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The Wild Adventures of a Dragon

Seeking fame and glory? A way to master the art of loading your bank? Or a top notch on the field of battle? All is revealed! -Achaea

Author: SnJ08

Its all fun and games in the Arena... but I still want to win!

Posted by SnJ08 Monday April 30 2012 at 4:52AM
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My tales of arena success in the land of Achaea, provided by IRE!


The Arena is a grand stage crafted for entertainment of combat. Used for various things, arena event games, training, or even more rewarding events such as tournaments. Some of my favourite games in the arena are the rampage and the king of the hill.

In the game of rampage you have a bloodbath period which lasts usually around 15 minutes. During this time you just run through the arena finding challengers and fighting. The person who loses does not get cast out of the arena during the bloodbath. Once the bloodbath is over the finale begins and this is where it gets thrilling. In the finale when you lose your'e out, and the last one left is declared the winner to the whole world.  Below is a list from my STATS that shows what events I've won and how many times.


Arena Duels Won:      673    Party Duels Won:      36     FFAs Won:             178
Rampages Won:         279   KOTHs Won:            72      CvAs Won:              0
TOTFs Won:              5      Royal Guards Won:      1   Freeze Tags Won:       1
Frog Baits Won:         4    Jousts Won:             0        Chess Games Won:       2



My other favourite is the King of the Hill, short term KOTH. Its a game that puts you on a team. There's the red team and the blue team. The objective is to obtain the flag in the arena and plant it where the hill is. The hill can be stagnant or it can move. Most of the times the arena is set to have a moving hill every 5 minutes. There is a point goal, usually 1200 to 1500. While your team has the flag in the hill you gain points and this is the only way to gain points. If your team has the flag planted then your job is to protect the hill and the other teams job is to take the flag. This doubles as a great training excercise for raiding and raid defense.


Each city has an arena as well as the town of Delos has the arena that pays homage to the Lord of combat Himself, Lord Matsuhama. Earlier this  month I engaged in upwards of 7 rampages all of which I won.


You call upon Sllshya and unleash a forceful blow towards Synbios's head with
your trusty staff.
You have slain Synbios.
You look around triumphantly and realise you are the last one standing. You have
WON the game of Rampage.



The thrill of getting that victory line is amazing, one that makes you feel quite accomplished as a combatant. Achaea is home to probably one of the best and most complex combat systems around. IRE put alot of effort into it!

Risk it all or play it safe? Lets make a fortune!

Posted by SnJ08 Sunday April 29 2012 at 11:34AM
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One of the riskiest but also fastest ways to make a quick fortune in Achaea, one of the best MMO's out there.


No matter what it is what you're doing or what you are, every ones initial and main objective is to obtain some sort of fortune so they can benefit greatly from all the realms has to offer. From higher skills to increasing artefacts everything cost something, some things a lot more than the others. So the question is raised. How do I make a lot of gold/money fast? Some classes have it a tad bit easier than others. Such as forestals who can sell their herbs or alchemist their minerals. Yet there are some that don't have such skills and relay heavily on how effective they can kill monsters and pickup gold drops, such as monks and blademasters.


With all these possibilities of making a fortune none of them are quite as fast as gambling high and winning big, however you can also lose big. I myself have taken a fancy to playing roulette but there is also blackjack. A few years ago(Achaean time) I was playing roulette and I figured what the heck I'll just give it a risk. I had bashed up 50k and really needed to get something that was well over a million in gold. So I strolled up to the roulette table, withdrew my golden sovereigns and placed a bid on 00. Now the formula for gold return is based on the risk involved. A single spot is higher risk numbered from 00-0-36. There is also colors such as black and red which is only a 46% risk for and theres Green which covers the 0's which is about a 4% risk. Now my bid on 00 was going to reward me a x35 profit if it hit. Luckily for me it hit! The roulette attendant passed me my now 1,750,000 gold and I was on cloud nine!




