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Mortally Wounded

An ongoing discussion about the comings and goings of Mortal Online and the company behind it.

Author: Slapshot1188

When fandom turns into a Cult...

Posted by Slapshot1188 Tuesday May 1 2012 at 9:36AM
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I had a longwinded post detailing the disaster that is the Mortal Online game and fanbase, but the editor lost it on me.  So here is the short and dirty version:


The game Mortal Online is so bad that nearly 2 years after release, the company has said that it is not ready for advertising.  This, despite the fact that they charge for the game (and quite a lot as well).  Some fans are so blinded that they very closely resemble a Cult.   I am sure this happens in other games as well, but I have never seen behavior quite like this in any other community.


There are players who literally will link every single news item from the game, for 2 years, within minutes of it being posted.  These Cultists honestly believe that even though the company has repeatedly over-promised and under-delivered, THIS time it's going to be different.  THIS time they are really going to do what they said!


I mean, this game is so bad that the key features of the upcoming "expansion" are functional AI, useable UI and the capital city which should have been in at launch.  These same cultists will proudly brag about these "features" and how they will revolutionize gaming.


Everytime I see these threads I think about Charlie Brown going to kick the football, and even though Lucy has pomised him, she will unfailingly pull the ball away at the last second and make him fall flat on his back.  In a nutshell that perfectly describes Mortal Online and it's fanbase...


So anyhow, have any of you experienced a similar community?  One where fandom has turned into a Cult?  One where the Cultists proudly have a picture of the CEO with the word HOPE as their forum avatar?  If so, which community?  I'd love to hear it...



"Fool me once, shame on you"

Posted by Slapshot1188 Sunday April 1 2012 at 3:35PM
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Starvault has stated that their new Mortal Online expansion, dubbed "Awakening" will release this month.  Similar to much of the development of this game, it promises much in terms of revolutionary gameplay.  The problem is that this company has consistently demonstrated an inability to deliver on those promises.


The best example of this is the actual boxed version of the game.  The company sent out non-functioning discs to their customers, about 6 months prior to the game's release.  By non-functioning, I mean that the client contained on the disc was incompatible with the server.  When you installed the game it did NOTHING.  Eventually, weeks later, the company patched their patcher.  Now after you installed the game from the disc, it would perform a full digital download of the game from the website.


After an uprising on the forums, StarVault promised that they would send out actual functioning discs "at release".  Well, we are now nearing the 2 year anniversary of the game's release and no such discs have been sent.  At various times the range of excuses have covered the company being "too busy", not having enough money, and waiting to send them because they wanted the disc version to be a good game.


Yes, those are the excuses given, as weeks turned into months, and months into years.   Quite simply, if a game was not good enough to be considered "gold status" then the game should never have been released nor subscriptions charged (wonderful story about ninja-subscribing people will come at some later point).


Why do I bring this up?  Well simply to set the background for the future entries in this blog.   This is a company that has over promised and under delivered more times than I can count.  Well actually, that's not true. Part of this blog will include chronicling those past, present and future promises and highlighting the poor behavior of the company.


A few months ago, one of the GMs of Mortal Online (currently it's Community Manager) made a splash on these forums by dropping in and promising to "clear up the grey areas" created by many of the posters here.  This opening entry in my blog serves as an open invitation to GM Theia to come and have an open, honest discussion where the statements of both parties will not be censored or deleted.  I welcome the opportunity to allow the readers and community of MMORPG.COM to judge the merits of our statements and decide which holds veracity and which does not.


And so I will close this introductory entry into the Mortally Wounded blog with thanks to MikeB for the encouragement and MMORPG.COM for the opportunity to shine a light into dark corners and chase away the boogy-men. 


Barring any earth-shattering news, the next entry will follow soon and will compare and contrast the current promises StarVault is making with previous promises made over the past few years.