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Drink Rings

This blog is inspired by ideas akin to drunken scribblings on beverage napkins at my local Pub.

Author: SoulStain

On whether to be the Hero or something less common in MMO's..the average Joe.

Posted by SoulStain Saturday July 6 2013 at 2:12PM
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This is a copy/paste of some ideas I had that were used in a rambling reply to a question of whether anyone would play an "ordinary person" in an MMO.


Or at least start off that way. Then have the ability to gain reknown outside of a scripted story..the same way PvP players are known on their servers or multi-servers or even over the forums of various sites. If they could do this in PvE as you single-handedly conquer a bandit leader or monarch or monster that would be very diffcult to kill or gain reknown. Town criers announce it , its posted on a board or you hear gossip about another npc that spread from another city far away. Eventually you're known every where for that..etc. If you were part of a team then all would share a lesser reknown equally.

Some system where maybe wandering or randomly travelrouted NPC's would overlap and If you killed someone in (using WOW as example) Tirisal falls...a traveller through Bree might bring the news to the undercity where it might transfer to a few people who bring it to Orgrimmar and/or Sepulcher etc. It could work like a contagion buff with a predeternined time limit based on the magnitude of the feat accomplished... which tranfers only through wandering pathed NPC's to other pathed or stationary NPCs with which they come in contact . Stationary NPCs would only hold the info (for a time) in case another travelling NPC passed by to collect it. The buff would likely diminish by degrees with each transfer to stationary npcs but gain a bit if transferred to another travelling NPC. There may be a tick down to where it becomes "old news" ..generating less reknown until it finally dies to zero or another Players greater achievement may eclipse yours and end its spread altogether..sometimes before it even got very far. A carrier or staionary NPC could carry multiple players reknown but the buff duration would vary depending on the different grades of feats accomplished with some capable of being eclipsed by others of higher grades as stated previously.

There could be negative and positive reknown as well I imagine depending on the nature of your feat. Committing a good action or a evil offense would carry different reknown..good and bad reknown. The balance of which could even dictate a characters to speak.

I think this could generate a different form of competition and even produce your own personal nemesis without actually having to defeat him/her in battle. You could even start this reknown system by killing a higher reknown and level player than yourself. Reknown varying on the disparity between you and them. The spread working the same way of course.

Players can't transport their own or other players info of great feats to other places. I think this would prevent abuse.Maybe there could be a bulletin board that ..if updated by a reknown carrying npc could then be refreshed one time only by the player. This would at least make the player travel around to see if his reknown has carried that far and reset it for re-trabsfer once per city board affected but only once. The inital point of origin would be the intial quest giver after the quest is "completed" or the closest travelling NPC when you complete the quest (in the case of dynamic events or hard world bosses..etc)

I know this is a bit of a ramble and I'm no programmer/coder that's for sure but I hope you get the picture. You can become the hero if you choose without it being completely arbitrary and scripted. In theory."


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