You bet 1000 sovereigns on 00, eliciting a wry grin and a wink from Akhmeed, the
Wheel Master.

Akhmeed, the Wheel Master says, "No more bets!" and gives the wheel a good spin.
The ball begins to smoothly spin around the wheel.


The ball starts to bounce around wildly on the wheel, giving you no idea where
it will stop.


The ball finally settles down on 33 (black).
Akhmeed, the Wheel Master gives an exaggerated sigh and says, with a twinkle,
"Ahh well, you can't win 'em all. Better luck next time to the losers!"



You take a seat at the blackjack table and prepare to gamble.
Isling, the blackjack attendant says, "Place your bets! Place your bets!"


You bet 100 gold sovereigns.

Isling, the blackjack attendant says, "No more bets."

Isling, the blackjack attendant deals you a four of Clubs and a Jack of Diamonds
He deals himself two cards. The up card is a three of Diamonds.

In the game the two Cards are displayed in this area right here --


You have 14.
Isling, the blackjack attendant asks you, "Do you want to hit, stand, or


You tap your cards and are dealt a Queen of Clubs, for a total of 24.
"Busted!" he exclaims.
Isling, the blackjack attendant flips over his card, showing a King of Clubs for
a total of 13.
Your hand lost to Isling, the blackjack attendant, who collects your bet.



Gambling can be quite the experience and a thrill. Just don't get to sucked into it or you might end up like most! Broke!




Achaea, Dreams of  Divine Lands - IRE

The Great hunt! Weapons to the ready theres some Monsters to slay!

Posted by SnJ08 Saturday April 28 2012 at 8:52PM
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Its that time again another Great Hunt in Achaea. One of the best MMORPGS out there.


Weapons out and hunters ready, its one of the greatest events held in Achaea with high rewards. From the tiered rankings to make it favourable to all levels to the high prizes 1st place taking 500 credits, credit prizes reduce and stop at rank 10. These events only happen every few real life months so the time to shine is now! Heres a brief look at the layout.


A delicate process but also one that takes dedication, some hunters stay through the whole process to accomplish the victory.  As a side note the victor gets an honour line to display with the rest of his accomplishments. There's all kinds of bonuses from getting bound credits for reaching tier'd points like 100 points will reward you 5 credits. I got mine not to long ago, felt very accomplished. There's also the bonus of double experience, so if you want to make that final push to Dragonhood nows the time!


During these events creepy dungeons filled with fierce and powerful monsters open up. These areas are difficult even for dragons. I myself have even fallen to these foes a few times. Come and join the fun!



Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands - Iron Realms Entertainment

A tale of a weary wanderer and the home he found.

Posted by SnJ08 Wednesday April 25 2012 at 6:50PM
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A tale of  Achaean wanderers and how they can find their place in the world.  Achaea like many of the other great MMORPGs has derived a way for even more detailed roleplay through player run organizations.


More specifically houses are organizations founded by players with beliefs predicated around the central beliefs of the city they're based in with some of its own original goals and philosophies. Houses are a must for true newbies to the realms. Not only do house members aide you in learning the abilities of the class you have chosen but help you with overall learning the realm itself on a more intimate level then just a rogue you meet on the street or even common citizens will. The nifty thing is theres a house for anyone and everyone, so no one is left out. A lot of houses have guidelines to joining them, such as what city you are a part of or order you serve in. For example you can't join a House in Shallam if you're a member of the chaos city, Ashtan. Below is a list of all the houses and cities they're based in.





