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Absolutely Fabulous

Games that DON'T suck, games that DO suck- and everything in between.

Author: MamasGun

My Top Online Games (as of 10/2013)

Posted by MamasGun Tuesday October 15 2013 at 1:50PM
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MMO's are a certain type of Gaming Experience.  Sometimes it can come in the form of questing for some cool loot.  Sometimes it can come in the form of Gods duking it out. I have searched and tried many, many MMO's.  Some I uninstalled as soon as I logged in and saw you couldn't make a black person, some I would have liked to have stayed in and played longer- but things happened (between bugs to just a genuine offput by the community).  I wouldn't consider myself an "Expert" on MMO's, as I just found out a couple of months ago "Twinking" isn't and older gay man looking for a younger gay man.  But I would consider myself "well-read" in them, insomuch that I feel I can spot a difference between a stellar MMO and WoW (sorry, WoW bored me to tears the first hour I played it).
Entropia Universe- this is a good place to start, as I wouldn't consider this your normal MMO, and I don't play it that often.  The reason why Entropia is so quaint to me is that there aren't quests (formal quests).  You play as a person in this very much alive Universe, hunting for fame and fortune.  You can traverse to different Planets (and flying through Space takes a minute- very realized, in my eyes).  Every planet contains different animals and scenery, and each are distinct and clearly their own vibe (so much so that on their website, they're each listed separately).  In terms of relaxation, I love Entropia Universe- between the music, the gameplay, and the scenery.
Dead Island: Epidemic-  I can't speak much about this, but I will say, I have had fun every single time I've gotten a chance to play it.  I don't like Dead Island as an RPG, but shockingly enough, as a MOBA, it wins.
The Secret World-  I was one of the people that pre-purchased it.  I was also one of the people to leave it a month after it launched.  Now that it's been a year, and more content has been added, I've been willing to give this game another go.  The atmosphere is spot on, the dialogue is pretty good, and the puzzle missions smack down any "kill and fetch" quest WoW has to offer.
DC Universe Online-  To me, this isn't the superhero game to play, just simply a superhero game to play.  However, that doesn't stop it from being it's own kind of awesome.  The storylines are pretty good, if you like the DC Universe, and the powers are pretty cool.  Also worth noting is the action of which this game is paced- it's plays just like a console beat-'em up.  Honestly, I would enjoy this game if it was a Solo, Offline only affair- the mechanics are that good on their own merits.  My one gripe is the Character Customization.  It's, in my opinion, completely lacking for an MMO.  A superhero MMO, at that.  Lots of doubles running around with the same hairstyle and clothing as you.  All in all, a fun game.
FreeRealms-  It being aimed at a younger audience aside, FreeRealms is awesome if you're burnt out on the MMO grind... or a pothead.  Lots of fun little games I imagine potheads would enjoy stoned (I know I do).  I like that you can switch between jobs whenever you want.  One minute, you can be fighting, the next cooking.  The graphics are pretty nice, as well- bright colors and vibrant landscapes.  It's a shame there's more Character Customization in this than in DCUO.  I wouldn't say it's my favorite MMO, but it's my favorite MMO to go to when I'm all burnt out from the other stuff.
7 Days to Die-  This is as much an Online game as Minecraft is, as it's essentially Minecraft with zombies.  However, unlike Minecraft, 7D2D honestly feels like it's own little zombie apocalypse, the Minecraft comparison ends at building things.  The world, though voxel, is not boxy.  The zombies are pretty brutal, and can tear your property up at night if you haven't properly secured it.  The community is starting to get a bit cagey over the lack of information for an update, but the way the game is now is perfectly enjoyable if I want to play a zombie game that isn't the amazing State of Decay.
Aion-  Everything about Aion oozes richness to me.  From the fantastic setting and backdrops to the Character Customization, community and loot, this game has been on my mind more than I thought it would have been.  I may hate having to have Wings, but everything else in Aion is so... so right, to me, that I find myself playing other games wishing I was playing Aion.  Ah, good ol' first world problems...
Champions Online-  Sure, it was supposed to be a Marvel MMO at one point.  And, sure, the game has seen more active days.  But this is the game that has delivered the very character I want to play as (superhero or not).  With purchasing a Free-Form character, I was broken from MMO monotony.  I love the Nemesis system, "On Alert" is cool to log on and play for a little bit, and the comic book missions are good fun, each with a different schtick.  If I had it my way, the powers and customization in Champions Online would be the Bible for all MMO's to be molded after. 
And last, but not least- my favorite Online game of 2013
Smite-  I hate the community.  I absolutely loathe it.  I feel like they are a bunch of man-children that didn't have a father around to teach them how to be a man, how to lose like a gentleman, and how to just be a decent human being.  And if they did have a father, I'd be hardpressed to believe they are a respectable man.  But, my feelings for the shitty community aside (and we're talking diarrhea), this game is pretty spectacular.  I used to get this adrenaline high from the last moments of the L4D campaigns.  Now, Smite gives me that high every single match.  I can log on, hop into a game, and suddenly, it's three hours later.  And the Gods in the game are so beautifully represented- it's what originally attracted me to the game.  If you're a MOBA fan, or even an Unreal Tournament fan, you just may find yourself a new home with Smite.