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The where's a good MMORPG game. Among a billion online games where is the one we are looking for?

Author: Shadowvoid

Someone Please Pimp My MMORPG!

Posted by Shadowvoid Tuesday August 28 2007 at 11:00PM
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Well I am back, I have been working for a bit so no time to really continue what I was talking about earlier. Back to the subject now. Everyone has probably heard of the TV show Pimp My Ride. This blog is named after that very idea. Someone please pimp my MMORPG genre. Take that hunk of junk, out dated, rust bucket we call MMORPGs, and give it a overhaul like no one has ever seen before.

Everyone has seen the best and the worst of everything out there. Good graphics, bad graphics. Battle systems, tradeskills, levels vs skill based, and so on so forth. Eventually everyone reaches the end sooner or later. Even with the edition of what companies call "content", it still leaves something to be desired. Its the same over and over no matter how you play or what you do. One players blacksmithing wizard vs. anothers tailoring tank. Take WoW for example, sure u might be a night elf priest one day and the next a human warlock but basically to interact with other players or pretty much do anything at all you have to occupy the areas that are best known to be traversed. It makes it so every playstyle whether different in some aspects ,are almost ironically the same.

I have some ideas for what I feel a great mmorpg would be like but that will have to wait till next time I decide I have time to log in and write. This time give me some feed back on what you or others feel a great mmorpg would be like, I would love to hear about other ideas. If you have a post already let me know so I can read and post for you also.

Someone Please Pimp My MMORPG!

Posted by Shadowvoid Monday August 27 2007 at 2:04AM
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Since the days of Ultima On-line I have been an avid mmorpg player. Slowly migrating from one game to the next trying to find the next best game. Each game brought new advancements in the mmorpg business. From content to graphics to a great community. When i started playing Everquest i found something that really intrigued me, a game that brought together all three things that really make a mmorpg great.

That is until Velious expansion came out. Thats when things got screwy. Old zones became obsolete, things that really made the game good started to decline with every expansion after that. But anyways thats a totally different topic all together. I will skip to the end of the story and straight into the bulk of it all.

I ended my mmorpg days with WoW, tried a few others but nothing more then a few weeks maybe eve days. I began to realize that todays games seriously need a "Pimp My MMORPG" style overhaul. Todays games have amazing graphics, from realistic character models to dazzling environments, but at the expense or what a game really needs. Content and community. I have played some games that have decent graphics but the content is what really hooked me. With good content brings a game that people can really enjoy and therefore brings a good community.

Well this is what I am ending with for now. If you read this leave some comments on what you think of mmorpgs today.

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