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The where's a good MMORPG game. Among a billion online games where is the one we are looking for?

Author: Shadowvoid

Someone Please Pimp My MMORPG!

Posted by Shadowvoid Monday August 27 2007 at 2:04AM
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Since the days of Ultima On-line I have been an avid mmorpg player. Slowly migrating from one game to the next trying to find the next best game. Each game brought new advancements in the mmorpg business. From content to graphics to a great community. When i started playing Everquest i found something that really intrigued me, a game that brought together all three things that really make a mmorpg great.

That is until Velious expansion came out. Thats when things got screwy. Old zones became obsolete, things that really made the game good started to decline with every expansion after that. But anyways thats a totally different topic all together. I will skip to the end of the story and straight into the bulk of it all.

I ended my mmorpg days with WoW, tried a few others but nothing more then a few weeks maybe eve days. I began to realize that todays games seriously need a "Pimp My MMORPG" style overhaul. Todays games have amazing graphics, from realistic character models to dazzling environments, but at the expense or what a game really needs. Content and community. I have played some games that have decent graphics but the content is what really hooked me. With good content brings a game that people can really enjoy and therefore brings a good community.

Well this is what I am ending with for now. If you read this leave some comments on what you think of mmorpgs today.

NuZZ01 writes:

I agree hey... MMORPGs are pretty.. erm bad these days. But that really is only the asian ones.


I mean seriously, they release a new one every freaking 2 months on average.

But comming into 2008 we are actually getting some promising MMORPG! AOC, WAR... Tabula Rasa etc.


So yeah... have some faith for the wester mmorpg :D!

Mon Aug 27 2007 3:56AM Report
chilliking writes:

I totaly agree.. :D

Mon Aug 27 2007 8:31AM Report
Gadorian writes:

I totaly agree with u man! totay's MMO's have awesome grafics, but dont have content... why can't developers see that ppl don't need only beautiful game, they need content?.... well, i want to play the game, not to look how beautiful it is...

Mon Aug 27 2007 7:38PM Report
badgerbadger writes:

 beautiful graphics attract consumers...

perhaps they will also see that in subscription based games; they must KEEP the customers...

  ...which of course would mean game DEPTH.

I'm afraid that i for one have seen precious little innovation in THAT sphere... most combat is still of the sit and trade hits until you run out of hp's variety; and even games for which it makes no sense (a certain superhero mmo comes to mind) encourage the healbot-as-solution-to-everything model.

 But if anyone put these sacred cows to pasture would the players accept it?

 As an example; do you know how much WHINING i heard in DDO because the monsters will charge PAST tanks to kill your mages? I hear people say it makesthe higher levels "impossible" to play such classes...

  Sometimes people dont like when what they think they know (aka LEAN ON ) no longer works...

  So whom are the companies going to make happy?

Tue Aug 28 2007 2:41PM Report
Shadowvoid writes:

Wow Badgerbadger hit somethings right on the head. about MMORPGs. I agree with everything you said.

Tue Aug 28 2007 10:46PM Report
Emilin writes:

Give me classic Ultima Online with today's graphics.

Even though UO looks good with the GFX update (good enough for me) - it's not what it used to be. They dumbed it down so much.

The isometric view also worked very well. For some reason it's easier to imagine myself as if I was in the world when I can see my character from the top.

Tue Aug 28 2007 11:34PM Report
Sain34 writes:

I really miss DAoC in 2003 :(

Wed Aug 29 2007 9:46AM Report writes:
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