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How to Regain the heart and soul of MMORPGs

This is just a blog to open discussion on my beliefs and experiences, on what has happened to the MMORPGs.

Author: Shaun98ca2

Heart and soul of mmorpgs

Posted by Shaun98ca2 Friday May 25 2012 at 3:21PM
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This is my 1st blog ever and this site seemed the best to start.  I have been playing mmorpgs for a LONG time now back in the EverQuest days.  I have play MANY mmorpgs since then including World of Warcraft.  I have also done a LOT of reading on forums of all kinds.  From all this I believe I have learned a LOT.


The thing most all mmorpgs have lost to me is the group centric gameplay that was found back in Everquest.  Grouping up together is what made that game 100% good to me, reaching an extremely difficult goal in a group setting, working together to reach it.  Was the game perfect NO, you had level differences, travel time, death penalties, lots and lots of things to make grouping difficult.


A LOT of people that are PRO soloing entire mmorpgs are pro soloing due to issue that have been had with previous games.  Instead of fixing the issues with grouping they just see fit to getting rid of it so they dont have to deal with it anymore.  So what I say is FIX grouping in MMORPGs to the point where you can make a group centric mmorpg and minimize soloing to non exsistant cause why "learn" your character playing alone when you can learn how to play your character in a group setting which should be the over all goal.


So HOW do you fix grouping in mmorpgs?  Well 1st lets look at whats really broke about it to begin with.  The time restraints is the biggest issue for most people.  "I dont want to get on and HAVE TO WAIT FOR  A GROUP", well this is a big one but its really easy to fix make the game GROUP CENTRIC so if people are playing the game they are also looking for groups, apply tools for making finding a group easier add a little incentive you should find yourself in a group in almost NO time.


Next challenge you come to is level differences, you get on and everybody playing is higher level than you and again time, you dont wanna sit around and wait for a group.  Well there are a few answers to this depending on how you wanna make your everquest you could mentor people to play with them, in City of Heroes you had the sidekick system where you were boosted in level to group with a higher level person, and then there is my 100% favorite the secret world with NO level differences.


Quests......Everquest didnt really have quests when i played you mostly made your own quest for gear and quest to reach the next level.  It was stated the some of the most social people in everquest went to world of warcraft and quickly became anitsocial....or at least seemed that way due to the quests.  I believe if you are to have quests in the game they should feel a little more dynamic than simply kill 10 ogers for 20 gold.  No, I believe quests should direct you to an end goal that in the end you should be proud of achieving like killing some big dragon at the bottom of a dungeon.


Soloing in mmorpgs should be extremely minimal, there should be OTHER things to do in peoples downtime when they cant get a group.  The perfect grouping game comes out with a stupid 10% grouping ratio to 90% soloing.....The secret world.....I trully hope they come out with an expansion that is 99% grouping and 10% solo, so i can actually play in a group once in a while.