 A Listing of the Houses of Achaea
Short Name   A  In Which City  Long Name                                      Patron
--------------    -        -------------  ---------------------------------         ------------
Sentaari           Y  Shallam        The Sentaari                                Pentharian
Sentinels          Y  Eleusis        The Sentinels of Nature                 Artemis
Blacklotus        Y  Hashan         The Sect of the Black Lotus          Scarlatti
Druids                Y  (no city)      The Ancient Circle of Druids        Melantha
Templars            Y  Shallam        The Templars                              Miramar
Serpentlords       Y  Hashan         The Cult of the Serpent Lords      Ourania
Occultists           Y  Ashtan         The Occultists                               Babel
Empyreal           Y  Shallam        The Empyreal Assembly              Pentharian
Shadowsnakes    Y  Ashtan         The Shadowsnakes                      Babel
Crystalline        Y  Shallam        The Crystalline Circle               Pentharian
Crownmerchants  Y  Hashan         The Merchants of the Crown        Selene
Warlocks        Y  Ashtan         The Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix   Babel
Dawnstriders    Y  Shallam        The Dawnstriders                       Miramar
Ashura          Y  Ashtan         The Ashura                                      Ourania
Spiritwalkers   Y  Hashan         The Spirit Walkers                         Ourania
Wardens         Y  Cyrene         The Wardens of the Cerulean Spire   Phaestus
Mojushai        Y  Cyrene         The Mojushai                                    Kastalia
Cij                   Y  (no city)      The Carnivalis Institute of Jester     Scarlatti
Maldaathi        Y  Mhaldor        The Maldaathi                               Keresis
Arcanekindred   Y  Cyrene         The Arcane Kindred                        Lupus
Naga                   Y  Mhaldor        The Naga                                    Keresis
Congregation    Y  Mhaldor        The Blood Congregation             Keresis
Sylvans             Y  Eleusis        The Sylvanic Fellowship                Valnurana
Ebonfist           Y  Mhaldor        The Ebon Fist                               Keresis
Tybeirdd           Y  Cyrene         Ty Beirdd                                     Valnurana




Be that there are many classes throughout Achaea there are just as many houses that match up with them for each city. From the Sentaari Monks of Shallam to the Ashura monks in Ashtan. You could be servant of evil and view chivalry a different way in ranks of the Maldaathi Knights or view honour as most do and prevail for good in the House of the Templar Knights.


I myself enjoy my place amongst the Crystalline Circle in Shallam, where I serve as a Magi. The house hosts a Master Crystal for fashioning crystals to use the skill of Crystalism as well as several enchanting rooms so I can capitalize on the profitability of the enchantment skill. Below is what the structure of houses look like, some different than others but this gives the general idea of houses are operated and managed by players. Each position defined by the house with specific powers bestowed to each.




Through hard work and dedication obtaining one of the positions listed in the house structure is quite fulfilling. I've had the pleasure of being a house leader, the head of newcomers to leading up several different combat academies. Its enjoyable and a well of knowledge. Just another piece of Achaea to enjoy! IRE also has others that offer similar benefits.



Truly Enchanting: Tales of a Crafty Mage

Posted by SnJ08 Sunday April 22 2012 at 12:18PM
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My tales are derived from a character I play in Achaea. Which is hosted from some of the best MMORPGS browser games around.

I play a high classed Mage in the world of Achaea. Magi have a range of abilities that make them quite unique to the realm. Be it their ability to rock the battlefield with vibrations or crafting needful magical items that everyone across the realms use. From waterwalking shoes that allow you to well walk across water without hassle to resistance rings that help protect you more thoroughly from the elements. Here's a list of the many great things magi are able to craft.

