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Restless thoughts.

Why do many players defend their chosen MMO and bash on all others so aggressively?

Author: Sepulcher

WAR. The Hope, the Hype, and the Hate.

Posted by Sepulcher Saturday July 12 2008 at 1:18PM
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So the following are my thoughts on this highly anticipated game.  Some good, some bad, all my opinion,

Lets look at the information we have been presented with, especially the suckerpunch that came out of nowhere yesterday.

Capital Cities: So at launch it is going from six to two.  I admit that sucks.  Will it break the game?  Time will tell.  As long as those two cities are fully functional and sieges play out how they have been explained to work, then I think it will be ok.  My real concern is this though, they say that this new two city system will be great and focus the RvR into specific areas and that it will be better than it was with six.  Well, that statement kind of leads me to think we won't be seeing all six cities being availble for siege at the same time.  I mean if it is better this way, then wouldn't adding in the other four cities later essentially make the game worse? I am not saying it will, but if you say the game is better with two and then later make it six, what was the point?  They also hinted at rotating through the pairings and fixing two while one is active and continue to cycle and tune the cities as the game moves on.  That sound like a good idea, but still kind of sucks not having all six cities up at once.  Time will tell I guess.

Classes:  They removed four classes that aren't working out how they want.  Choppa, Hammerer, KotBS, and Black Guard.  First let me say this decision makes sense from a developer standpoint.  Remove the bad elements and focus on the good.  This way when you ship, you may be a little bit lighter than you planned, but at least everything works.  That being said I am confused about the KotBS and the Black Guard.  Choppa and Hammerer makes sense since they share the same mechanics and it was deemed not fun or too hard to balance. Fine.  But the two tanks that were cut both have counterparts that are planned for launch.  If those classes work, why don't these?  The Black Guard builds power like an Ironbreaker and Avoids/Mitigates like a Swordmaster.  Since the mechanics for those work, why can they not get it to work for the Black Guard?  Either that combo together was complete crap, they didn't like the look of the class, or they started the development on the class too late and can not finish it in time.  Same goes for the KotBS, the Chosen is already in the game and the KotBS was its mirror.  So why couldn't they get it to work?

Time and Money:  One statement that kind of confuses me is when it was stated that even with unlimitted time and money, they wouldnt be able to get the other four cities and classes into the game.  That makes no sense.  If they had unlimitted resources how could you not do everything you wanted to do? Makes me wonder if/when we will see those other cities and classes, since time and money aren't a factor, what happens after launch?  How will development be different after launch?  I heard mention they want to see how things turn out with the first two capitals, but isn't that what beta is for?  Also doesn't that lead you to think that these first two will then suck when compared to the others when they come out?  Well then they will patch the older cities and update them right?  Well then why could't they release the other four and just patch and fix them as time goes on as well?

Let me finish by stating I am a HUGE fan of Warhammer.  Been playing the TT for over 15 years, I have multiple armies, all the related books and campaigns, and I pre-ordered the CE as soon as it was available.  I will be playing WAR when it is released.  I will be checking it out in beta and then the first month of free play.  If the gameplay is solid then all this other stuff won't matter much to me.  If it isn't then I will be disapointed.

My hopes for the reinstatement of the currently shelved content are as follows:

Remake the four cut classes within 3 months - Awesome.  Remake the four cut classes within 6 months - good.  If it goes over a year then thats just horrid.

Remake the four cut cities within 6 months - Awesome.  Remake the four cut cities within 12 months - good.  If it goes over a 18 months  then thats disapointing as well.

The closing question is this.  If these things are removed and the game works out fine without them, do you think Mythic will add them in later?  I mean after all if everyone is having fun, why spend the resources to add them in when you could be adding new things?  But then there will always be the sense of a promise unfullfilled, how long until happy players start to get upset about the loss of things they had hoped for at launch?