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Author: SalvadorABC

Runes of Magic Crafting

Posted by SalvadorABC Sunday June 21 2009 at 9:55PM
Login or Register to rate this blog post! is the art of making your own gear using recipes that you bought, found, or earned. With the right amount of crafting skill you can make some of the best gear in the game. Of course, crafting does come with a price tag and takes time and Runes of Magic Gold. Crafting may not be for everyone and we recommend taking a break from long periods of crafting due to frustration or eye strain.

Gathering: To begin crafting successfully, you must learn how to gather your materials. There are resource nodes all over the world of Taborea in the form of Herbs, Wood, and Ore. Depending on your gathering skill you are limited to different tiers of the above 3. Tier 1 starts at 0, Tier 2 = 8, Tier 3 = 16, and so on. You learn how to gather as part of a chain quest in the starting zone around Level 3.

Once you gathered enough materials, you have to refine them first before applying it to your creations. Pick up a refining recipe from each Crafting NPC. It takes 2 materials to create a green refined item and 6 to make a blue refined item. You gain experience in each Gathering skill you have for refining them. Though they only amount to a small increase unlike Gathering which nets a huge amount.

Production: There are many disciplines to go into, each have their own set of recipes in which you can craft items. Learning and making an item recipe comes with a price tag which increases the higher your recipe level is. Alchemy, Cooking, Tailoring, Armor Crafting, Blacksmithing, and Carpentry are the main production skills you can learn. There are many tiers in learning and only one skill can be claimed as Master. To make an item, just go to a crafting station (ex. Armor Crafting), right-click the skill in your Skill interface. It'll bring up a window that lets you decide what you want to craft today, clicking on a learned recipe will bring up what materials are needed to craft this item. If you have enough you can hit the craft button below to start. You can set up a max number or a custom number of items to make.

Recipes: You can learn different recipes from your respective crafting NPC. There are also special recipes from different NPCs, and ones that are dropped by mobs. To learn a recipe that dropped for you, just right click the recipe scroll and thats it.

Tip: Uncle Kaga always had the best recipes, he made the finest stuff in the world!Cantheren

Crafting Items: Every so often you'll get Runes of Magic Gold a recipe which requires a special item besides materials that you gathered. In Alchemy you may need a test tube or bottle, Cooking may require a special ingredient only available at a Grocer or Food Supplier, and some may demand a crafting rune (Link, Frost, Combine, Disenchant, etc.). Crafting runes are found all over Taborea from mob drops and are always available in good supply.

cabal with alz

Posted by SalvadorABC Sunday June 21 2009 at 9:49PM
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cabal alz each stage is promoted game new pleasure which the duty gives to play game's friends to know each occupation makes the duty the time many duty branch, is promoted the being promoted inspection duty including own occupation, the master line duty, generally duty and so on, but each 10 levels, the game system will have taken to you a part of new game content, will be open including the map, skill opening and so on, is promoted the characteristic now in view of every 10 levels, for everybody under brief explanation new pleasure. each occupation in own character menu may see that to a growth goal, here is needs the rank and the points assignment demand, before 50 levels, these dot is quite compact, must therefore certainly defer to the system request the spot to assign, later the rank has been high, may defer to own professional characteristic to match the spot, as for the points in characteristic, this is not inarticulate, may look for the related aspect the introduction to add, actually added has not related mistakenly, in the game had washes liquid medicines, drank every time one time reduces corresponding ability points to return to the distribution point,Looks like game quite user-friendly. Below gives basically is the preferential benefit which and the reward after every 10 levels complete is promoted duty obtain, is entering the topic. 10 levels: The first occupation is promoted, each time will be promoted corresponding character Canada to attack adds against Canadian blood to add blue, will therefore be promoted unusual important, 10 levels will give the reward will be the double hit skill, regardless of this skill will be practicing the level and PK is very important, will be the use very high special skill.

20 levels: Corona pattern. In makes this time, has many choices qi, probably some 8 kinds may choose, the corresponding color's attribute corona will decide that you will use under this pattern the character attribute, must therefore act according to own occupation the characteristic to choose prudently, individual duty in the game the defense and the attack will be quite practical, moreover the evasion and the knock rating may act according to own occupation to elect, for instance double knife. Moreover 20 level of corona patterns are after the high-grade in transcription essential, moreover under 20 level of corona patterns, all category's fight skill and the special skill (except double hit) may use, therefore unusual practical and intrepid. 30 level: Has opened the evil spirit soul changes the body pattern, this pattern and the corona pattern are a little similar, but he belongs to the professionalism skill, has in view of this occupation's characteristic changes the body, for instance evil spirit teacher is the both hands 2 black magics, the evil spirit swordsman is the evil spirit sword arrives, all attack attribute black magic transfers the auxiliary black magic. Some fight skill will not be able to use under this pattern. But starts from 30 levels to have buy alz the transcription card, introduced officially has brushed transcription this concept, the transcription card certificate of division of family property person card and the troop card.