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Khayotix's Soap Box

A place where I will explore the redeeming qualities or inadequacies of Past & Present MMO Ideas and Community Aspects. Education is Key.

Author: Khayotix

The MMO Genre's Two BIGGEST "Bugs"

Posted by Khayotix Monday September 3 2012 at 8:00PM
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Disclaimer: Fanboy and Normal Fans are not the same thing, a Normal Fan would enjoy/like/love said game, but be open to well founded criticism as they want their game to continue to improve.

Two of the most detrimental "BUGS" plaguing MMO's are the Artificial Hype Machine and Fanboys. I know, I know, No one has ever referred to them as bugs before, but if you think about it, their detrimental effects are far deeper than any raid resetting bug, or falling through the world bug, on other players experiences.

First I will cover the Fanboys.

They directly affect the Hype in a very horrible way. They take the normal, expected Hype that Developers create by explaining their features and directions with an MMO, and explode into the atmosphere with all these ideas that the Devs never even mentioned. Fanboys build artificial Hype, unfounded on any actual information, or founded on a small tidbit of info given by the Devs, then snowballed through the hundreds of levels of their psychosis to become the awesomest thing since sliced bread, which they then proceed to spread around poisoning the pools wherever they go. Fanboys raise everyone's hype levels beyond normal expectations, and force more people onto the hype train. Fanboys also cannot be reasoned with, the made up game in their mind is sacred and if you say one critical thing about it, no matter how well documented in reality it is, they will explode on you with the "OMFGWT F do you mean you are frustrated about "X" feature being broken, it isn't broken, you are a F***ing Noob."

This is unhealthy for the hype of a game and for its community. It will ultimately prevent more and more people from even playing the game, because they dont want to deal with a community of irrational psychotic people. When in all actuality the community of "X" game could be very nice and pleasant, however they will never know because the few(or many) and the extremely loud Fanboys are all they ever hear. I don't know about you, but that is an instant turn off to me. The community of a game is just as important to me as the game itself.

Fanboys also affect the game during BETA and after launch, by trying to convince people everything is Honky Dory, and turning a blind eye to broken features and bugs, they keep these problems in game longer and ultimately bring down the enjoyable experiences of others.

Which brings me to the second "Bug" Artificial Hype.

Normal Hype is excitement about a game that is based in the reality of information given and cemented by Developers. This Information should be considered baseline truth, anything exceeding it should be quoted from the Devs, if not, it should be considered fake as to not join the Artificial Hype train. Feel free to get excited about a game that you are educated about.

Artificial Hype is the irrational and unfounded excitement that the Fanboys create(it has been created by dishonest Developers as well, but by and large, that is far less common). It is the product of their imaginations run rampant, creating from factual information about an MMO, a very flimsy foundation of false expectations that will damage the success and longevity of a game. Artificial Hype creates expectations where the sky is the limit, even if reality attempts to explain that things aren't being done or cannot be done. I as well as many other MMO gamers have been lured before by the luster and mystique of Artificial Hype. I am not proud of it, as I am sure you all are not either.These false expectations create the largest sense of disappointment when the game finally launches and it doesn't live up to the hype we jumped on board with, which we find out was artificially inflated by the Fanboys. This leads to initial bursts in sales for said game, or concurrent users, and then a steady or sudden bleed out of playerbase. MMO gamers as a whole, we are not typically forgiving, so this could spell doom and gloom for said game. All because false expectations were set up by Artificial Hype that was created by Psychotic Fanboys.

So in closing, please help us combat these two bugs that need squashing, by becoming educated about the game that you are patiently(or impatiently awaiting). Do not let these Fanboys drag you into their pace, stay firm and resolute to be as sure as you can be about the features of "X" game, and feel free to hope, and dream, but do not let those dreams over shadow the reality of the game.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the issues at hand, leave your comments below.