'S JUST AN INTERNET GAME!"

Amazingly, these people see themselves as more mature than the rest of us, due, inexplicably, to their belief that they are prophets and apparently the only ones capable of perceiving that, yes, we are in fact all on the internet.  The rest of us are stuck in the Matrix, while they are Neo, able to distance themselves at will, when it suits them.  Never mind the fact that they just spent the last three hours there with the rest of us.

"Normal" people chide those of us on the "internets", decrying our chosen hobbies as invalid because they don't involve sports, booze, clubbing or sex.  

Talk to a parent with a kid on the internet recently?  That guy you've known on the internet for seven years can't be your friend because it's the internet.  No females on the internet.  We're all avatars, lying about our personal information for the benefit of... something or other.  That girl (or guy) who posted her (or his) picture obviously photoshopped it because it's the internet.  We all have fake pics.  Everything is a virus, everyone you talk to is a sex offender and a stalker.  Everything is and should be illegal and immoral, blah blah blah... etc.. etc.. etc..

The amount of ignorance spewed from otherwise intelligent people is astonishing sometimes.  Don't believe me?  Listen to the uproar in your guild chat the next time you get a new member who says that they're female.  Matter of fact, let me save you the trouble, here's a transcript from every such instance EVER:

GuildLeader: Everyone welcome GamerWithObviouslyFemaleName (GWOFN) to the guild!

GWOFN: Hi guys ^_^

GuildMember1: OMG, LOL

GuildMember2: hihi

GuildMember 3: Welcome.

GWOFN: Glad to be here.

GuildMember4: Hey new guy.

GuildMember2: OMG, LOL

GuildLeader: AFK

GuildMember1: het dude, ask him if he wants to party w/ us

GuildMember1: mt

GWOFN: Um... guys, I'm not a he.

GuildMember3: WTF!

GuildMember2: Pics or it didn't happen.

GuildMember5: Tits or GTFO

GuildMember6: No girls on the internet:

GuildMember1: OMG, LOL!

GuildMember4: Cyber?

GuildMember6: Get on Vent... VENT!  I lust after you, oh goddess of girl gamers everywhere, please disregard this blatant attempt to begin an internet relationship which may or may not end in us meeting somewhere on down the line for wild monkey sex.

GWOFN: ...

GuildMember5: o.O

GuildMember3: Hey remember so-and-so?  He said he was a girl when he joined but we found out he was a guy... I bet this is a guy too.  Ventrilo immediately... also please disregard the fact that I most likely tried to cyber with said guy-posing-as-a-girl, and am now butthurt.

GuildMember1: Cyber?

GuildMember7: lol internets


GWOFN: ...


GuildMember9: I remember Willie's best friend's son's old guild leader dated this girl on the internet and eventually found out that she was a "he" lol internets!

(Everyone agrees with GM9)

(Insert everyone's favorite anecdote about the guy they sort of knew who ran into one person pretending to be female on the internet, thus validating two things; everyone who claims to be female is male and everyone in this guild fails basic logic.)

The interesting thing is, most of these people will probably try to cozy up to her in PM at the same time this is going on.  But I digress.

The point I'm trying to make is this; the reason you all like your favorite game is not because of that great gameplay feature, that awesome pvp system, that mass of endgame content, or the incredible customization, it's the community, the people.

We stay with the games we love because we've made friends there.  The interactions we have while participating in our various online hobbies make the worlds of these games come alive.  The friendships, the rivalries, the competition and yes, even the drama all serve to make these communities what they are, and that is simply this; capable of holding the interest of their respective player base for months and in many cases, even years on end.

That is why our respective favorite MMOs are our favorites.  Period.

Sometimes I feel as though many people simply don't grasp the fact that they're playing with other PEOPLE in an MMO.  This is the internet, and the internet is a part of real life.  We all spend real time participating in real hobbies which are as valid as those of the slack-jawed jock who logs on once a week to check his shirtless myspace pics, while simultaneously sniping at all the "n0 lyfe nerds".

Make your MMOs come alive.  Have friends and friendships, enemies, rivalries, girlfriends or boyfriends, drama, wars, all of the above if you wish and it suits your gaming experience, because let me tell you something, none of you are going to remember that idiot who squeals "lol internets" like he's the funniest little shit on said internets, but you will all remember your friends, relationships and enemies that make your chosen games; your chosen hobbies what they are.



Ziboo writes:

 Funny and too true especially about being a girl/lady/woman/female!  Can't possibly be true!

People do tend to invalidate online as less than real.  There is an importance to face time with 'real' people, but online gaming friends, etc., are no less real.  So insults, rudeness, crushes, love, kindness joy, anger, heartache work just the same as in 'real life'.  

Saying it's just a game so excusable to be offensive - well its offensive!  I've watched a guild member get involved with another only to be slammed to the ground by this @#%%^ as she thought it was okay to mess with his emotions as they were only kidding online.  

Love the show The Guild  for bringing this more mainstream!!!  We all know people that could be those characters.


Mon Feb 09 2009 7:40PM Report
dcostello writes:

  I mean I guess I can see the internet reactions one may have as real, but then again one must define what "real" means.  To do this, I would suggest i dunno, the thousands of philosophical books on metaphysics (basically the study of what is real).  If Plato was around during the Interenet Age, I think he would agree that the interactions one has on the internet are real in the sense that the "ideas" (i.e. justice, good, beauty, etc.) are real....but this is probably not what you mean by real.  Well, at least it's always something fun to think about.

Mon Feb 09 2009 8:18PM Report
Respit writes:

Unfortunately, you see examples of your "story" way to often anymore. When a simple posted screenshot rates a comment along the lines of, "I'd hit dat!!!!", it really makes me question the direction this ia all headed.