Worrystone     An unpredictable magical item.
Firelash           A lash of burning fire.
Hearing           Hear while otherwise deaf.
Fist                 The fist sigil.
Cold                Enchant rings with the power to resist cold.
Waterwalking  Enchant shoes with the power to walk on water.
Flame             The flame sigil.
Electric            Enchant rings with electric resistance.
Firewall            Create a wall of fire.
Brooch              Create a brooch of Thoth.
Key                 The key sigil.
Eye                 A sigil dealing with souls and other dimensions.
Augment             Increase the power of weapons and armour.
Meteor              Turn arrows into flaming meteors.
Magic               Enchant rings with magic resistance.
Knife               The knife sigil.
Comprehension       Understand all mortal languages for a time.
Icewall             Create a blocking wall of ice.
Mushroom            The mushroom sigil.
Whirlwind           The roaring whirlwind of Vastar.
Concealment         The obfuscating orb of concealment.
Fire                Enchant rings with fire resistance.
Bauble              A magically scented bauble to attract falcons.
Monolith            The monolith sigil.
Dreamcatcher        Increase regeneration while sleeping.
Negation            The powerful gem of negation.
Cube                The vibration-dampening cube sigil.
Pestilence          Create a ring of pestilence.
Stasis              Items in the bag of stasis decay more slowly.
Scabbard            Enchant a scabbard of stasis.
Orb                 The chaos-destroying orb sigil.
Purity              Create a necklace of purity.



The last item, the Necklace of Purity is Magi only and is unique only to the magi who crafted it. Meaning that only he who created the necklace may wear and use it. They're quite useful for combat as they heal passive afflictions from you. Something also common are sigils. The flame, eye, key, monolith, and fist sigil. Roaming through cities you will see plenty of monoliths to protect from easy entrances or exits from the city.      



There are many effective ways to earn and stockpile a bankaccount in achaea, be it credit consumption via other means or hunting vigorously. Or you could pursue the life of a herbalist who harvests plants and sells healing curatives. Magi also fit into this category because they're able to craft some of the most needed and useful items. Meteor arrows always sell at a pretty peny to raiders because it helps add to their range ability. A hefty stack of 100 meteor arrows can easily sell for 10k alone.


The upside to the merchandiser part of the class that the other classes don't hold is the combat. Magi in my opinion is the most complete class in its field when it comes to being able to craft great sellable goods and maintain itself on a battle field among the top combative classes such as monk and occultist. Forestals while having a great means of racking in profit don't fair nearly as well.


I find roaming through the lands that a lot of shop owners are Magi as well, it just makes for good buisness so its not uncommon to see some of the wealthiest people in the realms be also some of the most fierce combatants.  Its just another dynamic to the world of Achaea that I love and enjoy. IRE has maintained this stability and advantage/disdavantage system with all its classes.

Why its still relevant? The tale of a hero or a villain.

Posted by SnJ08 Saturday April 21 2012 at 11:45AM
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I've been pleasured with playing some of the best games MMORPG browser games in the past six years, and I feel the need to share why they're still great and why they're still relevant. One in particular is a game I enjoy, Achaea.


Why are these games still relevant during this new time where you have great graphics that you show you everything you do? I'll tell you and quite simply the first and resounding answer is the limitations that Graphical MMOs put upon themselves. Here in Achaea i'm not limited to what is shortly defined as an -emote- or certain moves I can make. I can come up with my own as well as there are player based cities, houses, clans that one can thrive in. In graphical mmos these are not so clearly defined nor operating at near a capacity.


In my adventures in Achaea i've slain great Dragons and been rewarded recognition through honors lines, I've lead a house of fierce monks to a civil war in its own city. I've been the Minister of War in the city of Hashan and the Village of Eleusis having staved off the crushing Qashar clan and fought off fierce Mhaldorian war raids. I've been able to devle so far into enriched quests that the brain teaser was worth it. The intrigue and dynamic of the whole setup is far more thrilling than one can experience elsewhere.


Not to discredit Graphical MMO's there are some great ones and they're fun, but to no discredit to the still popular text based MMO's either that still offer plenty of relevance in the gaming world. Why some shun it away I still see 300 to 500 online at a time and that level of player base certainly makes it entertaining.


Currently I serve in the Shallamese army and raid frequently upon the city of Ashtan, city of Chaos. We've had an on going conflict for centuries, and as things and time has changed so has the realms of Achaea have changed to adapt. The war system is far more advanced than most and quite enjoyable. City destruction can be a thrilling event to partake in.


Don't give up on the thrilling adventures that can only be found in some of the most thrilling games ever crafted. Achaea is always a great start!

















