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The Wild Adventures of a Dragon

Seeking fame and glory? A way to master the art of loading your bank? Or a top notch on the field of battle? All is revealed! -Achaea

Author: SnJ08

Truly Enchanting: Tales of a Crafty Mage

Posted by SnJ08 Sunday April 22 2012 at 1:18PM
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My tales are derived from a character I play in Achaea. Which is hosted from some of the best MMORPGS browser games around.

I play a high classed Mage in the world of Achaea. Magi have a range of abilities that make them quite unique to the realm. Be it their ability to rock the battlefield with vibrations or crafting needful magical items that everyone across the realms use. From waterwalking shoes that allow you to well walk across water without hassle to resistance rings that help protect you more thoroughly from the elements. Here's a list of the many great things magi are able to craft.

Worrystone     An unpredictable magical item.
Firelash           A lash of burning fire.
Hearing           Hear while otherwise deaf.
Fist                 The fist sigil.
Cold                Enchant rings with the power to resist cold.
Waterwalking  Enchant shoes with the power to walk on water.
Flame             The flame sigil.
Electric            Enchant rings with electric resistance.
Firewall            Create a wall of fire.
Brooch              Create a brooch of Thoth.
Key                 The key sigil.
Eye                 A sigil dealing with souls and other dimensions.
Augment             Increase the power of weapons and armour.
Meteor              Turn arrows into flaming meteors.
Magic               Enchant rings with magic resistance.
Knife               The knife sigil.
Comprehension       Understand all mortal languages for a time.
Icewall             Create a blocking wall of ice.
Mushroom            The mushroom sigil.
Whirlwind           The roaring whirlwind of Vastar.
Concealment         The obfuscating orb of concealment.
Fire                Enchant rings with fire resistance.
Bauble              A magically scented bauble to attract falcons.
Monolith            The monolith sigil.
Dreamcatcher        Increase regeneration while sleeping.
Negation            The powerful gem of negation.
Cube                The vibration-dampening cube sigil.
Pestilence          Create a ring of pestilence.
Stasis              Items in the bag of stasis decay more slowly.
Scabbard            Enchant a scabbard of stasis.
Orb                 The chaos-destroying orb sigil.
Purity              Create a necklace of purity.



The last item, the Necklace of Purity is Magi only and is unique only to the magi who crafted it. Meaning that only he who created the necklace may wear and use it. They're quite useful for combat as they heal passive afflictions from you. Something also common are sigils. The flame, eye, key, monolith, and fist sigil. Roaming through cities you will see plenty of monoliths to protect from easy entrances or exits from the city.      



There are many effective ways to earn and stockpile a bankaccount in achaea, be it credit consumption via other means or hunting vigorously. Or you could pursue the life of a herbalist who harvests plants and sells healing curatives. Magi also fit into this category because they're able to craft some of the most needed and useful items. Meteor arrows always sell at a pretty peny to raiders because it helps add to their range ability. A hefty stack of 100 meteor arrows can easily sell for 10k alone.


The upside to the merchandiser part of the class that the other classes don't hold is the combat. Magi in my opinion is the most complete class in its field when it comes to being able to craft great sellable goods and maintain itself on a battle field among the top combative classes such as monk and occultist. Forestals while having a great means of racking in profit don't fair nearly as well.


I find roaming through the lands that a lot of shop owners are Magi as well, it just makes for good buisness so its not uncommon to see some of the wealthiest people in the realms be also some of the most fierce combatants.  Its just another dynamic to the world of Achaea that I love and enjoy. IRE has maintained this stability and advantage/disdavantage system with all its classes. writes:
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