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Avid 'MMORPG' Daydreamer

MMORPG expert so to speak, 1995 - Current. The Realm Online to hardcore World of Warcraft raider, and tons of F2P Game testing.

Author: Spector88

Olympus Online

Posted by Spector88 Saturday July 23 2011 at 8:23AM
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This is my rough draft and expressive place for an MMORPG I have wanted to write/help design for over 3 years now. I have played MMORPG's since age 9, The Realm Online (the first ever MMORPG... Wikipedia it) and have migrated through countless MMO beta's and releases. I would like to say I have more gameplay experience with MMORPG's than almost anyone in the world. That being said, I know what I like.

Note: I do not give anyone permission to use any of my idea's for their own design or MMORPG. These ideas have taken me months and years to generate and I will make note / postal stamp and date the creative process of my ideas. If any of my ideas are used to the point of obvious theft I will file lawsuit. If you are interested in Olympus Online, you may contact me via message or comment.


[Cinematic/Story..rough draft]

The entire story for Olympus Online starts with the gods going to war with eachother. I imagine the beginning cinematic for the game having some human or demi-god walking up a spiral staircase and hearing a thundering voice, the voice of Zues. You see a flicker of light, and a crashing noise as Zues is filled with rage causing the servant to drop the plate of fruit they were carrying. You then hear these words, "This act is that of betrayal, they all wish to be Ruler of the Gods, they will have their chance... to be slaughtered by my hands." at which point Zues raises his arms and throws out an enormous lightning pulse and kills the servant and the figure he was talking to disappears.

...Apparently several of the gods had spoken of the many times they tired of Zues' antics. They devised a plan to overthrow him. Zues had always had spies or loyals in each othe smaller inner circles of the Gods. When he found out that several groups were planning to overthrow him, he devised a plan to turn them amongst themselves, as well as him. He had several demi-god children of the Gods murdered horribly and made it look as though their friends had done it, he turned Olympus into a war zone.

His last act to turn the Gods against eachother was to use his lightning to overpower the City of Olympus and seal the city in a Aura of Lightning Energy. The Aura could not be broken unless he was slain or he lifted it.

The Gods all retreated to their respective Temples and followers, to regain strength and plan against eachother. The more followers the God had, the more power he would as well. Several of them began mating with humans and raising Demi-God offspring in hopes of raising an army.

(I left this story vague, as it can be improved apon, you get the jist.)

[Character Creation]

The coolest thing about Olympus Online is that when you create a character you choose a God to be descended from. Depending on the God you choose, depends on the racial or special ability you will get. For instance:

If you choose to be a son or daughter of Zues:

Your skin pigment will be yellowish, you will have a slight glow as you grow stronger, and SPECIAL: you will gain +20% Damage (Spell or Physical) as lightning for 30 seconds.

If you choose to be a son or daughter of Hades:

Your skin will have a feint gray tone, when you kill a monster sometimes a fly or two will fly around you, your eyes glow red. SPECIAL: You gain 10% Attack/Spell Speed, and gain 12% Damage dealt as Life for 35 seconds.

If you choose to be a son or daughter of Ares:

Your skin will have a orangish tint, your hair styles will all be long and flowing with glowing hair, most likely you will have stronger looking physique. SPECIAL: You stun target for 2 seconds, swell in size and gain 30% power for 15 seconds.

If you choose to be a son or daughter of Hephaestus:

You will have a metallic sheen to your skin typically blueish or greenish tint, naturally looking like metal, a descendant of the blacksmith god. SPECIAL: You gain 25% Armor bonus, and 10% Attribute Bonus for 30 seconds. You also get +5 Crafting Skill.

-----------------Ofcourse, there will be more gods.

The creation selection (hair, size, ect) will be a slider type of creature, because let's face it, no one argues with having a ton of options to create your character. Size, Weight, Muscle, Veins, and many more options will be available.

When you choose a god, you are put into three factions, (3 clusters of gods, who are allies) and you are at war with the two factions you are not apart of. That means you can kill anyone anytime anywhere in the other two factions. (DAoC type faction) When you reach a higher level, you also may drop a certain portion of your gold and a random chance to drop an item when you die. You may be able to do a quest to protect you from dropping items for a set amount of deaths.


Warrior, Mage, Priest, Summoner, Bard, Ranger type classes (need creative names) I would like unique weapons like Flails, Throwing Daggers, Javalins, ect.


