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Would you play this MMORPG?

Posted by Shawk Sunday February 22 2009 at 2:45AM
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Lets take 4 Factions. (Think Daoc with 4 factions instead of 3..) Lets call them Albion, Hibernia, Midgard and Undead..

Put those 4 factions on a big square map with no instances. All Dungeons are open to anyone and all areas are completely unlocked. There is no leveling, gear is not a very important thing, 3 guys with the basics could take on one with the best gear for example.. skills get learned once then they become more advanced as you use them.

Now, Everyone on the server fights for control of this map and the map is roughly the size of all of WoW. all over the map there are mines, forests, lakes, ocean, all the basics, all these things however serve a purpose, Mines give you steel/gold/copper etc to make armor/weapons etc. forests give you trees for wood which can be used for weapons/siege equipment.. and just like any RTS game you can harvest and gather these things.

Use the wood you gather to build houses/barracks to better equip your individual guilds/alliances. Hire guards/peasents to gather these things for you aswell.

The basic Idea is it would be a MMORPG RTS In a huge 1v1v1v1 battle for control of the map with WAR/WoW game engine and servers that can hold 5-10,000 players. A Warcraft 3 MMORPG but instead of you controlling a bunch of little dudes, you are those little dudes and all you little dudes have your own minds :)

The question is, would you play something like this?

Why Warhammer Online sucks..

Posted by Shawk Sunday February 22 2009 at 2:20AM
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From level one to about twenty I was decently happy, I tolerated the scenario instancing for realm points and leveling because it didn't completely force it on you like other games did. They had some neat ideas like the Public Quests, Objectives and allowing you to level while Pvping etc.. all that stuff was great.

However, in the end, all that stuff was completely destroyed for me once again by Scenarios, it became impossible not to go into the instances to RvR(Pvp) if you didn't want to go into a Instanced scenario to pvp, you didn't pvp. This game could be most compared to Daoc obviously, but the thing about Daoc is it wasn't instanced and for that reason Dark age of Camelot gave a COMPLETELY different fealing, in WAR you get that same sence but no real fealing that something is being accomplished, you could look at your map and see that your side is winning an area, but in the end.. none of it mattered.

In Daoc if you were fighting in a RvR zone you could check your map and see that you were actually making some kind of impact on the map, which eventually lead to your real earning a relic etc.. there was true purpose to what you were doing. In WAR it is just a statistic that you have no control over unless your real outnumberes the other 10 to 1 and by random chance all tiers work together.. which is basicly impossible.

Now, this all might have been different if instancing was not in this game. Why? cause that would force people to fight in the games real world and actually have an impact on the game outside of instances, people would be forced to fight in those areas and try to actually take complete control of an area, instead whenever it gets remotely dead people just jump into the instances for convinience.

WAR is no better then WoW pvp wise, it just lies to you just alittle bit better.

Take out instancing from WAR and then you have yourself a O.K game.


Bring back OLD Everquest!

Posted by Shawk Wednesday May 7 2008 at 3:09AM
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SO again, I was thinking about this and just thought I might as well put it into writing for once ;)

I was watching a few videos on youtube about old everquest, i'm talking old old, bad interface, bugs and all, and I got to thinking, I would actually pay a monthly fea for that back, bugs and problems included.

Then I really started to think about it, why don't they seriously do this? Why don't they jump back to the release of everquest and do it all over again, start with the first eq, without any expansions, then maby a 5 months later, throw Kunark in, then Velious.. then leave it at that, forever.. no new expansions. Treat it like any other release of a game, announce that they are released Old Everquest, make a release date, release it, and have everyone start from scratch again.

Some people say, that would be borring.. ive already played that game, why would I want to do that again? I honestly don't think it would be borring, at all.. I loved EQ for a reason, I didnt even reach have the content that was given to me, because I never wanted to, I loved the world, I loved the graphics, I loved the community, I honestly loved everything, even the problems.. How people interact, the music, the scenery, the trading... EVERYTHING was perfect, it did not need to be fixed for me.

Maby I'm just a stupid 22 year old fool that fell in love with a game when I was 14.. But to be honest, if they did not put an expansion in that game, I would still be sitting at Qeynos Gates with my druid giving free SoW's to newbs.

I think at the very least, they should do this just to give other people that fealing we old timers felt when playing Everquest 1.. It's still a story, and that story is still good.. eventhough it was destroyed by to many systems and content.

