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Editor's Note

Jon Wood, the Managing Editor of, gives his opinions on news, games, and all things MMORPG.

Author: Stradden

Thoughts on the G4 Stargate Worlds Video

Posted by Stradden Thursday July 3 2008 at 10:44AM
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Last night, G4TV aired a segment on the upcoming MMORPG from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Stargate Worlds.

The video itself, which can be watched in its entirety here, not only provided a few tidbits of new information about the upcoming game, but also gives us our first look at the gameplay itself. I’m going to use this blog entry to talk a little bit about my impressions of the video and what we learned.

What We Learned

The X-Play segment didn’t provide a whole lot of new information for people who have been following the game’s development, but they did clarify a number of issues:

The characters from the TV series will make appearances in the game, and they will be voiced by the actors.

Personally, I like this development. It’s something that Cheyenne Mountain has been  teasing us with almost since the game was announced. It seems like a no-brainer to me from a design perspective. If they want us to believe that this game will somehow run congruently with the show, and that it is a continuation of the lore, then they more or less had to make the familiar faces available to players for interaction.

They are not going for a first person shooter style in combat

There has been some speculation amongst fans that SGW should be using a more first-person inspired combat style for their game. After all, they have been touting their combat system since day one. Tactics, they tell us, are going to be very important in the game. Things like cover, line of sight, etc are going to be very important.

From where I stand, while a first person combat system would have been cool, I don’t know if that would have really fit in with what the developers are trying to accomplish. I think that a more standard MMORPG combat system is probably a good idea.

To me, the combat portions of the video took me immediately back to Tabula Rasa. In fact, the two games seem to share a combat system (I’m sure that further details will show that they are actually quite different). I’m hoping that they find a way to make players feel a little bit more like they were in control than Tabula Rasa did. In that game, I never quite felt like I was in control of actually shooting the enemies. I think the best way to describe it would be Storm Trooper syndrome: I point the gun and I pull the trigger, but where that lazer ends up is anyone’s guess.

General Impressions

Art Direction

I thought that, for the most part, the game looks like it’s coming along nicely. As I’m seeing more and more of it coming together, I’m really digging the art style of the game. Like they said in the video, they’re not going for photo-realism, and I think that was a wise move. Trying to make the game look too real would have undermined the idea that they can get away with more in terms of what they create and add to the TV series lore. With a slightly more stylized (but nothing I would go so far as to call cartoony) art style, they have the freedoms to make the players look cooler and more heroic.


The trailer moved along at a pretty good clip, giving the impression that this is going to be a fast-paced game. Hopefully, the team has learned from the past mistakes of others and won’t make the game so fast paced that the players lose sight of what they’re doing.

All of that being said, I also noticed that some of the animations were sped up considerably (check out the speed at which the “ripples” on the gate shimmer. It’s way too fast), so it’s really hard to tell how much of the game we got to see in real time. Hard to blame anyone at CME though, they were very specific about the fact that they are in very early alpha.


Overall, I have high hopes for this game, and if agreeing to this profile on G4 was CME’s way of reminding the MMO world that they exist and are in development, they probably succeeded. We expect to hear a lot more from that team about this game over the summer, so stay tuned!

Kaynos1972 writes:

I have high hopes too, i'm a big fan of the both SG1 and Atlantis.  Would some devs be finally able to develop a succestul game based on a tv, movie show ?  Seing how games like SWG, Matrix turned out, i'm not going to get excited too fast this time...

Thu Jul 03 2008 11:20AM Report
doomrah writes:

looks like what tabula rasa should've been.  the animations look a lot more polished, kind of looking foward to it after seeing this video.

Thu Jul 03 2008 11:27AM Report
severius writes:

My first thought upon watching the video was Tabula Rasa with better art direction.  It will be interesting to seeh ow they pull it off and avoid the problems that TR has faced.  Of course, the fact that they have a pretty well known IP in Stargate says that this should be successful.  On the other hand shouldn't SWG be successful? :)

Thu Jul 03 2008 11:51AM Report
Rollotamasi writes:

I as well thought "Tabula Rasa" As soon as I saw the combat.  I'm not sure yet if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Thu Jul 03 2008 2:43PM Report
adammain writes:

"On the other hand shouldn't SWG be successful? :)"

heh, it was successful at one point. It was a very fun game when it launched, even with the massive bugs. But, we all know how that story is...slowly ending.

Thu Jul 03 2008 5:34PM Report
bufford writes:

eh.../shrug.   Doesn't show anything that made me want to look at the video twice. Until there is more detailed information on the game mechanics, systems incorporated into SGW there isn't anything about this mmo that draws my attention. I'm sure the fans of SGW are looking forward to the game.

Thu Jul 03 2008 9:05PM Report
Docb22 writes:

to my it looked a bit like Hellgate: London but outside witch is a good thing I love HG:L and I can not wait for this game I'm Indeed a huge SG-1 fan

Sat Jul 05 2008 2:32AM Report
Thasri writes:

It does remind me of TR a bit, but they did say that the combat was going to be more traditional style of MMO combat. The impression I get is SWG mixed with TR with P90's lol. The interface looked a lot like CoH/CoV to me, which isn't a bad thing. I'm looking forward to playing this game, hopefully I get into beta /crosses fingers.

Sat Jul 05 2008 9:44AM Report
admriker4 writes:

oh goodie, another multiplayer shooter type game. good idea since that genre is sooo successful in the MMO area. It didnt work for Tabula Rasa, Face of Mankind, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies, so who thinks its going to work here ?

Sat Jul 05 2008 6:07PM Report
Kalles writes:

...Im not impresed... But hey! I wont shit on the game still in alpha phaze...

Sun Jul 06 2008 8:35PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Anyone see that movie "WAR GAMES" ?  in that movie the kid was playing STARGATE,thought that was kind of funny.

Mon Jul 07 2008 3:30PM Report
Teala writes:

Looks like it will be heavily instanced and zoned.    :(

Thu Jul 10 2008 11:09PM Report writes:
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