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Reality Check: Bringing the Reality Back to MMORPG Players

This is a blog that will post about keeping it real while playing your favorite MMORPGs. Give yourself a reality check by reading my articles!

Author: ShadowJ212

Is an MMORPG Right For You?

Posted by ShadowJ212 Thursday September 24 2009 at 5:49PM
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***DISCLAIMER: This is a good & long article. Don't skim. New players, this is a make-or-break article for you guys & gals, so please, enjoy it.***

***DISCLAIMER 2: This article was written by me (ShadowJ212 here = ShadowRaider on RoM) on RoM forums. This largely applies to RoM players, but was advised to bring it here so other MMORPG-players will see this. ***

================================================== ============================================

There have been a lot of discontent players soon after the Chapter 2 installment of RoM.

"The game's becoming a p2p game!"

"RoM is too hard without paying for CS stuff!"

"Diamonds are marked up so much, and we're in a recession!"

This is the result of the setup by Runewaker Entertainment. There is no monthly fee, so you don't automatically get premium content. For an MMORPG, RoM does plenty to give all players (technically all f2pers, but some can pay for stuff.)

I can't tell you how to live your life. I can't tell you how to spend your time and/or money. Do what you want with your (or your parents') money. The game makers had full intention not to charge a monthly fee when they could have done so. They knew if they set up a cash shop, there would be people spending oodles of their money in it (hell, players can do what they want with their own money.) They knew if they gave new players a horse for a day (for free), they would reel people in to buy a permanent mount, albeit the cost is slightly high ($20 bucks for a perm mount? It's an on-the-fence issue for me). But then I hear people spending $300, $400, even $500 on fancy virtual mounts in WoW! Incredulous! Who's got the money to do that now? We're in a recession, people! (Don't let U.S. Fed. Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke fool you. We're not done with it yet.)

There have been talks of players leaving to other MMORPGs, or just away from the PC. For those going to other MMORPGs, good luck if you do leave. For those who got the chance to leave altogether, good luck to you too. It's a good thing to leave the PC once in a while. It's even better if you make some friends, get outside and some sunshine, spend time with family. But if you're gonna invest the time, read on.

Here's the thing: do your homework! I know, it's just a game. It's an MMO. It's gonna take plenty of your time away from real life, if you're a casual gamer. If you're an avid gamer, you know what you're getting yourself into. But, overall, it's not the most significant deal in the entire world (for a lot of people). Here are some tips to help you decide whether perm mounts are worth it:

1) Time management is key. If you can manage your time, and get a lot of things done in a set time, then you're in control. And, I'm talking about almost every case in your life, not just playing the game. Simple. Okay, not really. When you delve into the game, you're lost into the game, and you probably don't notice the time flies by. Find a way to paste a clock in front of you and you might be set. But that's impractical in playing the game (unless there's a very prominent clock feature add-on on, that takes a significant amount of space, eye-catching, but still enough out of the way to still play the game.)

2) Know a little bit into your future. If you're in middle school, meh. Not much to say there, except don't get too obese for your own good. If you're in high school, you got some time. Until it's time to apply for colleges, and if you want to shoot for some top schools, don't be messing around. If you are in college, and you're doing a major that requires a lot of study, axe any and all MMO's out of your life. (Just an opinion, but a worthwhile one.) Once you graduate, you have more time to yourself. If you got a family to take care of, you know what your primary objective is. (Hint: it's not the game, unless you and your life partner are both playing the same or different MMO's... then again, that can be viewed as another problem altogether.)

3) Do you have the money? Are you willing to spend the money? Well, do you? Are you going to? It's important, in this tough economic time, to know if a virtual tiger or horse is right for you. If you got bills to pay, if you got loans to pay, if you got family needs, if you got medical needs... consider all real life factors before you decide to spend money. It might be a small amount, but that's all it takes to get the snowball rolling into the debt drain.

4) Do you have the real physical equipment to play an MMORPG well enough without much lag? Do you have a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line computer, with the best GPU, a multi-core CPU, high amounts of RAM, and Vista is not your OS? You're set. If you're running RoM on a Ford Pinto of a PC (look up Pinto if you're too young), how the hell did you get RoM onto it in the first place??? Look up the minimum PC specs on any MMORPG and they'll be moderately on the high end of PC specs. Today's games will try to push the boundaries, and it's not different with RoM (... well, not a lot. It's still no Crysis.) If you can afford it, and it's time for a new PC, go for it. Remember, your PC is for more than gaming, unless you got money to blow out of your donkey-hole. Know your financial limits. Same goes for your mouse and keyboard. You don't have to get those Razer mice or special keyboards with macro-keys or the like. Get something that's comfortable. If you get a laptop, you're kind of screwed for keyboard options there, but the mouse is key. If you get a decent desktop, look for an ergonomic keyboard to keep your wrists from getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (earlier than usual.) Same goes for your internet. Cable > DSL, but both are better than 56k. Is that even still around?

5) If you're willing to spend the time (and/or money) to play any MMORPG with any sort of RTM (pretty much, all of them), do you know what class you will enjoy the most? It's a very significant factor! In this game, at least if you don't like your primary choice, you have a secondary to back you up. Maybe you chose warrior because you enjoy the mediocrity (no offense, warrior lovers out there... any warrior lovers out there? Hello? ), but hey, you want to delve into a class you've never played before in any MMORPG. Like mage, or priest, or scout. At least in RoM, you can have your cake and eat it too. I chose rogue for the quickness and litheness of attack. I chose mage to do more damage before I get to them. I'm happy with it so far, and have not spent any RL money on anything (yet). But, I'm not so happy with it. It's got its drawbacks - primarily being very squishy. It's like a glass cannon. So, hell, I started a priest/knight combo (two classes I have not played in any MMORPG), and I like it so far, for a first attempt ever. I will like it more when I get leveled up more. But the most important thing I did was, I didn't start the game without reading the forums. I read these forums, and got a better gist of the game, and what classes offered in terms of advantages and disadvantages. And when I had an idea of what two classes I wanted, I searched for combos in the search function (although, i didn't get much). Now that I'm in the game, I know better terms to search with, and get better results.

6) If you didn't make the right first character, do you really want to make a new one? Do you think you have the time to invest in making another character? Do you think you want to spend (more) real life money on another character? Hopefully, at this time, we hear that the GMs are working steadily on an update to use the house portal as a common ground for all characters on one account name and use item shop items between those characters. When will that come? Will there be a crap-load of bugs? Who cares? We can share CS items!!! Hopefully in the next 6-9 months. But in the meantime, ask yourself... is it worth it to make another character? In my case (and in a lot of others), it's to test out classes we've never touched before. [In my case, I rarely touch my 2nd character duo.] In others, it's failing the previous duo while in the early levels, which is all right. In some, it's failing the previous duo while you're too deep in there. If you do, would you keep your old one around? If you spent money, you would - it would be a waste of money not to keep it. If you didn't spend money, you would - it's a reminder of the amount of time you spent to raise your character to whatever you raised it to.

There's a lot more questions and answers out there to figure out if RoM is right for you. It's pretty fun for the most part. I never played WoW, and am glad I kinda didn't. If there was a World of Starcraft, however, it'd be a different story (I'd be all over that, if it was well put ).

Again, do what you want with your life. RoM is just another game. If it's with RoM, it's a good choice for a lot of reasons. If it's with something else, good luck and have fun with it.

- ShadowJ212
(ShadowRaider on RoM)