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The Dark Corner

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Author: Spazmok

Oh WoW

Posted by Spazmok Tuesday October 7 2008 at 7:29PM
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Today I ask you why you put up with paying $15 a month to play WoW. I mean really, $15!?!? Is that not just a little rediculous? Not only that but WoW also set up the market so $15 is standard, yes I said STANDARD. Now I look at Guild Wars, and people can say "Oh no thats trash", or "It is TERRIBLE" but really I have to disagree so why do people put up with paying $15 a month to play WoW? Why not just find another game like GW or LoTRO(i dont know whether they upped their prices so if they did im sorry) even Xbox live is cheaper and hell even trashy ol Runescape cheaper(granted it is a trash heap but still) So i leave you to ponder this.

IsUberLeet writes:

Some people like the game, to be honest paying for something will sometimes boost your confidence in it, if not that then they feel it makes the devs more acute to changes that need to be made. Really the reason we pay is so we can play in an evolving world. Blizzard (and other companies for that matter) need to make money. That is really the idea behind a business. You can't make money without charging a fee. Finally you will want to spell check next time, moving the type to Microsoft Word or another processor (if your browser doesn't have a spell check system built in) will at least make your rant SOUND important. 

Tue Oct 07 2008 7:43PM Report
DaX.9 writes:

Why do we pay to play wow?

1. We can not play it for free

2. It is worth 15$ per month

Tue Oct 07 2008 7:57PM Report
miagisan writes:

Hate to break it to you but there are a few games prior to wow which charged monthly subs...EQ2, SWG (14.99) EQ1 ($10) , meridian 59, uo, etc.

Tue Oct 07 2008 8:02PM Report
Kuji-Kiri writes:

And you CAN play it for free. Go hit a private server and forget retail.

Tue Oct 07 2008 10:05PM Report
Azntranc3 writes:

a better question would be, why not?

Tue Oct 07 2008 10:36PM Report
dknight784 writes:

I agree they should lower the price to at least 9.99/ month AT LEAST. But you are getting what you pay for a great game with a great community and the hundreds or even thousands of friends you make on the game. I think its worth it. Theres also alot of content and fun to play with friends either you made in rl or in game dont really matter or family. And WoW is also good because you don't need a suped up badass gaming machine and what not.

Wed Oct 08 2008 1:47AM Report
commi3 writes:

Honestly Ive been looking around at a lot of other MMOs and Runes of Magic looks and feel like a free version of WOW. Its made by WOW fans and it has the same graphics, same gameplay, many of the same classes and many other things that look very similar to WOW. Hell they should just call it FWOW for Free World of Warcraft.

Wed Oct 08 2008 6:06AM Report
craynlon writes:

the best thing is youll pay blizzard another $30 for the expension where in lineage2 or ddo expansion developement is included in the monthly fee.

Wed Oct 08 2008 8:49AM Report
daltanious writes:

 I have not problem paying for QUALITY. And WoW delivers best in all sensed. And I'm loving more and more War. Lotro ... played some time, but then lost interest. GW ... good that is free, otherwise they would get I guess 356 subscribers. And by my previous experience with free games (GW) or so called "free" games (like Rappelz) ... I will never again in my life play free or "free" games. And I have good reasons.

Thu Oct 09 2008 6:22AM Report writes:
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