Attributes would be spendable at 5 attributes, and 15 skill points per level. Skill points are unique because they will allow you to increase your Run Speed, Jump and other various skills.

Skills would be done in a new way, you would get 1 skill credit per 5 levels, with basic skills for the class coming automatically. With the 1 skill credit you would have to choose between 3-4 skills at that 5 level mark and decide how to finish the layout of your build. So each class is not the same amongst eachother.


The main difference I want in Olympus Online is NOT the same old same old combat. I would like in Olympus the average fight to be slightly longer than other games. The biggest newest idea to MMO's would be finishing moves. Depending on your class type you could pick 1 finish move and creation and 1 finishing move at max level. Finish moves are available to use on a enemy when it is lower than 15% Health. For instance:

Your average MMO fight may last like 20 seconds.

Olympus Online fight would last about 40 seconds but the finishing move may have the head ripped off the enemy body and blood splatter on your screen. With this: Experience/Loot will be based on the amount of damage done and not the final hit. (So people cant gank kills/experience).

This will give that gorey, interactive feel to a fight, and instead of grinding mobs being killing dozens of them, you may level off fewer mobs, and the combat would be more flowing/interactive, sword/shield clashes, and better special effects.


The one thing I am not sure about exactly is how the map would work out. I know that most likely the City of Olympus would end up being a final raid or activity but the actual temples/areas would most likely be ancient greece just layed out in a creative way.


Obviously monsters would be Hydra's, Winged Horses, Demons, Giant Monstrous things, ect. Monsters would be excellent in Olympus Online and constantly meeting new mobs you have never seen before, its easy to be creative with the Gods warring.

[Unique Ideas, Housing, Ect]

What I would probably do is inside your home temple have a portal in the wall that prompts you to enter a character name (automatically putting yours in) inside the portal would be a chamber with a bed, and 2 or 3 chests to store armors/weapons/gold. Your friends could visit your house as long as they serve the same god by typing your name.

Also: When you reach maximum level I would have a special reward, such as a baldric (clothing that goes across your chest) that you can custom design color, symbol wise, name it, and then pick from a list of bonuses that you want on it. You can then put this baldric on a new character via your house or wear it and show it off. I think it is important to reward people with custom rewards, make them apart of the game.

Auction House and Faster Travel options would be available.

All items would be dyeable, even weapons, enchants would make weapons/sheilds glow, helmets would also glow with enchantment. (Enchants could give dripping blood, acid, ice, or glow (colored) effects)

[Crafting / Gathering]

One unique feature about Olympus is 'Myst Robes'. Myst Robes are an outfit you have to gather certain materials/items to craft, and it will have a cooldown. With the Myst Robe you can disguise yourself to blend in with an enemy God's followers and go recieve their special items or wares.

Each God will have a special item it sells, for instance, one of the best helmets in the game might be sold at Zues' temple, while the best Sword/Spear in the game may be sold at Hades' temple. You would need to craft a Myst Robe to enter the enemy temple and buy the wares. Myst Robes, would NOT be easy to make, a character with multiple God items would have to be very far into end game.

Crafting would grant experience. A character who crafts only to level would recieve XP at about 50-60% of the speed of a character who hunted.

If there were a tier system of tier 1,2,3,4, 1 being the best, tier 2 would be craftable with maybe a special recipe for tier 1 goods able to be found. Most of the best items in the game would be random boss drops and found in random chests all over the world.

Plants/Herbs/Materials could be gathered, granting a portion of experience as well.


Basic mounts you could purchase will be horses. Any special mount would be found randomly while hunting, not neccesarily a boss drop. You can also do a end game quest to get a White or Black Pegasus the to recieve the quest is a random drop item.



More can be added later but you get the gist, I took ideas from some games I've enjoyed, added a cool story line and 3 faction idea, and a different combat system. Now this entire Olympus Online rough draft is based on a HIGH end studio doing it, with the latest innovation. The MMORPG industry right now is weak, especially in the west.

If I had the ability to create this game I would, with the player in mind - something MMORPG's have forgotten lately.

azmundai writes:

Your standard game design document is usually 100 pages. Your standard MMO design deocument is probably more like 200-500 pages.

Sat Jul 23 2011 3:46PM Report
lectrocuda writes:

so this would be the cover sheet

Sun Jul 24 2011 6:36AM Report writes:
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