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Because sometimes you just have too.

The oppinions on gaming and MMOs of a 17 year old "new school" gamer and aspiring game programmer.

Author: Sparvy

My dream MMO

Posted by Sparvy Tuesday February 12 2008 at 2:14PM
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A true PvP game.

Hello, I am a 17 year old aspiring game programmer with very little MMO experience but big dreams. I want to tell you guys about how I think a PvP MMO should be done. I have taken inspiration from a lot of different sources, from Starcraft and other RTSs to MMOs like EVE, Pirates of the Burning Sea and even SWG. As I said my MMO experience is small and the only one of these that I have any longtime experience with is Starcraft, which in many ways baptized me into gaming, and a short time in PotBS beta almost a year ago.

The preset is simple. The only way to create moments that will stick with a player for a long times is to make them actually mean something to the player, we need to care. In PvP that means that we need a reason to fight, fighting might be all fun merry but fighting for the sake of fighting can quickly become just as much a grind as raiding 3 times a week is for some. The reason in my opinion should be (just as Pyrostasis said in his great blog) property.

Now, to the game itself!
Everything from now is taken from the top of my head might be a bit specific at times but could most likely fit into a variety of settings and rule sets.

I picture a fantasy world with (initially) one big city; this city is the only place where NPCs will take a significant role. Outside this city there is wilderness, only wilderness and opportunities. In the wild however, there will be resources. These resources will consist of things like lumber, iron, stone and even horses. Lumber will be needed to build basic buildings, defensive structures such as palisades, offensive structures such as catapults, means of transportation like carriages and even for wooden parts in weapons like handles for swords or bows and spears. Iron is needed for steel armor, chainmail, blades and so on. Stone is needed for big buildings and defensive walls and also for paved roads that create easier travel and transportation of goods on a carriage.

Players would then take control of these different resource nodes, forming guilds to manage them, build cities or forts to defend them, trade it for other resources and create products like the ones above, which brings us to our next part: crafting.

Crafting is something that I think is being more and more pushed back to a “fun to have”-priority instead of being an important part of the game for most developers ever since the success if WoW, which I think is sad. Seeing as how the game I am proposing here have the economy as a big feature that cannot be the case, crafting has to engage and entertain as many as possible and to do that we need put the craftsmanship back in crafting. Just like in a lot of fps games like Unreal Tournament there will be people that feel that they can get more out of a game if they give something to the game and the people playing it, these people are the modders and mappers, people that spend hundreds of hours just to make the game a little bit more special, and their own touch to it. Crafting should bring out the same in people, and this is where I need some ideas, the best crafting system that I come up with would be some potato-head model, you choose from a collection of grips and blades but it just don’t cut it. Speaking of which, PvP.

The PvP itself would not only rely heavily on skill and tactics but also resource management and trade. I want big guild siege warfare, I want small guild mercenary bands getting paid for raiding enemy trade routes, I want scouts to spy on approaching enemy armies, I want solo players to jump on the side that they are rooting for when it is time for big battles and I want all of these things to happen in a non-instanced world with little to no fast travel, except mounts, and real time combat similar to what you can find in Mount and Blade, except with more fluent controls and movement.

Clearly  this kind of world  means that there would be complete FFA with perhaps the city I talked about in the beginning functioning as a high security zone in EVE, I also think full loot would fit the setting pretty nicely which also means that there would be little to no other death penalty and that gear should be pretty easy to come by and that there would be a pretty small difference on gear stat-wice.

Sadly this dream game of mine won’t be possible for many years until today’s networking technology is updated a lot and possibly traditions are thrown overboard, but until then I will fine tune of this idea and hopefully one day I can make sure it is made, you need some hopes for the future when you’re  young.