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Achaean Adventures

Exploring why I play MUDs, and what I like to do in Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

Author: SilasMaynard

Character Building

Posted by SilasMaynard Thursday August 2 2012 at 2:38PM
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For the past 8 years or so, I've been playing Silas on Achaea, the flagship MUD from Iron Realms Entertainment.

Okay, so that probably didn't take a genius to figure out, but my intention in this blog is to introduce you to why it is that I have stuck by both my character and by Achaea.

The first thing to do on any of the IRE MUDs is to create your character. It's a good idea as well to at least build an idea of what your character is going to be like. For instance, I knew early that I wanted my character to be good-aligned, and that I preferred the Knight archetype. So, Silas joined the city of Shallam and the then-Paladin Guild, now the Great House of The Templars.

I also learned about Achaea's Gods and their Divine Orders, which I will cover in greater depth in a later post. For now, though, Silas had a motivation - to be Good, to become a Knight, and to join the Divine Order of Pentharian, God of Valour. That motivation is something I've attempted to stick to - at least in its barest outline - throughout my time playing Silas, and it's been the basis for a lot of fun interactions and events.

Of course, there have been events in that time that have changed how I play Silas, and things that have happened that have drastically altered Silas's outlook on the world around him. Shortly after I started playing, for example, the Vertani event happened, wherein the town of Thera was destroyed, and a new, alien race emerged to threaten all of Sapience. Through this event, I began to take an interest in politics, because I was fascinated by the interactions between the various city leaders to attempt to solve this worldwide problem.

For those who know me and my character, the rest may very well be history; but politics is again something I will give proper coverage to later in this blog. For now, with the whole world in turmoil, Silas was still finding his feet, working steadily to progress to a point where, at the age of 62 (roughly 18 months after I began playing - which might sound like a hefty chunk of time, but seems like much less looking back, given how much happened), Silas was able to call himself a Paladin Knight, and a devotee of Elysia.

It's this system of setting and achieving long-term goals that really got me hooked on Achaea. Even now, 8 years later, I find new dreams to aspire to and new goals that I want to achieve, which shows that, like I said in my last post, Achaea really is only as limited as your own imagination.