I just transformed into a Dragon! All this power!

Posted by SnJ08 Friday April 20 2012 at 12:22PM
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Some tales of my life in Achaea provided by IRE(Ironrealms). Enjoy!


Through hard work and many trials obtaining a power far greater than your normal being is possible in the realms of Achaea. Generally associated with reaching level 99, which is no simple accomplishment. Upon obtaining level 99 you will be granted a ceremony. In which the Mother of all Dragons comes down from the heavens and bestows you with the dragon spirit. Your first and mighty roar will be heard across the planes, through the entire world. The transformation itself is rewarding in scenery and in power. You'll notice a change in your statue, your health, your overall strength and quite a few abilities such as entering the Gare, home of the dragons.

This is what the transformation looks like, calling upon the great Ashaxei you scream out in your new power as you obtain heights of near immortality. The lore behind dragons is quite fascinating as well. The mythos reads that it was Dragons who saved the Gods themselves on the plane of Nishnatoba. So it is a great honor to be part of such a family. Speaking of which, like I stated earlier reside in the Parthren Gare.


There are a great many advantages to obtaining dragonhood. The Parthren Gare has many exits that lead to relevant places all over the world, even some off plane places that may be more troublesome and time consuming for a lesser being. The fighting ability is fierce from ripping apart their enemies with fierce bites to beating them down with their breath weapon.


There are six different types of Dragons ranging in colour. Red is fire, Blue is ice, Black is Acid, Gold is psy, Silver is electric, and Green is poison. Each one has its on special effect tied into it and each dragon has specific skills that cater to their breath weapon. Such as breathrain and breathstorm. Dragons are a powerful race, why just the other day in a raid defense I was able to help slay down some of the most skilled warriors in the realms by being relevant in melee.


Hard work and hard training gets you to this goal, there are a lot of benefits that go along with dragon just aside from good combat and mobility. Dragons are great hunters and therefor can bring in a lot of gold. So I guess you could say the easiest way to get rich is to get Dragon!


The path to dragonhood lies here within Achaea! - IRE

Finally some true recognition

Posted by SnJ08 Thursday April 19 2012 at 10:51PM
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Is it the thrill of accomplishing something great or the validation that comes with it that drives high achievers to obtain their goals. I've played Achaea now for six years and the validation received is quite rewarding, I think IRE(Iron Realms) has done a great job with all their MUDs in this aspect.


The possiblities are endless on what kind of achievements one can obtain for the world to see. Be it slaying a mighty vampire, or overcoming a tedious quest that the best minds couldn't figure out themselves. I personally have found both quite rewarding through my travels in Achaea as I have accomplished quite a few astonishing tasks myself.

A few of my achievements through the years.

From slaying the mighty Ur'Vampires in brutal combat to putting my mind to work to unravel the mysterious of the Istarion Kingdom to save the royal family, my achievements have been mounted for not only myself to admire but for everyone. Finally the recognition for your hard work! Though some honors lines are not so much about power and mind. There are a range of lines that can spawn from conquering the combat rankings or becoming the Realms leading explorer or hunter.  Theres also accomplishments listed for staying true and loyal to one place and maintaining a high ranking position such as a house leader or city leader as shown below.


Also some of the more noted honors lines as you can see just above are the event honors lines. Every 50 years Achaea hosts world wide events that in the end crown a champion. Winning an event will ofcourse, gain you an honor line such as some of the ones shown.

Just the other day I was roaming through the north near the Keep of Belladona, Queen of Vampires. A very tough foe indeed and one if you manage to slay will garner you some attention as far as recognition in the honors department goes! She is quite tough, heavy hits with speed and lots of bleeding enduced. However a seasoned hunter can figure a way to slay her alone.


I have a wonderful time exploring the world and taking on any quest or monster that stands before me and the rewards there in, hopefully more and more will realize the thrill of such adventures. Achaea really is the Dream of Divine Lands! Thank you IRE!