The anomynity of the internet has somehow been translated into not having to be personally responsible for ones actions.

Thanks for the blog. Nice read.

P.S. I was going to give it a Bump, but for the life of me, I don't see where to do that. Help?

Mon Feb 09 2009 8:44PM Report
gan3f writes:

why you so angry and write all this.. lol internets.

Mon Feb 09 2009 9:47PM Report
TechSmart writes:

HAHA, I like this post, here is why I like it. I played Perfect World and was forced to play a female character which I pretty much resented and got used to it after a while. What was funny was that I started getting along pretty well with the female members of the guild as all of them were guys, no fashion sense, lets kit him out rofl.

I recently started playing WOW and decided I would play a Female Warlock as my character in PW was also a spellcaster. OMFG did I get hit on and it was like 5 minutes of being in a group with a guy character and all the sexual suggestions and the abuse I got when I told them I was a guy. Girls I know what you are going through. To make a long story short I finally deleted my character rofl.

Oh and on a subnote I agree quoting "thats the internet dude" is bloody lame please come up with a viable suggestion people

Tue Feb 10 2009 12:33AM Report
lliberty writes:

hmm, I guess I am on another internet?

My guilds for the last 9-10 years have mostly been 30%+ female. Most married couples playing together. The WoW guild my wife is in right now has 50/50, as it is all "older" couples.

We believe each other when we say things. We have trust. We are good friends, even though seperated, in some cases by 1000's of miles. We do sometimes talk on the phone, but mostly in game or vent.

Now, all that said, *I* tend to be very cavalier about the internet. I trust people are telling the truth until they catch themselves in a lie. Then I /ignore them. There is no point in investing more than a brief few seconds of contempt.


Tue Feb 10 2009 2:01AM Report
Griffihn writes:

ok...i really don't get it. wtf!? so what if the ones you play with are females? big fucking deal. heck, i've been a gamer for the better part of the last decade and i got my ass kicked by women more then i can count. if the one behind the keyboard is a she expect 2 things: sexual talk/cybering (unless you have some manners to begin with) 2. one heck of a good gamer with both speed speed/skills (most of the time) and a wicked fashion sense. yea, ok, i'm a guy but i've never understood this sexist attitude towards women (and no, i'm not gay either).

as for the "haha, internets" attitude....GET A LIFE! (anywhere but in the MMOs world). i spend 10-12h a day in a game and for that i'm taken for a nerd or hell knows what? WTF!? just 'cause this way of living is relatively new it doesn't mean you have to mock or anything. you like sports? then you spend 10-12h a day either watching sport channels or training. you like music? you spend most of your time practicing. same thing with gamers. just that we prefer being in a game with friends (sometimes girlfriend or family---i've seen it done and i do it) just like others prefer going to a bbq or smth. just 'cause our notions of fun and friendship differ that doesn't mean you, the "normal, mature" moho are the one right in our eyes.

Tue Feb 10 2009 3:59AM Report
ThalosVipav writes:

The tendancy to be rude or just a down right asshole just because "its the internet" has gotten way out of control. Ive been playing MMO's for the better part of 10 years now and this has been getting progressively worse. WoW has done alot of things for this genre, one of them being bringing more immaturity to the scene. Not because of the game itself, yes I play it, but more because of the volume it has brought. Bring the masses to something and you are bound to bring the assholes as well.

As for female gamers...I feel for them. My WoW rogue is female. Mainly cause I think a woman would make a better assassin. But my god do I get hit on alot. Random tells from idiots wanting to meet me somewhere to talk, asking if i have a boyfriend, etc. Thank god for /ignore. I dont even bother responding with "im a guy moron" anymore.

Nice read, and sadely too true on all accounts.

Tue Feb 10 2009 9:49AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

I can flat guarantee you Female gamers > Male gamers is 90% of all aspects of online gaming, Plus when they PvP they get downright VIOLENT lol

If you don't believe me You should I've seen it in just about every MMO I've played that had PvP options in it. They just lose their minds and gain some unholy bloodlust about it xD

Tue Feb 10 2009 9:53AM Report
Annwyn writes:

One thing I must say about these posts is that the culprit who uses expressions like: "lol internet" is obviously younger. Which would explain all the weird behavior when it comes to talking with someone who claims to be a girl or someone using a female character. I mean...I doubt a 25 years old will say such things (but then again....who knows....)

I completly agree with Strayfe post. Only thing is that games are making it harder and harder to meet people as they take the solo game path but that's another topic.

Tue Feb 10 2009 10:04AM Report
Teala writes:

Awesomely written and well said!  Bravo!   I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

Tue Feb 10 2009 10:12AM Report
erandur writes:

Heheh, I kind of recognize that scenario. :) I must say though, female gamers CAN (not saying that they do!) take an advantage of it. My friend and I tried that (neither one of us is actually female), he just got kicked out of the guild. So I came up with a plan, by saying the guy they kicked quit playing, and his sister took over. You should've seen the reactions! He didn't act any different, but now almost everybody liked him (or her :}), he even got a shitload of free money by begging. :)

Tue Feb 10 2009 10:20AM Report
Aelya writes:

As a female gamer, I salute the OP and give this blog a great bump for great justice. Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling out the ignorant trolls that infest MMO's. They can be a real pain in the ass, and I sadly need to use the /ignore feature in any game I play more often than i'd like.

It's why I play EVE and CoX. Far more mature communities that actually make me feel welcome and not make baseless accusations and ignorant blanket statements.

Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. :D

Thu Aug 27 2009 10:38PM Report writes:
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