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TerraX - the making of an MMO

How many times have I moaned about the state of MMO's and the new disappointing releases...? Too many it seems, and after nearly a decade of play it's time to build one. How- you may ask... and what? Build one? Yeah. Build one.

Author: Sreppy

TerraX - Would you rather kill or kiss?

Posted by Sreppy Monday July 12 2010 at 10:32PM
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We're head over heels creating details right now for TerraX.  Basics like flora and fauna and a seemingly endless parade of NPC's.  In the midst of another late night (with rl mirroring ingame with everyone moaning that they have to get up the next day and what are they doing staying up so late?) a very familiar discussion popped up again.

Is it more fun killing stuff or working with ingame allies?  Is a quest better when it's a matter of killing sumpin or hacking your way through mobs to reach an item/uberduberspiffy gem/crown/light/plant/younameit? Is the game payoff for you the player generated by the adrenalin rush of winning in combat?

Or is it more about the interactions with gamers and/or NPC's.  The rush of a well balanced group and the intricate choreography needed for success in a raid.  Is it about the moments spent wandering around and discovering new people in the game - people that sometimes turn into lifelong friends?

For us at this point of the game's development, the choicepoint of which way to lean is way in the future.  Launch for TerraX is November, 2013 - that's a looong  way away.  But it's already getting a bit edgy when it comes to the discussion of what makes a game really work.

What do you reach for?  The combat kill joy?  The interacting snuggly feeling?  I'd love to know.  



thanto writes:

I like killing stuff in organized groups.  It's a nice feeling to be able to do something that other players need.  Or rather, it's nice to feel needed.  And kill stuff.


but really, I'm all about crafting.  If there's no crafting, or if the crafting that is there is garbage, I won't bother.

Wed Jul 14 2010 1:19AM Report
Sreppy writes:

Thanto - thanks for the pov. 

What's yer definition of good crafting?  SWG type where it's wide open as far as mats and the quality of the endproduct is determined by the mats as well as gear worn while crafting plus random luck?

Or do you prefer the WoW/Lotro/EQ model where there are nodes that are harvested in specific areas that give a few of each mat and then a reliable crafting structure that involves a rarer item to make the result a higher level... and .. lol.. random luck. 

What makes crafting great for you?

Mon Jul 19 2010 8:46AM Report writes:
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