IF anyone agrees, shout it, it's Sony.. if enough of us want it, we might actually get it.. $$$ talks.


I miss my Daoc

Posted by Shawk Friday January 25 2008 at 3:38AM
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Where or where did my daoc go..

I know, they have classic servers, but those are a pathetic attempt to bring people back to a game that is just far far gone. I'm not bashing daoc how it is right now, well.. yah I guess I am, but I dont want that game changed.. I just want servers that are REAL classic servers.

What am i talking about?

OLDSCHOOL Daoc, the way it was released.. problems and glitches and bad graphics still intact, I dont want your better looking models, take back your instances, take back all the expansions, give me day 1 release of daoc and I will pay you 50 bucks a month just to play it.

I'm serious, and I know alot of people that would do the same. There was nothing wrong with that game, there was no reason to go an destroy it, to be honest to date, that 1v1v1 rvr pvp aspect was the best pvp i have ever played, it was the best idea ever created pvp wise imo, then they went and destroyed it.

What I loved was the problems, Scouts overpowered, Enchanters insane aoe.. but it was all balanced in a way, people avoided the scouts, which they should, and people avoided an enchanters pvp, which they should.. I could use a thousand other nerfs as examples, but im sure i could use the same lame excuse as "which they should.." on everyone of them.

I just hate how developers seem to think they can keep people addicted and entertained by just adding stuff untill the game is completely slaughtered. facts are, i would probably have left that game for another one, but right now, I would have went back and played again.. maby on a alt.. who knows, but i would have went back.. and stayed for a while, but its to far gone now, that game is a 8v8 hell hole that very few people can actually enjoy without being the best of the best in the best of the best guild.

/vent off


Posted by Shawk Friday January 25 2008 at 3:25AM
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Gotta love them, gotta hate them.

This is my frist blog in my vent station, i tend to go on and on as I type and usually none of it makes any sence.. but that's what this is, if you dont like it, that's fine.. if you do, tell me.

Ok so first, instances and why they have destroyed my mmorpg experience. First, I think of Everquest, way back when there way no instances, no expansions, no nothing.. I loved that game how it was, I was a low level almost the entire time i played that game and I loved it, I was completely satisfied and most other people were aswell, then expansions started getting introduced. Expansions wernt the problem, Kunark was fine, Velious was awsome.. but it just went downhill from there.

I honestly dont understand why instances were created.. On one side I understand from a server point of view, it really helps a server, but it destroys the MMORPG *feal* for me.. I know that sounds corny but it really really does.

Ill explain why... It doesnt matter what game you use this example with but just stay with me, everquest.. lets use Black Burrow, it was a small zone off Qeynos hills that was very popular, everyone loved it.. Now if you think of that zone when you use to play everquest, you probably think of Shout: Train to zone!!@#!!!!! and having to always zone out everytime you heard that.

To me, that small little thing creates a community.. you talk outside the zone about that train and you talk inside the zone about that train that just killed u, you talk in /shout about that train and blah blah blah.. but its more then that.. say your sitting at a zone talking in /shout just medding, SoWing (giving faster run speed) people just cause, having them /bow or thank you, its a good way to make friends and a good feeling, you are part of the whole community. if that were an instance, you would go in with a group, do your crap, then leave...

Ok, another example.. im using alot of Everquest I know but that was the best game I could think of that was destroyed by Instances.

In Qeynos hills there were these 2 mobs that were needed by druids for something.. I cant remember, but it was a quest item or something. Anyways, Druids camped those 2 alot, people would go by druids there all the time, druids would give them SoW's and Buffs, this was a lower level zone, with something that higher levels needed. Having those higher level players buff you or even grace you with their presence gave them a huge amount of respect..

Now if those mobs were instances.. none of that would have happend.. they would just go in their instance 10 times untill their item dropped.. no relationships.. no respect.. no nothing.. just leaving a zone, going back in, leaving.. going back in.. about 10 times.. no fun imo.

The Arguement people have against me is that instances allow no more camping of mobs.. but what is wrong with camping? you are waiting your turn.. its you wait your turn or you go into that instance about 20 times to get that item you wanted. Camping mobs creates community believe it or not, instances.. destroy a community.

Instances are a lose lose, you lose community and you lose everything a mmorpg is.

/vent off