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Opening thoughts on Atlantica

Posted by Sortran Wednesday February 4 2009 at 2:20PM
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I started the game about a month ago, and to be honest I find the game quite entertaining and refreshing.

1. Exploring the world. Its quite large and cities dot the landscape. Travel times can vary but you can take a travel agency to previously visited towns. (important for crafting!) On high scale graphics the world looks pretty good overall and I have yet to notice any graphics glitches so far.

2. Combat: Its turn based and if your into that its quite fun. Each side gets an amount of time depending on a couple of factors. NPCs enemies only get 15 seconds max. Players get 15 seconds at start and when you add your 5th mercenary at 20th level or higher you max out at 30 seconds to make necessary adjustments. Players will only be able to use 5 mercenaries or characters a round max. There is ranged combat, spells, melee and each class has a magic attack of some sort or another.

3. Crafting: there are tons of options on crafting and in order to craft you have to do battle! while not innovative it certainly beats standing at some table click click clicking away for hours on end like say, Vanguard. You select what you want to make (from skills menu) and if you have the components it tells you the number of jobs to complete it. completing a battle awards crafting job points. You can make any number of items say, 10 swords out of 1 batch if you wish, though it will take longer and more fights.

4: PVP I have just barely gotten into PVP doing just 3 fights, and I must say tactics and thought will be needed in may fights to win. You can gain points towards ranks  for a win and get awards for finishing first. I will post more on this later as I have more chances to slug it out in the arena.

There are many more things to atlantica then I have time to write (im on lunch at work and times running short!) But I can easily see how this game is so highly rated. It wont appeal to all players but if you have even the slightest interest, is free to download and free to play and has an item mall. Best part is everything on the item mall can be found in the game (from what I have been told, and its near impossible to confirm.) All in all it has been quite a fun experience, I have passed the 40 hour game play mark so far and can see myself logging a couple of hundred hours in this game easily. Max level currently is 120 and you have 9 characters eventually in party.



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