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So many games and the one I'm waiting for.

Posted by Samkoss Thursday January 8 2015 at 6:50PM
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As this is my first post here, I thought that introductions are in order. I'm Sam, 33 from Finland and before this starts to feel like an AA meeting introduction, I do like killing dragons, even in my advanced years. I have played dem games since 1987 and I have done this writing malarkey for a little over a year now. WoW player since 2009, before that, Everquest 2, before that, mostly booze and women, strange, I know. Became a proper nerd in my 30´s when I found out what I really want to do. This.

I could have just left it at that, an introduction, a few jokes, jobs a goodn, but no, I have things to say.

I recently dove into the world Free To Play MMO´s and found out that there are a lot of really bad games out there. Games that are F2P for a reason, no one in their right mind would buy them. You know the games, you have played them as well, so I don't have to mention any of them. Games that were made in 201? with a look and feel of the 90´s.

But there are also a few real good ones I tried. All of these are simple first impressions, where a game came across as decent. So they can be named and I will gladly do so. Games like C9 and Dragon Nest. Similar style, yet different. Dragon Nest is more anime while C9 is a perfect example of an Asian MMO, dat ass yo. Both are instanced action combat types where you get the satisfaction of hacking and indeed slashing your foes to oblivion, or at least a few feet away from you. Nothing new or revolutionary in my opinion, but solid games and most of all fun. Both are good and worthy of your time. I can say that because I know that at least one person will read this, out of curiosity if nothing else.

Then there is Star Trek Online. For any true nerd out there, you need to try it, if only for the pure nostalgia of the Universe, its all there, the races, the ships, the planets, the drama, the familiarity of Star Trek. The good game that comes along with it is just a bonus, granted I have only a week or so played on this so I can't really give you a proper view, but for a F2P nostalgia Fest, it's a good one. The space battles are fun, if at times frustrating when you derp around and can't position correctly for a torpedo strike and end up going around in circles while 4 ships hit you with all their might. Ground missions, sorry, Away missions are your basic instanced quests, but as there are guns in the game, you can choose your playstyle, either the traditional tab and press 1 or more interesting and in my opinion more fun, a 3rd person view, so you can essentially play the away missions as a third person shooter. The game has a nice feel to it and what i understand, a rather large player base.

The last one of the Free To Play list is Tera. Tera is an interesting game, I have only just started a few days ago and still unsure how I truly feel about all this. I know I like it, but that's simply due to the action combat, its so very lovely and shiny, and most importantly, it works. The game is very polished, very much Korean and very beautiful. I have tried every class up to level 8 where you get the 3rd actual ability and all seems to be making sense so far, but as I said, I'm just starting.

Combat plays a major role in my choices. 3 out of 4 are action combat. Why, you might ask, I doubt you do but ill answer anyway. Anything and everything I play now and in the near future, will be action combat, hack and slash, dynamic full control encounters, what ever you want to call them, the last one might be my own invention, but i'll go with it, anyway, everything I play is just something to kill the time until Black Desert comes. Soon as the necessity of a verified Korean account is lifted or the Russian Beta begins and has no such restrictions, which ever comes first, i will do everything, legal and in good taste, in my powers to get a key.


That's my first post done, I can have a smoke and coffee now and if you are reading this, I applaud you good sir/madam. As you can see, I don't take things all that seriously. Games are fun, why should writing about them should be any different.