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How to be an Adult Gamer: The Musical

Older female gamer talks (whines) about video game-related...things. News at 11.

Author: StoleTarts

Achievement Hunting: A Time and a Place for it AKA OMG, Can We Just Kill the Boss Already?

Posted by StoleTarts Thursday January 21 2016 at 3:02PM
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This story begins with a PUG.

I know. That’s a terrible way to start any tale, but this is the truth of it.

As someone with several alts, I know what it’s like to be undergeared and struggling to get through certain aspects of the game. My new Warlock is a prime of example of, “WTF am I doing?! Halp!” While not everyone goes through this when making a new character of a class they’ve never played before, and if you are one of those people then know that I hate you, those of us who do aren’t always in the mood to spam for achievements when just trying to get the daily bonus for doing a random group things.

In this instance, I was on my alt with a bunch of random people with DPS meters as low as mine. It’s a terrifying situation to be in when you know you’re terrible and everyone else is as bad. Still, we managed to get through to the end earning whatever achievements we would have earned just for defeating the bad guys anyway, but the final boss called for several deaths and full wipes to earn.

Despite a written protest, my pleas were ignored and wipe after wipe, we failed to earn the special sound effect and gold letters splash across our screens.

Out of both frustration and what I felt like time wasted, I left the group.

While my reaction may have been childish, I do believe that there are times and places for achievement hunts. They can be good fun or quickly turn the dynamic group feels into something sour and salty. Some things are better off planned ahead or a pleasant surprise rather than constant trial-and-error failings.

Then again, PUGs are the poster child for being a necessary evil in MMOs, providing us with rewards for our suffering. The question is if what you get at the end if worth the price you have to pay in sanity points.