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So, just started the LoTRO trial...

Posted by Soerkvir Tuesday January 20 2009 at 9:34AM
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 I got so tired of WoW. That game is ridiculous.

I played it for about three years with a six-month break when I was getting a new job. I put ridiculous amounts of hours into this game. I was so glad to finally hit level 80 last month, but then when I started raiding, I realized how pointless and stupid it all was; here was a game that was fun to level in (for the most part), but once you hit the top, you can either a.) grind heroics; b.) grind tradeskills,  c.) raid, d.) play an alt, e.) do pvp, or f.) all of the above. Sounds boring to me. I can't stand doing dailies or grinding rep. I can't stand grinding almost anything. I hate repetition.

So I just now have a computer beefy enough to run Lord of the Rings Online. After getting a buddy key yesterday, I rolled a dwarven champion on the Landrovel server; I think I'm going to stick to him, but I'm playing a few different characters to get a feel for them. So far I find the game pretty fun, for the most part it's not entirely different from WoW (go here and kill X mobs, go there and bring me Y skins), but I'm only level 3, and I've heard a lot of good things about this game. For one thing I love Tolkien's work from the Silmarillion and beyond; for another, you can't resist the shinies. I'm not normally one to care about graphics (I'd gladly go back to classic EQ circa 2000, and I play RPGs on Kongregate quite a bit), but damn. These are amazing.

I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on a lute or a horn and playing with the music system, too!